The Disillusioned Ones

Illustration by David Dees

The disillusioned among us are the ones that have brought the planet to this impasse. We have helped them to run wild over the rest of the planet, as if their fantasies have any real validity. But there is nothing in any of them that can be believed in or followed, and there never has been.

How has this mega-misunderstanding managed to takeover the entire planet in such a comparatively short span of time? This happened because there has never been any reality between the owners and the owned at any level of their lives. This has allowed them to understand, for themselves, what they do: But they cannot ever understand why we ALWAYS refuse to surrender to them—even if it takes a thousand years, we will NOT surrender to these creatures!

The whole scene was summed up in the mid-1960’s by this image where LBJ is leading the common man by the political-ring through his nose. On man’s back is his own tomb-stone where ‘individuality’ is forced to carry the corrupt Supreme Court and the slovenly Congress on his back, to his own funeral.

The last bastion of these imposters came aboard about the time that Jack Abramoff was a teen-ager. He and his thugs rose up through the ranks by violence and greed to crush the entire structure of this society. They took everything they could steal and perverted everything from the older society as fodder for their plans, while they enhanced themselves with ever-greater heists and schemes that finished off whatever might have been left of a world with any meaning or purpose in the whole of public life.

Jack Abramoff, Tom Delay, Ralph Reid, Al Gore, Newt Gingrich and their motley wrecking crew did-in this country and praised themselves as the new-leadership of a dead nation. Together these imposters rewrote the whole history that was begun in the 1960’s before the Hippies were forced to wake up and smell the corruption – along with the disastrous end of the Vietnam War. Everything from then to now has gone straight downhill from that point to this.

Disillusionment & Disconnections

It was one thing for these Amerikan-criminals to steal the leadership of this country, but something else completely to allow Israel to capture foreign policy and embrace Zionism’s deadly plans that already had a death-grip on US Foreign Policy long before Abramoff began to screw everyone in sight, while laughing all the way to the bank! (1)

What was never understood by the arrogant and self-appointed was that they had no morality at all. Seeking only wealth regardless of the cost—these imposters dumped their consciences and their morality because to get rich it is only necessary to not give a damn about anyone but yourself: Then becoming rich and powerful is simple—but first you must be completely self-absorbed. This is the key to becoming as rich or powerful as anyone might ever want to be; everything and anything else is always beside the point.

Why do the Ultimatums and their DEMANDS always FAIL?

This is far simpler to explain than most might think. The owners (the Zionists) issue what they consider to be rational terms that would allow their victims to survive whatever nightmare they are offering. By accepting, a soulless being could survive but will die inside. Yet these ‘TERMS’ are not even remotely possible to accept for any people that have spent thousands of years living their lives in the way that they have come to understand the world they live in. To simply surrender to treason is not an option to any of these formerly free people. The question is will Americans surrender or chose to fight?

The reason that the New Worlder’s get furious is that they (personally) would willingly grab at any chance to survive; including slavery to avoid death. So whenever any people continue to defy these OUTLAWED demands—no one in the current power-elite can seemingly understand “the insanity” of refusing to accept this ultimatum: Because those people who refuse to surrender are being threatened with certain death! Those being threatened are equally mystified that anyone would actually offer them such terms, that any sane person would NEVER accept, under any conditions. This is the reason that the Fascist-ULTIMATUMS always fail.

Most of those theoretically “in power” now simply have no grasp of how deeply their prospective-subjects are already immersed in the lives they are living, even though most of them are not wealthy. (In the world of the filthy-rich how could such things like FREEDOM ever possibly matter to the poor)?

The ‘invaders’ are the transgressors in the lands of the people being attacked. It is the lives of the loved ones being attacked and their families not to mention the survival of their nation-states that matter to these people while the temporary nature of the lives of these invading-barbarians does not. Thugs and primitive-power-hungry narcissists come and go. But the survival of states of people has been known to survive dozens of would-be conquerors, whole epochs of waves made up of mindless-thugs on a mission to become rich or famous at the expense of the whole world—and NONE OF THEM have ever survived. (In fact they have ultimately LOST every war they started.)

It took the world 300 years to recover from the Fall of Rome, but Rome fell because they attempted to do exactly what the New World Order is attempting to do now: And the New World Order will fail in a much larger way than did Rome, thanks to our newly global-technology!

We need to erase these creatures that are nothing but imposters – NOW. These creatures are NOT human—they are alien beings—they are the scum of the earth in every way. To be involved with “them” is very similar to having all four of your limbs permanently imbedded in the TAR Baby, from which no one ever gets free again.

For thousands of years these same people have been slaughtering their fellow humans and murdering and torturing people for pleasure and profit. They’ve moved on now to totally destroying the entire planet by design. This has been undertaken so that they can remain on top of the so-called global-pyramid, where human-conceived powers supposedly-matter. These are the ugliest beings on earth. Their desires have always been as perverse as they are vicious. They are unnatural by any estimate, and it has been made crystal-clear that in this world if they are allowed to live—then no one else will ever survive.

There has never been any so-called life-form that has tried to make a way of life out of creating death—death is finite. Life requires many things from those of us who live here, among them is our RESPONSIBILITY for what we do or do not chose to do. We also must work to keep our freedoms and the planet alive and well. There is no room here for the shitty-little-country that contributes nothing but hatred, death and endless-global-terror to the rest of the planet.


Jim Kirwan

1) Paul Ryan’s Jack Abramoff and Tom Delay Connections Likely to draw new scrutiny


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