The Story of ‘Us’

Supposedly this is the last day before the end of this world; according to Israel.
This would seem to be the right time to reflect
Upon the actual illusions which support the fortune
That awaits all mankind.

These are The Children of the Empty Promise:

In 1956 I was involved in a classroom-discussion of what was then a massively huge political problem of that day that seemingly had no solution. The question before us was:

“Can it ever be possible for every family in China to have just one modern-refrigerator?”

This seemed simple enough, but as the class began to explore the topic further it soon became clear that the chances of being able to supply enough of the materials alone to allow such an awesome task to be achieved, was a physical impossibility. The numbers in China at that time became unimaginable to our limited American minds. But of course in China the goal did not stop with refrigerators, they wanted cars, clothing, toys, medicines and the opportunities that we in the West routinely enjoyed—and yet this was completely beyond any real possibility at that time. (This had nothing whatever to do with racism or political preferences it was simply a matter of physical needs that could not be filled).

The class returned to this topic off and on over the course of the junior year in highschool. Every time we thought we had found a new possibility we only discovered new problems internationally as well as financially that were built into the system which prevented even having such discussions. It seems that the West had known all along that the poorer nations of the earth could never be allowed to even want the same things the West already took for granted. There was only so much steel or aluminum, just so much capacity, never mind the Freon to manufacture many of those other things, such as cars, that the people in places like China or India or Pakistan would naturally want to have as part of their lives.

This problem was never China’s alone. This is an international long term problem that has always been with both us and with the world.

Gradually from that time in 1956, some began to realize that the future of this planet was not nearly as simple as our politicians would have us believe. Many in that classroom intrinsically understood that what held the world together was the power of the human-spirit. What I learned since that time, 56 years ago, is that none of what most have taken for granted since our earliest days, was ever going to be allowed to happen.

Since that time some of us began to look for new ways to be able to help the dreams of so many, to finally come true—only to discover—that there had always been this PLAN in place that would never allow that to ever happen!

The DREAM Denied

We have known for a long time as George Carlin said so eloquently that ‘the American Dream is dead, because you have to be asleep to have it.’ That might be sarcastic but it’s dead-on true.

Moreover, this only hints at the enormity of the deception and how that was used to entice millions into this honey-trap which could only be realized once we are too old to change anything about this so-called dream.  This was the DREAM that was used to keep the public around the world asleep–because that dream did not involve nations or religions; it was international and was based on the power of the human spirit. That was the dream that has always been denied.

In China Today

The Chinese people have reaped those massive fruits which the Amerikans have chopped from our once-bountiful tree of economic and industrial strength. The Amerikan puppet who officiated over this crime was Ronald Reagan. This event was huge and has been ongoing since the 1980’s.

China for its part has taken the opportunities that came its way and today they have become the newest economic-powerhouse for the entire world. China has done, using the cast-off Amerikan manufacturing and industrial bases what the US failed to do: Before our way became lost to the global-war-machine that has already ended our way of life and sold our soul to overseas markets. China’s story is the success story of technology on such a massive scale that it literally staggers the human mind to the point that one must wonder: What happened to all the people that must go with these new facilities? These new and globally financed factories now dwarf their former cities—but what happened to those who once worked in those plants? On the video there are almost no people inside these gleaming new factories, and the cities which accompany them. That is the key to the idea behind the new technology—that people are no longer required to run the machines. Watch the video!

In this video several things become crystal clear that cannot be seen by any other means. The ownership of China’s fantastically successful economic boom is owned by the same people that forced Amerikan’s to sell those factories to China in the first place—so nothing has changed except the country where the process begins. Amerika still claims the profits from these factories as part of the American Gross Domestic Product, even though everything is now coming from offshore. None of this is mentioned in the video. (1)

But there is a far bigger picture at work here that is not related to any one country. In fact what is at work here and now is the truth that has remained hidden for centuries. It is this truth that the world needs to know now, even if we are only days away from the end of our lives.

When products began to become an end in themselves the Robber-Barons decided to keep total control over the base of manufacturing, in order to limit production, and that alone prohibited the idea of giving a refrigerator to every person in China in the 1950’s. However, after Amerika used up its value to these same Robber-Barons: The industrial base in total was simply packed up and from the1980’s to the present day we have just watched while everything that Amerika once made is now made offshore. The Chinese have 300 million millionaires—(almost more millionaires than we have people). They can afford to move heaven and earth to provide what needs to be provided to their people.

If China follows the Amerikan model, how soon will it be before they too will fall back into what happened to the Amerikans? America was a very small version of what China has now become globally—but how long can this boom last?

This brings us to the underlying problem which has always been there—the problems of the world regarding global population. Nations like China and Japan, India and Pakistan as well as Africa have global problems that have their beginnings in the way each country has tried to artificially deal with the availability of women to men within their own populations, As an example: There are perhaps ten women for every thousand Chinese men searching for a life-partner in the world today (due to the one-child-policy). The numbers vary between nations but the problem is similar across these great divides. What’s at issue is the viability of the power of the Human-spirit, which cannot survive, unless its needs can be met. This is part one of this problem.

Part Two consists of the basis beneath the entire power-structure, of the global system, that seeks to absolutely control all the access to the power everywhere in the world. Their power is based on absolute control over who has access to that power which they consider to be ABSOLUTE.

To clarify: When the US was growing and that fake-dream was still a remote glimmer in the minds of those still striving to achieve it—the possibility alone kept the dream alive. But the monsters who control this whole damned thing were buying none of that at any level. “THEY” have always been in control or just upon the edge of having it all. Meanwhile those struggling to achieve real changes in their own economic status kept moving with the thought that one day they too would prosper beyond their wildest dreams, as well.

But this was never in the cards for anyone who is not connected by blood to the power that runs this planet. So when Amerikans began their final grasp toward real monetary power, they found themselves stopped short of their goals. This happened in both business and government time after time when those coming up for retirement were stopped short and kept from obtaining what they had worked their whole lives to achieve.

Further down the scale those trying to reach the middle-classes had the same problem as the upper-scale were also experiencing. For a time the US had too many millionaires, so that Forbes Magazine stopped counting them and concentrated upon only billionaires. This too is now beginning to become problematic, because as everyone who KNOWS, knows: The truly filthy-rich do not share with anyone!

This is where we are today. As the workforce in China or India or anywhere else is allowed to taste the glories of becoming part of a middle-class, just when they have begun to know the wonder of that possibility; they find that they too have been blocked and sent back down the ladder which for millions of people has become totally unacceptable!

Yet, this is the really obscene part of this global game-plan that has at its core the elimination of over seven-eighths of the world’s current population: It seems that nothing is available to kill enough people fast enough, to meet with their goals, as they have planned this right down to the last drop of human blood which they plan to control to the very end. This is what is really at stake right now!

This is CONQUEST, trying to dominate the Human-Spirit of the QUEST. We must block this iron fist in every country where it has come to kill us all.

Of course these monsters do not want so many people with either comforts or a future: they want a tiny fraction of the world left to provide their luxuries, while all the rest of the planet has been killed off, so that they can enjoy everything for themselves alone. Of course they became so intense in their goals as to poison the entire planet, murder the land, poison the air and the water, along with contaminating the entire food supply—how they themselves can survive all this has never been explained. But clearly no nation currently alive upon the earth will be allowed to share in any of the real bounty which these unearthly-creatures have decided that they and they alone will ultimately and totally control.

This “game” has been going on for thousands of years, steadily quietly and absolutely in secret all the way down through time, until they were finally able (through technology) to take the control openly and finish this Soylent-Green-World where people are nothing but livestock, to be used and abused forever, in this vast global farming of what used to be only for the free-peoples of the planet.

The entire planet must revolt
Because nothing less will stop these alien beings,
In their quest to kill us all.

 Of course this game has one other element to it that they do not want to ever discuss. Think about it this way. The rabble is the mob in their billions everywhere. Above them are the managers and the want-to be power-brokers who will never be allowed to succeed. Above them are those who consider themselves THE INSIDERS –BUT who are in reality only necessary to placate the herds.

The blood-lines remain impervious and above it all. All of this can be summed up in a simple equation. Think about the Space Needle in Seattle. That place at the top is called “the Needle”. It is thought of as a very powerful and secure place however: It is totally vulnerable to being destroyed from the ground up. This is what will ultimately happen to the sacred little blood-line cult, when they try and remain apart from the herd as they near the end of this scheme.

For centuries this ‘family’ has protected itself from the rest of us with SECRECY. That’s over now, and there is no place on earth where these primitive-barbarians can continue to escape their own very ugly very deadly ending. Ironically it will happen to them because the remoteness of the distance they have come to rely upon, will just like the Needle, make THEM easy targets once their final chapter begins in reality. These thousand-year-old monsters have been too busy planning our mass-murder to even think about how this WILL come to them as well.

Jim Kirwan

1) CNTV Video: China’s Growing Economy – 4 min 6 sec video


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