No Justice, No Responsibility

When a single person suffers a massive injustice the world closest to the crime is outraged and becomes furious with the so-called powers that be.

However as the numbers of those directly affected by the violence, the hatred and the fear that gets imbedded in these crimes themselves—the public can almost easily dismiss the whole series of crimes as something they are powerless to do anything at all about.

This is what has desensitized this no-longer-connected population that occupies what used to be this place that once thought of itself as something uniquely fair and potentially powerful.

Lots of phrases come to mind because “Instant Gratification Takes Too Long” and because NO ONE EVER GOES TO JAIL for any part in the public crimes that keep it all going.  “No Justice, No Responsibility” becomes an unspoken individual-chant that will only grow stronger with every additional crime until the weight of it all can only bring everything down to end this farce in a global avalanche that is long overdue.

The poster above was something I did for the California District Attorney’s Association & the California Chamber of Commerce back in the 1970’s to outline what was at stake in “The Forgotten Victims of Violent Crime” but nothing at all was done then to even begin to fix anything. (1)

Instead of helping: What did happen was that one unforeseen consequence gave rise to a whole new series of entitlements that helped to create even more self-declared victims while the problem itself expanded, Part of what should have occurred is outlined beautifully by Paul Craig Roberts, in his article published today.

‘How the Government’s Lies Become Truth’

“In my last column, “A Culture of Delusion,” I wrote that “Americans live in a matrix of lies. Lies dominate every policy discussion, every political decision.” This column will use two top news stories, Iranian nukes and Julian Assange, to illustrate how lies become “truth.”

The western Presstitute media uses every lie to demonize the Iranian government. On September 28 in a fit of unmitigated ignorance, the UK rag, Mail Online, called the president of Iran a “dictator.” The Iranian presidency is an office filled by popular election, and the authority of the office is subordinate to the ayatollahs. Assange is demonized alternatively as a rapist and a spy.

The western media and the US Congress comprise the two largest whore houses in human history. One of their favorite lies is that the Iranian president, Ahmadinejad, wants to kill all the Jews. Watch this 6 minute, 42 second video of Ahmadinejad’s meeting with Jewish religious leaders. Don’t be put off by the title. Washington Blog is making a joke.

Last week the news was dominated by the non-existent but virtually real Iranian nuclear weapons program. The Israeli prime minister, Netanyahu, blatantly intervened in the US presidential election, demanding that Obama specify the “red line” for attacking Iran.

Netanyahu believes his maximum leverage over Obama, the president of the “world’s only superpower,” is just prior to the election. Israel cannot attack Iran on its own without the risk of Israel’s destruction. But Netanyahu reasons that if he attacks Iran the week before the US election, Obama will have to join in or lose the Jewish vote for not supporting Israel in states such as Florida, which has a large Jewish population and many electoral votes. If the election is close, Netanyahu, a person consumed by arrogance and hubris, might exercise his threat and attack Iran, despite the opposition of former chiefs of Israeli intelligence and military, the opposition party, and a majority of the Israeli people.

In other words, the outcome of the “superpower’s” presidential election might depend upon whether the sitting president of the “superpower” is sufficiently obedient to the crazed Israeli prime minister.

That the outcome of the US presidential election could depend upon the agenda of the prime minister of a tiny country that exists only because of US financial, military, and diplomatic support, especially the UN veto, should disturb those Americans who think that they are the “indispensable people.” How indispensable are you when you have to do what the Israeli prime minister wants?” (2)

However there is a much larger nightmare that the world has always chosen not to address—and this is what is killing us.

This is the problem that we all created when the world began to decide that we could OWN the earth, the water the air and the fires that change the world around us: So that today we seek to OWN & Control even the global weather as if this were something that could be “factored in,” to create even better conditions, for our wars and our business-deals on every international level. In reality we’re still trying to justify our crimes against nature and the planet: Ignoring everything in that process which could change anything that is still being sought by the global-pirates in this lawless place.

The truth is that all we have “built” is a global-tyranny that seeks to OWN everything and all of those areas of life that can never be owned by human-beings, because the earth, the lands, the waters the air, the fire and LIFE itself belongs to all of us and always has. We chose to let Pandora’s Box decide our lives for us—so that CHAOS now moves every act and determines whatever time remains to any of us that will always refuse to surrender.

Since the true CRIME of the attempted theft of the entire planet has been completely overlooked, beneath every obscenity: There is apparently no-way to even begin to know how to fix that which was never allowed to play any part, in the so-called advances of the human race. Once this self-created herd of faceless bodies began to suck-up the entire planet as if everything was never anything, but just another business-deal, then everything began to fall apart—again!

This is that SOUND, that giant sucking sound, which underlies the cacophony that is building to the current crescendo that will wipe the slate clean of us, while the planet begins the process of restarting the planet once again. But this time the end will happen without the continued pestilence of these people and their fetid fantasies of those powers which none of us ever OWNED—in any actual reality!

What brought this all upon us were the massive-crimes against nature and “other peoples,” each and every hour of every day, every week, every month and every year—all the way down through the decades that have created this imbalance to the point that it is almost impossible to see what we have done to ourselves, as well as to the earth. In the end there cannot ever be anything like “Justice” so of course there can never be anything but more of these wars that have never been about any kind of actual “self-responsibility” anywhere on this planet. Without that ‘responsibility’ or the people that live-it:

“Then what is living worth”?

The whole thing got summed up yesterday in a very nifty little set of excuses which preached about how the people of the USA must flee this place and just live-the-good-life somewhere else. (3)

However, what is not mentioned is that there are only three countries where “money” is not owned and controlled by the Rothschilds One World Bank. Those three countries are Cuba, Iran and North Korea. So regardless of whether you try to hide or move your funds, your investments, or even just your remaining cash—all of that is at the mercy of the global-criminality that actually literally OWNS every person with any money or anything else because sooner or later all of everything must be subjected to these Global-Land-LORDS who have built this nightmare steadily until now there is nowhere left for anyone to hide from this GLOBAL-TAKEOVER any longer.

The only other choice
Is to end this global-criminal-cabal
To take back our lives
And everything that goes with all of that.
We can begin by ending Zionist-Israel
Just for starters!

This has happened a thousand times before, in country after country; either one or a handful of nations at a time, but the world refused to learn from history. Consequently we have continued on with all those question marks about what really happened to the various ghost nations that simply disappeared—throughout history as they have continued to happen as far back as we have been able to even look for the reasons beneath so many hundreds of so many different peoples, so many unexplained disappearances. Yet all of it remains as problematic as ever, because far too many failed to ever question the essential root causes beneath these global mysteries that remain unsolved even today?

One very amazing thing has finally begun and that is that this problem has finally become a thought-form now. Millions if not billions of people have begun to dream and to FEAR what is coming now, in ways that they never thought to consider before—and this is a great thing—because it denotes that there is movement within us to finally begin to end this because so many have begun to know that there is no longer any choice except to finally ACT for ourselves in defense of life itself. If we will not act, then there can no longer be a future anywhere for anyone.

Everyone here including the ALIENS will all go down with this failure beginning with the criminal-forces that are no longer needed any more. Just as Hitler massacred his Brown Shirts once the population had been captured outright by his storm-troopers—Hitler slaughtered every last one of them, and the New World Order will do the exact same thing: Just as soon as they too feel that they might be threatened by their own creations. The bogus military will also undergo a similar cleansing as well, if the shape-shifters get that far.

The entire mechanism of the fake-world-government is broken. Society has been slaughtered all over the planet in a hundred capitals, and the public continues to just watch these crimes without deciding to act on what they can no longer avoid. But that giant sucking sound continues to grow louder every minute, so there is still a flickering candle burning with the living flame—whether this will grow into the needed force to alter-course: This is the Quadrillion dollar question that waits upon us all in the few weeks remaining to everyone still here!

Jim Kirwan

1) Politics – California

2) Paul Craig Roberts – How the Government’s Lies Become Truth

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