A Fool Will Come Forth


“I8 warships of the Ohio Class U.S. Submarine Fleet would be the first to receive the command. Traveling in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, they are undetectable.

14 of the 18 warships are equipped with 24 Trident missiles each. Trident Ones and Trident Twos. The remaining four are armed with 154 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles, which can be outfitted with nuclear warheads. The fleet as a whole represents half of the United States strategic thermonuclear capability. A single Trident Two Missile is equipped with up to eight nuclear warheads aboard a multiple independently targeted re-entry vehicle. A single W88 warhead delivers the equivalent of 475 kilotons of TNT. In the case of a full deployment the United States could unleash over400 such missiles with between six and eight warheads each.

From the time of launch it could take less than ten minutes for an SLBM to reach its target or as little as five minutes if it is flown on a depressed trajectory. This allows a very short margin for reaction.

Early warning radar systems in Russia, China, and elsewhere immediately detect the missile plume. They can detect the trajectory and intended target of the missiles. Minutes fracture into seconds, this is not a test. This is not scheduled. Russian Nuclear Command and Control Systems, carried over from the soviet era, leave little time to “opt out” or delay a full-fledged response. (1)

(However not enough is known about what Russia now has, which has all been vastly upgraded – since the end of the cold war – k)

“Within fifty seconds the missile has peaked above the earth’s atmosphere. It reaches its top speed. The engine drops off, the bus releases multiple war-heads as well as decoys. The radar systems on the ground are overwhelmed and unable to differentiate the two when they are in post-boost phase. Reentering the atmosphere the decoys burn off and the warheads enter their terminal phase. It will be less than one hundred eighty seconds before they touch-down.”

This is what we secretly replaced the entire Strategic Air Command from the 1950’s with, using B-52’s and other long range strategic bombers, because this is far more impossible to stop than SAC ever was. It is not known how many more nuclear weapons or strategic thermonuclear weapons have been left with the US Air Force, and the US Navy as well as the Army and Special Forces for use in the next phases of this unsurvivable nightmare.”

People were not involved in designing this death machine, for security reasons, but even more important was this hidden-blow because it condemns the whole planet to automatic destruction with no chance to alter any such attack which makes this the most heinous global-murder ever devised, and no one apparently ever considered this crime when we designed this global killing machine. (k)


“That goes off in full in the first shot.. Now you have in the submarines the warheads you have not yet discharged. Those go along the way as a second wave. After that you’re pretty much out of weapons; after which pretty much everybody is dead. Most logistical systems are dead – nonfunctional. You have a situation where the effect of this kind of firing creates a continuing effect which may go on for several years. Now instead of having one bomb which has a nuclear tuber bomb with thermal nuclear implication. Now imagine you have the same kind of thing or less, and you have not one big bomb but you have a whole barrage of such things – the exchange involves Russia, it involves China, which has a significant arsenal of such things – it implicitly involves India. It involves the United States it involves the extermination of Western Europe; and this is what Obama represents. It’s what he’s intended. This is the end of civilization.

“The yield of the Atomic Bomb dropped on Hiroshima was 15 Kilotons. The yield of a single Trident Two Missile equipped with eight W88 warheads is 253 times greater than ‘Little Boy.” (1)

The math on this one fact alone ought to have been enough to stop this global-nightmare before it became what it is today – but no one spoke for humanity or for the continuance of human society.(k)

“The current global population is seven billion persons. The current global nuclear arsenal is approximately 5,000 megatons. After a full nuclear exchange and the immediate loss of life at the points of direct impact, and surrounding fallout zones, the ongoing impact and social consequences continue for years. The dust and soot picked up from the fires, burning cities and other target sites has been compared to a volcanic eruption but far more long lasting.

A regional nuclear conflict employing only three-tenths of a percent of the global nuclear arsenal would potentially result from one to five million metric tons of black carbon that would be spewed, into the earth’s atmosphere. A spring or summer attack, or an attack in the region of the sub-tropics would inevitably cause the smoke injections to heat, absorbing short wave radiation and to rise. Within a week what is not washed out immediately in black rain has risen through the troposphere and into the upper stratosphere where it will remain for many years (actualities unknown)

The smoke cloud and the absorption of residual particles plunges global surface temperatures while a regional nuclear exchange could result in changing global surface temperatures by two degrees Celsius. A large scale nuclear conflict could alter these temperatures by a negative seven degrees or more. In the depth of the last Ice Age, some eighteen thousand years ago, the temperature difference from today was negative five degrees.

Famine for billions of people far from the target zones would be the result of a negative two degree change. Growing seasons would be shortened by nearly three weeks wiping out crops. A change in five degrees would sufficiently ruin Canadian agriculture entirely. If world grain reserves were not destroyed, in the initial exchange, reserves would last for seventy-one days, with little if any means of transportation”

However given the devastation that has already been caused by the introduction of GM Crops worldwide, there could be no recovery or any useable supplies for any survivors of anything done by this unspeakable crime—and this fact needs to be factored into the severity of this intentional war-crime before the fact of any nuclear attack by anyone now or in the future. (k).

The global hydrological cycle would be disrupted due to the rapid climate change and global precipitation would likely drop by 45 percent. The total integrated dose of radiation for living things could reach up to half the level we value for human beings, even in regions of the world outside the war latitudes. If nuclear installations were targeted, including plants, fuel cycle installations and waste dumps and nuclear materials were vaporized it would create a very long-lasting impact on survivors.

These are only the projected consequences. But it has been said the effects of the nuclear war that cannot be calculated are just as important as those for which estimates exist. Both however are subject to very large uncertainties. These estimated consequences have so far survived the scrutiny of scientists in the East and West for the past thirty years.”

No global discussions of these unsurvivable conditions have ever been held in public anywhere in the world, thus far. Why or how anyone in any so-called professional discipline could have ever chosen to accept these conditions as viable under any so-called military threat is yet another massive WAR CRIME that must be immediately called to account world wide, on behalf of the seven billion people that live here! This is why military operations must be approved by a congress that actually represents the public, which is required by law and has been totally overlooked since the end of WWII. (k)

Trigger Points

“This is a full scale commitment to the entire Eurasian continent, especially the Asian side. As a military operation with a full panoply of every kind of weapon for a general and essentially for all components. Submarines, various kinds of ships, a vast accumulation of various kinds of US troops and that whole region with auxiliary sides in – you’re looking at World War Three, and nothing less than that.

In the period of late 2011, US President Barack Obama inaugurated a Pacific Century or a Pacific Pivot which expands US military presence in the naval theaters in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. This expansion has been seen as an attempt to contain China and erode its regional sovereignty by building up a presence in bordering territories. Barack Obama’s rebalance to the Pacific includes plans that would take effect over the coming years to station four literal combat ships in Singapore, to obtain increased US access to the Australian naval base at Perth, and increased troop levels at Darwin to 2500 troops. There are also plans to expand troops in South Korea to 28,500 – to expand troop presence in Guam, the Philippines, Japan, and to maintain and to forward US aircraft and carriers in that theater.

China has responded to the increased US presence in the Pacific with the area denial anti-access strategy. China military measures to keep adversaries out of strategic territory, bordering their country, in particular the East China Sea. In addition the Pacific Strategy also includes a (US) missile defense shield which would be on the soil of South Korea, Japan and Australia targeting Asia and the Middle East. As a response to what was seen as an Asia-Pacific Arms Race, Chinese Press indicated that to improve its security China would upgrade its nuclear weapons capability. They would also develop nuclear powered submarines with ballistic missile capability to break the interception capability of the US missile defense systems.

In the spring of 2012 there was further warning that an overarching missile defense system would force China to change its long held nuclear policy: That China would revisit its policy of no first-use, and if threatened would consider an offensive nuclear strike.”

This entire affair around the world, provoked by the US & Israel, involves the US in a global strategy which amounts to committing global-suicide that would inevitably destroy the entire planet in the name of national-war-superiority of one power. A power having the supposed “right” to end the world, rather than to allow anyone to challenge our military strength. This is nothing more than a completely false entitlement policy that has no basis in any reality that can survive the coming totality of global-warfare for the petty gains of the very, very few that must be ended – or the entire planet will be annihilated in this completely insane plan to strategically destroy all life on the earth. (k)

“November 17, 2011 – Barack Obama

Here is what the region must know. As we end today’s wars I have directed my national security team to make our presence and mission in the Asian-Pacifica top priority. As a result reductions in US Defense spending will not, I repeat will not come at the expense of the Asian-Pacific. My guidance is clear as we budget for the future, we will allocate the resources necessary to maintain our strong military presence in this region.”

Apparently Obama is and was unaware that this nation is long past broke, as it was even then. But to continue to try to fund huge new budgetary considerations when we still have not ended any of the wars we began under Bush Junior, much less those wars that were expanded under Obama—we cannot therefore do this either financially or militarily—and especially this should be ended because we are forcing the whole-world to light the fuse for WWIII! (k)

“Since the 2009 inauguration of the Obama Administration plans for the European phased adaptive approach have continued and escalated in spite of Russian offers of a joint ABM system. In May 2012, NATO announced that Phase one of that system is operational. Phase One includes the deployment of ballistic missile defense systems along the perimeter of Russia. As part of Phase One the United States has deployed a missile defense radar to Turkey. As of March 2011, an Aegis ship with BMD capabilities was deployed to the Mediterranean Sea where it currently maintains a presence. An agreement was reached with Romania to host a US land based BMD interceptor site. Agreements were also reached with Poland to host a similar site. The existing naval facility in Rota Spain also agreed to host four US Aegis Destroyers, each with BMD capabilities, and equipped with Tomahawk missiles able to deliver both conventional and nuclear warheads.

Responding to the inauguration of Phase One, Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, General Nicolay Mickarov (General Makarov) warned that while a joint US Russian development of a BMD system was an option that should be pursued, the continued build-up of a BMD system on Russia’s border was seen as a threat to Russia’s security and a provocation. The military would therefore consider a preemptive strike, against the sites, from Leningrad using Iskander missiles; Truck mobile, nuclear capable, tactical missiles with a range of up to 400 kilometers…

…It was demonstrated at Brussels early in February 2012 that while Russia and China abstained from giving their support for UN resolution 1973 they would forcefully draw the line on Syria and implicitly on Iran. If future interventions or regime change operations in violation of the United Nations professed commitment to defend the sovereignty of all independent states would no longer be tolerated, and would be countered by force if necessary.

“I cannot rule out, in certain circumstances, local and regional armed conflicts could grow into a large scale war, possible even with nuclear weapons…

Russia could be involved with weapons of mass destruction could be used… the possibility of local armed conflicts virtually along the entire perimeter of the Russian border has grown dramatically.” General Makarov, May 3, 2012

“In a speech before the 18th General Assembly of the United Nations President John Kennedy warned ‘even little wars are dangerous in a nuclear world.’ Today it has been through the hard-line preventive actions taken by the US Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Russian Military and political leadership that have held back the tides of the threatened international conflict. Simultaneous with these delays the economic conditions in the trans-Atlantic have deteriorated to the point of eminent breakdown: While the Eurasian region has enjoyed eminent prosperity in comparison…

…When the American people selected John F Kennedy to be Commander in Chief it was his commitment to survival and progress and peace that guided his hand in dealing with the soviet premiere in Cuba and Berlin and in securing a Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

Today the American people have chosen Barack Obama. Who, at the earliest phase of his presidency was already moving the apparatus into place that could and would trigger a world wide nuclear holocaust. ‘Obama on his part is clinically insane. His state of mind as manifest, is that of a clinically insane person. And it’s a clinical insanity of the Nero-type. Therefore he is in a mood and on a roll toward his own self-annihilation. Whether as a personality or even more drastic measures than that, it is coming this man is a type who is capable of suicide. This may be the first clear suicide case in US presidency. He’s in the direction of getting there, whether he actually gets there the fact remains he’s now rapidly developing in that direction.’   

Since the hyper-inflationary measures, started in 2008 and continue unabated to this day, the transatlantic economies are in ruins and no longer maintain the semblance of economic power they had thirty years ago. (2)

Similarly NATO no longer maintains the military power it had during the cold war. Only the United Kingdom, France and the United States among the NATO countries maintain their own nuclear arsenals. France is believed to have a nuclear stockpile of 300 warheads (While Israel is believed to have 600 nuclear warheads) and Britain maintains a stockpile of 225, with 160 active nuclear warheads. Britain, France and the United States after their cooperative mission to eliminate the Libyan head of state are currently the most emphatic to end the regime of Assad in Syria, despite the line drawn by Russia.

This enthusiasm from the West has taken the form of openly arming the barbaric opposition groups. They’ve taken the right to enforce humanitarian intervention policies of the type championed by Iraq war architect Tony Blair. And from the United States president Obama is escalating the propaganda campaign to establish the pretext for a full-fledged US led military intervention into Syria and beyond…

If World War were the intention, a Middle East attack would immediately engage the world powers of Russia and China. Inevitably the United States would employ the greatest assets of its nuclear arsenal…

The Personality

 …  “If a personality came on the scene foolish enough to provoke a worldwide thermonuclear confrontation

…  In history fools have never been lacking. Sooner or later in ten, twenty, or maybe one hundred years a Fool will come forth.

When the Fool appears on the scene mankind will find itself with hundreds of millions of dead. With the ozone layer destroyed by fifty percent; with the average temperature of the planet lowered by at least seven degrees with an enormous amount of radioactivity about and with mountains of ashes instead of the vast treasures accumulated in centuries of laborious intelligent activity in all parts of the world.

When dealing at the level of Thermonuclear War these decisions ultimately fall to the personalities of the heads of the states involved.”

There is an election that is scheduled to take place but it does not matter who is elected or selected because the American public is DAMNED either way and there is nothing that will be changed by the coming fraudulent process. (k)

“Recent reports indicate that the United States military, in particular the US Naval capability will be at its peak deployment capacity in the coming months before elements are retired, phased our or cut from the budget (the USS Enterprise our first nuclear carrier, is due to be decommissioned).

If ever there were a time to launch an attack it would be now, in these coming months. If ever there were such a time to PREVENT such an attack, it would be now, before the consequences of the November Election.   

Jim Kirwan

1) UNSURVIVABLE – 36 min video

2) Spain’s cultural fabric tearing apart as Austerity takes its toll


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