DAMNIT! The Time Is Now

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There is more than just one plan in the works to end the civilized world permanently. The UNTHINKABLE and the UNSURVIVABLE are being actively planned for, as if it were something which could be effectively used to end our global problems. What was omitted from yesterday’s article were the particulars that make this insanity terminally dangerous for everyone on this planet today. That article is called “A Fool Will Come Forth.” (1)

The information therein was taken from what is known about the attack that is being actively planned, for the whole world to finally have to deal with. It did not mention some of the most devastating parts of the whole event in the global-criminal-nightmare which hangs so tenuously over every man, woman and child on the earth.

Some have questioned the survivability of the supposed underground cities that have been built under a huge number of nations all over the planet. Once people understand that the response time from the launch of the missile-attacks to the actual time of their impending detonations is one-hundred and eighty seconds: Then it will be clear that no one will have time to flee or reach any place to wait-out any of these pre-emptive attacks.

Another clearly impossible safety-net has also been exposed. The hoarding of food and water in anyone’s home or anywhere else is ludicrous; No one will survive this impending man-made firestorm. Look at the firestorm in Japan that killed 500,000 in Tokyo just prior to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Or ask yourself how many actually survived the firebombing of Dresden, and that was done with WWII weapons?

Imagine an entire planet ablaze with thermonuclear weapons that will make the WWII attacks nothing but child’s play. Once these US ships & troops start this god damned war and when our thermonuclear devastations begin then we are all left to the mercy of our sanity-bleeding into the smoldering ruins. There will be nothing left of civilization to respond to because most of the existing world, will by that time, already be DEAD.

The planet must begin to actively prevent this from happening. If anyone is serious about reigning in the brutality or the savagery that is about to be unleashed; led by the outlaws of Zionist-Israel and backed by the sadomasochistic USI, then this entire military course of action must be terminated.

WHY? Because there is no possible way that anything of value could survive this fool’s errand that began with “The War to End All Wars, thus “Making the World Safe for Democracy” or WWI. That was followed by WWII which was to be the final answer to ridding the world of WAR itself. That did not happen!

What is now being created was started by Harry S. Truman’s dictates after WWII: To alter the world with treasons, to embed the sickness of a one-world government and to massacre the entire human race. Not mentioned was that there will be virtually nothing left of the global cities, lands or oceans of the planet for anything to live in or on once this global-military-fantasy begins to unfold. (1)

What is at stake? Who will actually pull the thermonuclear-triggers? Who will be responsible for starting this ending? Someone has to be responsible for actually DOING THIS ACT: For COMMITTING THIS CRIME AGAINST THE ENTIRE WORLD.

Victory & Defeat are both headless because in the end Victory has a billion fathers and Defeat is always an Orphan. We must find other ways to settle our differences because this has never worked, no matter how many centuries we have destroyed to try and end this contradiction!

If this escapes you then you will die without being disturbed by your lack of consciousness.

Will it be the politicians that call for this? Will it be the Generals or the Black-Ops specialists? Or will this come down to the lowly “trained” technicians: Those without a brain to think for themselves and with virtually nothing to protect them from the crime they will commit?

Who will PULL the TRIGGER?

Could there also be someone or millions of people who could come together, even now, to stop this insanity?

What happened to the so-called youth who will supposedly INHERIT all that we have failed to do? Listen to Buffy Sainte Marie who had this same dream about the Vietnam War and began by asking this question about the “Universal Soldier”? (2)

We have millions of men and women in uniform around the planet, supposedly “trained” and equipped for this final confrontation. The problem with this entire farce is that there will be no one left alive, to appreciate this supposedly ‘heroic-response’.

The valiant submarine-crews that are supposed to fire those thermonuclear weapons will have no family to return to, no one to applaud them or to mourn them, ever again. These mass murderers will be forced to wait; maybe for a few months under the sea until they run out of food, when they too will die from starvation. Or if they chose to surface, death will come from global radiation poisoning, which they themselves created.

No one tells the heroes the price they will pay
They are here to CREATE the UNSURVIVABLE
amid the mindless hatred and the greed
in a world of Faceless Entitlement.
They too will be vaporized along
With everyone else, for nothing at all,
In the end.

All the military hype about being on “the combat-operations-teams” in Special Forces Ops, or who are on TOP SECRET ULTRA-CLASSIFIED missions will all become just more mindless insanity.

Whatever is left of this planet will be in flames.
No one can win anything.
Everyone will, instead, lose everything

The so-called United States has squandered our entire supposed-legacy and all of our supposed-heritage, to become the world’s foremost PREMPTIVE practitioner of mindless violence all over the world. We have sacrificed entire generations upon the alters of entitled-violence and blood-drenched criminal enterprises to recreate and legalize our global-Inquisitions. (3)

Now we are living in the final insult being run by a puppet-lunatic who is bent on committing suicide and on taking the entire nation and the world with him!

There will be no ‘superman’ to save us, no “others” to come to our aid this time. We are now all there is left to fight off this homegrown-insanity that we have been allowing to rule over us since the end of the Second World War! Amerikans are gutless soulless cowards; we will pay for that, someday. The only question that we still must confront is: Can we actually do ANYTHING to keep this place from being vaporized in the coming month?

A really exceptional place to begin would be to defang the Zionist-Mass-Murders immediately.  See the graphic at the top. We must end their reign of terror, blackmail, torture and murder before they annihilate us!

Jim Kirwan

1) A Fool Will Come Forth

2) The Universal Soldier – 4 min 23 sec video

3) The Inquisition


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