This is Not Happening!

This fake-war has been coming over every Propaganda news wire
On the planet,
Everyday and Every night for the last twelve years,
Absolutely NONE of this disinformation is true.
This nation is NOT under attack from outside this country.
The United States is under attack from inside the country!
These attacks are coming from
The existing government from inside this country.
The men, women & children of the USA
Are targets of foreign invaders;
But our Attackers are home grown traitors
And Zionist Israeli’s

What is being done to Americans in the name of Terrorism
Is a War-Crime Against All Americans

These particular traitors all 7,500 of them
Must be charged & go to Jail,
Because what they are saying about this WAR
Is nothing but more LIES,

And it’s TREASON!

Today I listened to yet another overview of current developments in the so-called war-on-terrorism which has now decided to call itself a nation preparing for “a Massive Civil War” or civil unrest inside the United States. Yet there is not a single shred of any indication of any other nation even remotely able to attack this country—it is simply not possible!

So where does all this supposed “need to prepare for the mass execution of American Citizens” come from—exactly?

It comes directly from the same people; the same courts the same congress and the same White House that has planned to murder most of the Americans. After they finish trying to miscast this takeover of theirs, then they will try to call this either an invasion or a civil war—virtually anything but what it actually is; which is a WAR upon this nation being carried out by the same traitors that already tried to steal, extort, of plunder everything that was once a part of this place. But the stupid Amerikans don’t even realize that we have already been attacked and that we are now almost finished with YEAR TWELVE of this currently existing WAR upon the USA!

This insanity has to break some kind of global record for sheer stupidity—to stay so involved within a war-zone that has stated it’s purpose clearly: “To kill every American in this place” and yet the public, twelve years on, is still in near total DENIAL!

Can anyone actually explain this FACT?

Think about this very unusual footnote to what happened today: ‘Last month there were over 50 (That’s fifty. Five-zero) separate new pieces of legislation approved concerning ways to arrest Americans for doing everything from Cyber-crimes to thought crimes, and those were only the latest of hundreds of such pieces of garbage that congress calls legislation! All of this was supposedly enacted to protect America from the supposed coming invasion and or Civil War? What an undiluted crock of crap! This shit has been going on now for over twelve years, and every year it only gets worse even though there is NOT a single act anywhere that proves that any of this disinformation has even a shred of any proof anywhere to warrant anything—much less the hundreds of billions perhaps trillions of dollars that we are wasting on this ‘national insecurity’.

Of course these same disinformation specialists have warned the public that the government has just purchased 450 million rounds of hollow-point bullets, (outlawed under the Geneva Convention, which cannot be used in global-war because they are too dangerous). Yet this ammo will be delivered to the government over a 5 year period of time.

This will be a great boon to those that DHS & ICE will be attacking, because all that ammunition will end up in the hands of those that this failed-government will send to murder us. Since the fools being issued the 450 million rounds of ammunition are neither trained troops, nor even sentient beings, they’ll be killed almost immediately by those they were sent to kill. Or the hollow-points could simply be destroyed or captured, in any event that ammunition will most likely never be used by the force of the-totally-inept that will be drafted to be used will most likely never be used by this supposed force of totally inept creatures that will be drafted to use these bullets against the public.

Funny how life sometimes can undo even the most long-term plans wherever traitors gather to perform their evil-fantasies; supposedly in SECRET.  This comes from the same people that George Soros sponsored in all those color-revolutions for over thirty different nations when he tried to give cover to the N.W.O., while pretending to help to free the planet. Soros has not been investigated, he was never charged, nor has he ever gone to prison for attempting to overthrow so many other nations around the world—much less for what he is obviously still planning to do to what’s left of America? (1)

With every day that passes it seems that we keep getting closer to CHAOS INC., wherein virtually anything and everything goes, which is totally determined by the scale of the prize to be stolen by whatever means are chosen to yield maximum pleasures all round.

Some might think this is just more job security, or getting more filthy rich from the long overdue slaughter of innocents around the planet? Maybe all these free-fire-zones will provide an added bonus of doing whatever they’ve always wanted to do to any Americans; since no one will ever be charged with whatever any of the thugs choose to do to anyone still living in this lawless place?

How much more of this garbage can you stand to listen to?

After twelve years of uninterrupted lies,
Are you still not ready to stop them?
What is most astounding
Is that this public still pretends to listen,
Apparently enthralled with the press conferences at night,
While all day long these same TRAITORS
Keep trying to find new ways to kill us FASTER!

And the public still tolerates these same criminals and actually

The entire government
And the 7,500 American-traitors need to all be in JAIL. (2)
The farce of these elections
Is an international & national disgrace;
Hell the whole charade is nothing but a cataclysmic fraud


We live in a nation, at a time when our ‘youth’ are no longer willing to wait until their parents die before they begin to steal what they think should be theirs – so they sell the properties and turn everything others worked to build into nothing but one long party while parents are betrayed and moved into old-age homes or murdered just for what “their kids” can steal from them? It’s happening here now and virtually everywhere around this cess-pool.


“What if the Federal Government decided if their own powers were proper and constitutional? What if the Constitution were no longer the supreme law of the land? What if you needed a license from the government to speak, to assemble or to protest against the government! What if the government didn’t like what you planned to say—SO IT DIDN’T GIVE YOU THE LICENSE?

What if the right to keep and bear arms only applied to the government? What if Posse Comitatus, the federal law that prohibits our military from occupying our streets were no longer in effect? What if the government considered our military an adequate dispenser of law enforcement? What if cops looked and acted like troops and you couldn’t distinguish the military from the police?

What if you were not secure in your person, in your papers, in your property? What if Federal Agents could write their own search warrants, in defiance of the constitution?”

All of this & more is already being done to most of us.

“In time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart that you can’t take part – you can’t even passively take part and you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and the wheels, upon the levers upon the whole apparatus and you’ve got to make it stop and you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it and TO THE PEOPLE WHO OWN IT – THAT UNLESS YOU’RE FREE that machine WILL BE PREVENTED FROM WORKING AT ALL!

What if the government could decide when you were and were not entitled to a jury trial. What if the government could take your property whenever it wanted? What if the government could continue prosecuting you until it got the verdict it wanted?

What if the government could force you to testify against yourself—simply by labeling you a domestic terrorist? What if the government could torture you until you said what the government wanted to hear!

What if people running for president actually supported TORTURE? What if the government tortured your children to get to you? What if government judges and government lawyers intimidated juries into convicting the innocent! What if the government can send you to your death and your innocence meant nothing so long as the government’s procedures were followed?”

All of this is happening now and yet people have NOT challenged any of those running for office about any of this—instead the public continues to pretend that none of this is actually happening—but it is and those running for office are TRAITORS & must be imprisoned! (k)

“What if America’s prison population, the largest in the world, was a cruel and unusual way for a country to be “free”. What if half the prison population had never harmed ANY ONE but themselves? What if the people have no rights except what the government chose to let them have? What if the states had no rights except to do as the Federal Government commanded! What if our elected officials didn’t really live among us, but instead all had their hearts and homes in Washington D.C.

What if the government could strip you of your rights because of where your mother was when you were born? What if the Income Tax was un-constitutional? What if the States were convinced to give up their representation in Congress!  What if the government tried to ban you from using a substance in your body that is older than the government itself? What if voting didn’t mean anything anymore—because both political parties stand for BIG GOVERNMENT?

What if the government could write any law, regulate any behavior and tax any event—the constitution be damned! What if the government was the reason we don’t have a constitution anymore?

What if you could love your country but HATE what your government has done to it? What if sometimes to love your country ‘you had to alter or abolish the government.’  What if Jefferson was right—what if that government was best that governs least? What if I’m right? What if the government is WRONG? What if it is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong!

What if it is better to perish fighting for freedom than to live as a slave! What if Freedom’s greatest hour of danger is NOW?” (3)

 You and I are running out of the time to act
Which is NOW!

Jim Kirwan

1) #Anonymous We are Preparing for Massive Civil War

2) 7,500 US Officials serve Israeli Interest, Tel Aviv biggest threat to US

3) Spain Police Beating Everyone, a Warning to America – 5 min 52 sec video


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