America Always Eats its Own

Every generation has systematically consumed those that preceded them, its part of the natural ebb and flow of civilization: However with the last three, possibly even four generations, there has been a massive new disconnect that is threatening the whole human race with global-extinction.

Back in the 1950’s when I first began to try and fathom what was going on as the Beats gave way to the Hippies, there was something moving through the country that was new and turned out to be very deadly down the road to everyone else—even those that had nothing to do with the drugs or the massive alterations which were springing up like Kudzu, everywhere.

Through the nineteen-sixties, many, many changes began to bombard the whole of American Society. While most of those most directly affected were very young, the larger society itself was also heavily impacted by a kind of freedom without any RESPONSIBILITY that had never quite made itself so publicly-known ever before, or since.

Where societies before ours had always apparently looked forward to improve their lives by profiting from the past and changing some of the crimes in that past: That newest generation of the 60’s began to piss on all of history while they began to construct their own private alters to the drug-induced free-forms of entitlement, greed and what ultimately became the literal worship of MONEY for private gains.

Many decades past each new generation always challenged whatever the existing generation considered to inviolate. Insofar as that went it was what people mostly did by way of making their own way in the world. But as the nineteen-fifties began to be crushed by the faceless men in their Grey-flannel suits, their families began to fall apart under the pressure: It was this failure that opened the floodgates to the rise of the Flower-children and to other trends that seemed to widen the almost all vistas as never before.

But the SECRETS kept by the men in the grey-flannel suits from their memberships in Skull & Bones and many other secret-societies, was far more ominous than they seemed, even to their supporters—because this global-view would turn out to be the most deadly threat to ever face the entire world, since the Plague that wiped out a third of Europe and changed that world beyond what anyone envisioned.

“The Black Death of 1348 to 1350

In Medieval England, the Black Death was to kill 1.5 million people out of an estimated total of 4 million people between 1348 and 1350. No medical knowledge existed in Medieval England to cope with the disease. After 1350, it was to strike England another six times by the end of the century. Understandably, peasants were terrified at the news that the Black Death might be approaching their village or town.

The Black Death is the name given to a disease called the bubonic plague which was rampant during the Fourteenth Century. In fact, the bubonic plague affected England more than once in that century but its impact on English society from 1348 to 1350 was terrible. No amount of medical knowledge could help England when the bubonic plague struck. It was also to have a major impact on England’s social structure which lead to the Peasants Revolt of 1381.

The Black Death was caused by fleas carried by rats that were very common in towns and cities. The fleas bit into their victims literally injecting them with the disease. Death could be very quick for the weaker victims.

It symptoms were described in 1348 by a man called Boccaccio who lived in Florence, Italy:” (1)

As that world slowly began to recover from that devastation the art of that time began to reflect the hatred and cynicism for religions and the politics of the time, across the board. Off and on for nearly a hundred years the free-lance art that was done, tended to reflect his major change in viewing the formal structure of the world, as it had existed before the arrival of the Black-Death. The powers of the Catholic Church however swung into action and began to buy up and destroy all that of that work which they could get hold of, in order to erase all traces of that major revolt that seems to have died with those that took its effects with them to their own graves.

When the abbots in their monasteries began to make copies of the religious works that had been “saved” most of those that made those copies could not read but they could accurately copy whatever they were given to reproduce.

In that small window the world had a chance to throw off the deadly chains of religious tyranny in one fell swoop—forever! But, because the same works that had dominated the so-called educated world, before the plague survived and were reintroduced with no mention of the Black-Plague and its effects upon the attitudes of the then global population—no real change ever took root—so the persecution, the Inquisitions and they tyranny continued unabated.

Throughout all of this and long after the interruption, education was always a central theme. At that time most of the public’s education came through the commissioning of religious works that were used to stultify and sway the mass of people to believe in whatever the various religious teachings of the day wanted them to absorb. That was successful and as artists of the day were virtual prisoners to the filthy rich and to the sadomasochistic-twisted lives of the Popes and Bishops in tandem with the kings and noblemen who used it all to take monetary and political-power advantages over the ignorance of the people, in general: It was a time of continuing crimes against humanity on an unimaginable scale.

As the world began to taste new freedoms from WWI and finally with the onset of WWII the deeply laid plans of the Rothschilds family to enslave Americans by stripping public education to where it is today—when all of that was interrupted by the GI Bill that flung open the doors of a real education to the retuning vets. But with the advent of Reagan and beyond, Rothschild’s psychotic dream was reborn anew; and Americans have virtually become no different that the kinds of tortured farm animals which most people still think are edible.

After the revitalization of national secrecy and NATIONAL SECURITY at all levels of American Society education along with everything else died, and that is when this country lost its own way—completely.

This tendency to eat our own people was first noticed when I was in the military from 1957–1961. This was a time of premature endings to lifelong service to their jobs by millions of Americans and also to military vets that were kicked out before they could cash-in on the retirements they had planned for. In the security-services this government has ALWAYS eaten its own, since the CIA was formed by Dirty Harry in 1945. Now every agency serves out its time in a limbo where they are only employed so long as they are needed and as soon as their services are bypassed those “officers” are terminated. Now of course we’ve brought the public sector into all that too—turning whatever jobs there might still be into jokes of actually having a job, when all that is really at issue is just waiting to be fired the second anyone is no longer needed.

In the society at large, the OUTLAWS have used a abused the arts to the point where most of that is now unrecognizable—it has gotten so bad that signs have to be posted to tell the garbage services not to throw things away because they are “works of ART, do NOT remove or DISCARD.” Poetry, music, and all the rest of the arts have generally followed suit because the arts were suppose to be mankind’s way to keep nature and man in balance and growing into a better tomorrow! And some have tried to keep abreast of these changes and tried to keep that balance alive and viable whenever possible—for me that has always been part of everything I’ve done over the decades.

As the decades come and go, each grouping follows different paths to their own ends, sometimes purposefully, sometimes because there is no other choice. When I was younger the group feeling this change were in their fifties and sixties. But with each succeeding generation the length of time needed to know that individuals had become passé decreased.

Twenty years ago I had just returned form the Science Museum in Golden Gate Park, where I had pitched a massive mural about the evolution of all life upon the planet. There was a young woman, also an artist who was quietly crying. Since we both had huge portfolios with us, I asked her what was wrong. Between sobs she confessed that since she was 34 years old she had just been informed that she was too old to be a graphic artist any longer. Her work was excellent but time had passed her by and given what she would have done to a twenty-something who knew nothing at all—which was obviously what was desired.

Of course I’ve had my own set of nightmares professionally, but each failure has continued to widen my skill sets and kept me on the edge of things internationally. One example, when posters were terminated to eliminate whatever their messages might have given to the struggling world—I fell back upon illustration, and on book covers in particular—as a way to keep images alive and necessary to sales in the paperback book world. I was a free-lance artist for Black Lizard Books. In just three years time Black Lizard went from a backwater 4 person press to a global phenomena. (2)

Black Lizard got it’s imagery from the gut feeling of so many that had missed the sense of American imagery that had been missing for a very long time. In the arts there is a 30-year cycle where images and styles from thirty years before come back around and Black Lizard was part of that. This ‘coming back’ is what is now dying around the world, as the time for celebrity drops to an incredibly low-ebb. But this is not just about art or imagery: This is about our souls and our longevity as people to even have a life that makes any kind of sense.

In today’s world, there is nothing that lasts beyond a few months any longer, and it is this lack that has literally starved our up-and-coming generations from those ideas that could have helped each person to grow and expand. Instead what has happened is that between the drug use, the absolute disregard for anything of lasting value—and most especially that many sense that our lives are already toast, and that in the reality there is nothing that can any longer matter or alter the fact that this world will literally devour any of us who try to stay alive in these broken and blood-drenched days while we still vote for those same people that have already signed our death warrants—whether we know it or not. . .

The deck of cards that I use as illustrations for many of my articles was the beginning of an attempt to allow people to take back the control over their lives from religious thought and dominance to a much more creative way to see the world through one’s own eyes and senses. Take a look at the content list that can often have something to bring to almost any question that any of us face from day to day.

In the meanwhile, know that we are circling the drain ever-faster as the nightmare comes closer to the farce that we call an election. I say it’s a farce, but it’s much, much worse than that. How can we actually vote for the same people that have decided that Americans can be tortured, disappeared or murdered, because “we are at War” even if we as a people still fail to see this 12 YEAR OLD FACT clearly.

Jim Kirwan

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