Pawning the Past

To Mortgage the Future

When the world was still alive there was a great wealth to be gained by using the knowledge that comes from the past, to enrich the future of the majority of the planet. What we’ve done instead is to create a giant pawn-shop where there used to be opportunities. We traded emotions for “opportunities” to steal and to amass great wealth at the expense of the lives of most of the world’s less fortunate.

There was a time when living and becoming smarter people mattered. Today virtually nothing matters anymore, except the lusting after that which is not yet “ours” by using the barrels of our weapons to force the rest of the planet to submit to what we think of as our very own “MANIFEST DESTINY” (Our RIGHT to rule over everyone else on the planet.)

Ah but there’s a SECRET-AGENDA that has been brewing in the fires of hell that most are still not even remotely aware of. What is that Secret? That is that we have very quietly become the latest TARGET of our own blood-lusts. This might sound very, very strange, but it is still true. While we have been hell-bent on taking over every country from which there are still profits to be stolen from; the rest of the planet has been watching while we have totally lost all credibility, all sense of any proportion, and most of all we have lost any sense if we ever actually had any to lose in the first place. And still we have not understood that this is the new-world-order in which there is no longer a world, and definitely no-order except the code of global-outlaws everywhere.

The people that we thought we were no longer exist. Could we ever have understood any other nation that had been targeted by their own government for over ten years, and yet the people in that country were still willing to treat those that did this to them, as if they could suddenly completely reverse course and suddenly decide to fix everything they have meticulously shattered over an over again in order to end this place and all their own money which is being used to enrich the same people that are murdering the very people that make everything possible?

No one in authority, within the Fascist Police State seem to even be aware that once no one has a job any longer; then no one will have anything to have stolen from them? The Police State might have passed the billions of documents, spent all the ever-growing trillions of our now worthless money; but at the end of the day—everything will turn to ashes in their eyes and in their mouths, because no-life will ever be possible again once they finally finish all those secret plans which they have made to end the world completely.

Our ‘generations’ that we used to look to save the future, even after we have screwed everything up so badly that it seems impossible to ever come back from such concomitant disasters—will this time be totally helpless: Because they have become virtually useless for anything except as road-kill on the way to thermonuclear wars unending.

The Tower of Babel – Hieronymus Bosh
Babylon, The First Tier

We’ve turned education into a public-sewer right along beside the total destabilization and the super-extremism of the LEFT for anything that might slow down our failures, even a little. Our language itself has been reduced to the kind of babble that is mentioned when people speak of ‘The Tower of Babble’ which itself was only an early form of the pyramid that so many have come to worship.

Love and Life are now only very distant memories in this game of bloody-claws and savage teeth that has come to dominate our lives.

Are you listening, do you give a damn about any of this—or is it enough for you to just continue coasting until there is nothing left for you or for anyone else to try and survive upon?

Whatever, we have finally managed to end the future by ignoring the past into blind oblivion, while the few that remember a different time continue to die off, one by one every day.

Jim Kirwan


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