One Hundred Years to Oblivion

The litter of civilizations’ cataclysmic wars upon itself are strewn over the planet, and have been forgotten almost as fiercely as each of those battles were begun—only to die in shame and ignomy!

Time after time people all over this war-torn place continue to hold themselves HOSTAGE to their own greed & failures while  firmly rejecting the one avenue that was always open to them to take back their freedom, by RELEASING  themselves, from the self-imprisonment that too many still see as

“the way things are!”

The reason that the millions of these failures down through time have not registered with others on the planet was that those failures were not widely known, but were confined to the areas where the bodies lay—after the battles had desecrated millions. What has finally altered everything is our own little creation called technology; so that the whole planet can now be tuned into the same channel at the same time that the earth changing events are happening.

Amazingly most people have chosen not to watch these slaughters which is almost the same as “maybe that didn’t really happen—well this did not involve ‘us’ so who cares”? This is what we’ve so actively been doing for the last twelve years, but the more we ignore these events the deeper we get into what will very soon be our own disappearance, or torture, or more probably our own very agonizing and isolated death.

In 2013 the seminal event that started this latest round in all of this, will not mark its one-hundred year anniversary, that will be commemorated by the death of the US monetary System. The Federal Reserve was created in 1913, through an illegal congressional count that did not have a quorum—but the bill was signed into law anyhow in 1913.

2013, On Christmas Eve of that year that will mark the end of everything begun in 1913. Everything that happened in that hundred years, will by next year, be either in ruins or in flames: It is extremely doubtful than anyone will remember that this CRIMINAL-THEFT took just a hundred years to totally destroy the human race. Maybe that’s why politicians do NOT refer to 2013 now when speaking about the future, only to 2014—as if ignoring 2013 will make it all go away?

In other times and places hundreds of various would-be Empires and Dictators grabbed for their own version of the brass-ring, only to all end the very same way in disgrace and defeat, wherever this was attempted. Now anyone can find out the particulars of virtually any of these colossal errors—thanks again to technology, everything can now be researched and written about.

One of our other problems is that the world no longer cares about that “stuff”, you know all that dust-covered history that nobody gives a shit about any more: Cause ‘we’re’ far too busy being OUR-ENTITLED-SELVES which is all that really-matters anymore—just ask any one of the current crop of the best & the brightest—they will tell you what they have come to know which is that “MORE” is always better and anything else is CRAP. (besides people have forgotten how to read)

There is one common thread however that runs through this entire Hundred Years of Oblivion. What that thread describes is the inability of the global-population to deal with being able to manage any equity between the Super-Rich, the wealthy, the poorest among us all and all the rest of us. This came about because too few with the privileges ever seem to understand the value that is produced by those who create and who produce everything the world needs to remain functional and to be able to enjoy the truly beautiful creations which mankind is capable of. When talents and skills are rewarded accordingly—just as money alone is not responsible for much of anything in the grand scheme of the world—for anything to continue all of us must be able to work for living wages.

When I had a profession I continually fought with the filthy-rich who believed that since they had the money they could indeed have anything they wanted, exactly as they wanted it. I just laughed because none of them would ever be remembered for anything they ever did, except for the barbarity of their actions. That’s why the filthy rich have always hated the talented individuals, because we can do things they can never do, and that has always driven much of their passion to literally OWN everything—but even that would not change this oldest of maxims that has confounded the world for millennia.

The graphic arts have been around now for something like 32,000 years – while this current crop of head-hunting outlaws are only the latest generation of misfits to try and conquer every thing and everyone. It is their antics that have riven the entire earth with their bloodlusts and the obscenity of their extremes that always try to blackmail the planet, into giving them what they continually demand, from all the rest of us in our billions.

In this last hundred years the major weapon of choice to finally capture the whole place has always been the total OWNERSHIP of all the MONEY world-wide. In this battle; apparently these would be Lords-over-all-the-Money have overlooked the most basic terms of both nature and of life itself. Everything created has to be first thought of and then perfected, finally to be manufactured and distributed before these products can be used. And at every step of this process there are people working to make this all possible. Without the wage-slaves that work for basically less than survival wages; the whole construct quite simply collapses.

Many might think this is a gross oversimplification—but just look at the house where you live. Anyone with enough money can buy a house, but that’s just the beginning point. If you want to live in it and use the conveniences that it contains then that house must be constantly cared for by professionals that know how to fix the things that go wrong—because the continuing failures are as much a part of having that house as owning the deed to that money-pit. Today we have tried to pretend to continue without the skills that are needed to keep this society alive; on any level. Our excuse has always been the business-imperative of never paying what anything is really worth, because “labor” is never entitled to anything while the ownership classes are entitled to everything and MORE in all cases. This saying is what has trashed the entire global-economy and turned many nations into dust already with hundreds of more nations having already lined up to be “NEXT.”

Just look around, do some of that hated thing and look back at say the last hundred years of business in America—and be prepared to be SHOCKED at just how much has already been totally destroyed.

In fact the whole USA is about to emulate what has already happened to DETROIT, formerly known as the motor-city, that is now little more than an obscene slum. (1)

Look at every industry beginning back say in 1915 and come forward until hundreds and now thousands of professions and jobs and outlets along with transportation, services and opportunities have all been shipped offshore to make other nations rich while the people who paid those corporations with their own money, to stay here an prosper: They were all left destitute and homeless to die in the streets they once walked upon with pride. That was not some accident of history, every bit of the soul-wrenching destruction and out-sourcing was designed by the same people that have created the current WAR-on-America that is meant to finally end everything that might still be here, on life-support no doubt.

What happened to heavy industry, to aircraft, steel, manufacturing and skilled workmen and women? What happened to labor unions, to fairness, to excess profit taxes, to price-gouging, and to virtually everything that was mostly in place when the FED was illegally formed? What happened to the media, to magazines, to radio, television, marketing and the entire film industry—then move this whole side-show into technology, war-making, merchandising, lobbyists, lawyers, medicine, big Pharma and huge Agra-Business where once we had American farmers and safe foods to eat and drink.

This introduces the massive criminal armies of government agencies by the hundreds and bureaucrats by the thousands, along with illegal IRS and now taxes that are most recently being proposed to be paid to the United Nations of all places, as the USA is no longer a nation-state but has become just a client state of the New World Order. (2)

Of course no one will ever want to remember that any of this viciously coordinated destruction happened to this country—much less that it was all designed into their plan that has left his country stripped of anything that once made this place what it once was. This is just another shithole with athletes and celebrities to take our minds away from the nightmares. But increasingly, even the hype won’t be able to finish covering over the twelve long years that this place has officially been an OUTLAW-STATE, on its way to the end-times.

This at least will erase the last dregs of just another failed experiment to go with all the other deaths that litter our past with ruins and failed-people; long before many have even been on this earth for a dozen years of so-called life.

Without a future generation, there will be no past and definitely no future for anyone to inherit: Because this means that the present is in the process of committing national and international suicide, and since this is a global infection, no one will be coming to anyone’s aide anytime soon…

What’s AHEAD Is
What Comes After One Hundred Years of Oblivion!

Jim Kirwan

1) The decline of detroit in pictures

2) United Nations Seeks Global Tax – 5 min video


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