Warriors Look Back

Before Moving Forward

“Dream of Euripides” ©1994. 48″ round, oil on canvas over wood

 The Dream of Euripides – kirwan © 1973 & 1994

Whenever real leaders assess any situation they always look before they move in any direction, but they must “look back” in order to know how not to repeat the mistakes of the past, before they can move forward, unless they are as braindead as this society has become today.

Since JFK, no supposed American-leader has ever dared to “look back,” because if they did, then those that committed all the crimes in the last administration would have gone to jail. If our leaders had to lead our forces in every war we undertook, that alone would wipe out almost every war upon this earth—because in the world today the first in are usually slaughtered first.

This would force people to seriously consider whatever actions they might want to take against another country; but of course “leaders” no longer lead they only cower and cringe behind the lines and run away when the war begins to go badly—just as Reagan did when he ran away from Beirut after the Israeli’s slaughtered 241 US Marines in 1983 along with 58 more allied troops minutes after the initial Israeli bomb had already murdered so many American troops. (1)

Amerikan voters seem to be joined-at-the-hip when it comes to politics and “acting tough” especially when nothing could be further from the actual truth. Whether it’s “tough on crime” or acting tough on the rest of the planet “Nuke ‘em all and let God sort it out” – the public has an unfortunately lame way of pretending to do those things that other people will have to pay for in blood & treasure.

“Looking Tough” is no substitute for “reality.”

The truth is that Amerikans are cowards in the extreme, except when someone else is commissioned to do their killing for them. The truth is WAR is a sucker’s game, paid for with the blood and lives of the poor and indigent for the maximum wealth of the already filthy-rich. Again the truth is quite possibly almost stranger than fiction, just ask Smedley Butler. (2)

Since Kennedy who was killed in 1963, there has not been but a handful of leaders anywhere that have any convictions or any moral purpose, beyond their own personal aggrandizements. It is no wonder that the world no longer makes any real sense at any level—and this is what has brought us to the edge of oblivion.

Let’s be honest for a moment. The USA has no officer core that is worthy of that name, We have no generals to speak of, no strategists, no thinking warriors—because we specialize in morons that will just “follow-orders,” even if those orders are to use Amerikan Soldiers to kill American citizens—because these idiots in uniform don’t know a lawful order from an illegal one.

This nation has not won anything beyond Grenada (7,000 US troops versus 300 Cuban construction workers) and the illegal preemptive strike on Panama (Burning 4,000 people alive in 3 days) since WWII.

So where do all the medals on all those military uniforms come from anyhow? The supposed generals today are too young to have fought in any real wars. Some of the generals and admirals that we did supposedly have were not all that honorable or heroic anyway.

There was Admiral McCain who helped LBJ cover up the attack on the USS Liberty and his totally fucked up son, John McCain, who became our very own traitor inside Hanoi for his stint during the Vietnam War, selling out other US pilots while Hanoi raised a statue to him during his stay at the Hanoi Hilton. Hanoi John had all the conveniences for the bulk of his stay when he was captured after being shot down. McCain went on to preach to Amerikans about the values of warriors and war, even though he has never been a real man in any situation.

So how does this nations’ general-officer corp. have so many decorated generals, when we have lost every major conflict we have entered since 1945?  We have never ended Dirty-Harry’s Police-Action in Korea; even today that conflict is still not settled. Vietnam we managed to lose outright, having to flee the capital from the Viet Cong that drove US Forces out of Vietnam: Despite all of our supposedly SUPERIOR firepower and the huge number of years that we spent trying to “win” an unwinnable war.

Then true to form Poppy Bush (His nickname comes from the fields in Afghanistan that he was so found of) decided to attack Saddam to close the book on the other end of his drug trade, which he had already ended in Panama when he snatched Noriega and sent him into permanent exile. All that was left for GWH Bush to do was to silence Saddam, which of course he too failed to do. So when Saddam tried to dump the dollar and stay alive to keep his secrets about the Bush Dynasty, Junior decide that he would kill Saddam, no matter what it took. But again, even though Iraq is only slightly larger than California, and we were at WAR in that country for just over twenty years using all the Amerikan military-might and force and supposed power that we had—again we lost! Then we went back to finish off Afghanistan and again we have lost there BIG-TIME—again!

Of course there is now Pakistan, which is about to become explosive. Yemen, Somalia and of course Syria, which after 19 months of clandestine criminality we still have not openly attacked. And there’s Iran that Israel is still demanding that the US needs to attack. There are also another handful of nations that we’re invading in Africa and around the Middle-East: Of course there will now ALWAYS be the ruin that we made of Libya, but still—the USA has NOT won any of the major battles that this nation has undertaken since the end of WWII!

Apparently all of this is because our military and our political leadership has not had the balls to look carefully at every mistake we keep right on making time after time, which always costs this nation both blood and other people’s treasure.

When we finally were kicked out of Vietnam—what did we learn? The only thing we changed militarily was that we decided to buy out all the media outlets and make them total slaves to the corporate criminal-machine. By the time the 1991 Iraq War came along, we could then “embed” our supposedly balanced reporting on that war. We actually forced reporters to serve with the troops, but they were routinely censored and were not allowed to either ask questions or operate alone. No independent journalists were encouraged to cover “the War” and this gave the public only what the War Department wanted us to know—yet USI still lost in the end, despite having totally censored the entire war, and all our critics both at home and abroad:

The vaunted USA military lost big-time to a nation that had no army, no navy or air-force, and yet armed only with whatever they could find or steal, the Iraqi’s managed to kick the Americans out of their now totally desecrated country. (Very much exactly like what happened to USI in Vietnam).

This routinely happens because the US military never questions what they fail to do in Vietnam, or anywhere else, so how could they correct their tactics in Iraq? The US had no idea of how to defeat (on the surface) such inferior fighting forces: Those who in the end had stripped the US military command of any real control inside Iraq, so we had to leave much as we did Vietnam. Everywhere this farce of American military might goes, what we are able to do, is to utterly destroy each country and send its people back to the stone-age, but apparently we simply are incapable of defeating these people whose countries we invade to rape, pillage and plunder, yet we still cannot prevail—all of this because:

Or to make the necessary policy or tactical corrections

In today’s world the treasonous US military leadership is now threatening the entire Amerikan public with mass murder, enslavement and on and on. However, given their track record in two very tiny countries that ‘we” were never able to successfully conquer, perhaps this THREAT is not what they want us to believe that it is?

Perhaps the public here might want to reassess the vaunted reputation of these mercenary thugs that apparently are incapable of fighting whenever they must confront any real opposition. Maybe these outlaws believe that Amerikans will not fight them, ergo they the failed mercenary troops will win—or they could simply be doing this for the promised money this could make for them? But the money will very soon be useless and once everyone begins to defend or attack for themselves—then it won’t be long before the survivors will begin to imitate what was done to us in so many other nations where we have sent our uniformed savages to slaughter men, women and children without mercy and all in the name of the New World Order. Remember this instead of Smedley Butler’s Corporations that were equally merciless when they butchered their way through their version of “Manifest Destiny” Oh so very long ago—and yet what his era destroyed is making a come-back again even as we speak!

In very ancient times the kingdoms of many places adopted what they termed Poet-Warriors, as a requirement for those who did the fighting. This was one way to ensure that their fighters knew about life and love along with how well they had mastered the finer arts of war.

In today’s world we know absolutely nothing about anything at all, despite the fact that many have spent as much as 40 years in school, remaining perennial children while they were supposedly preparing for a real life in the wider world.

Most of us that are self-made don’t usually tend to over-linger on the formal-educational side of life as there is so much to learn and absorb from reality while we are applying that knowledge to everyday life, each and every day to ever bother with too many diplomas. So many today still cannot even really read. Most have no idea whatsoever about how life or anything else in this world actually works—so it is understandable that the old US will witness millions of deaths in the early hours of what is coming, if that event does not turn our to be that thermonuclear war which would end everything, almost immediately.

I just could not let these self-appointed military idiots off the hook, before whatever is still coming finally happens. Think about all of this crap and then ask yourself:

Why have we not even looked at any of our mistakes – ever?
Is what comes immediately to mind!

Jim Kirwan

1) Terrorist Bombing of the Marine Barracks, Beirut Lebanon 1983

2) Smedley Butler, War is a Racket – 8 min video

3) Thunderbolts & Fire Arrows


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