Pipedreams & Promises

Strangely the globe has just undergone the most massive con and global series of shifts in world history—only to become far more deeply immersed in Cross & Double-cross than anyone thought was even remotely possible.

This is Pipedreams and the universal-Promises that have been completely destroyed on every continent, in almost every nation on the earth: What is left is nothing but a handful of smoke, without the mirrors.

Yet despite the facts that are still unfolding apparently there is even more to come. The New World Order has clearly been unmasked, along with the crescendo, in the fallout of the global-collapse of the entire financial system.

The kicker is that after having already defrauded the entire international community, militarily, financially and socially: The farce of their “NEW” solution to this chaos is even more of the same to convince people of the about to be besieged planet—that to end all the global-wars—a revised and “all powerful” new United Nations is needed that will be the only force on the planet with weapons. This of course will be enforced as a brand new version of the New World Order and yet another “entirely new monetary system,” which they will replace the global-failure of the US dollar with, at the end of 2012.

I know this sounds far too fantastical to be happening, but then no one believed that things around the world could ever get this far before now—did you?

Have you figured out why the only coverage of real events both inside America and on the global stage comes either from Russian Television (RT) or Press TV, (Iranian TV). Why must Americans get their local and political news on unfolding events inside this country from overseas? The short answer is because we no longer have a US Media, or almost any independent comments—coming from US sources. There are a few like Paul Craig Roberts who has spent his life covering the US and the world:

“Protests are a weapon the United States uses against countries it wants to overthrow. Now here in the United States; 911, that is the alleged Muslim Attack of September the eleventh, of two thousand and one was used to completely eviscerate and destroy American civil liberties. The traditional protections of ‘LAW’ that Americans have had since the Constitution originated, have all been destroyed.

The government now on its own unaccountable authority, without evidence, can pick-up American citizens and put them in a dungeon for the rest of their life and never give any accountability—never show any evidence or reason—for this imprisonment. And the government can assassinate, it can murder its citizens without due process or any accountability. So in this sense the United States is now a Gestapo Police State. …” (1)

Yesterday there was also another article:

What this might involve is a massive new Shiite uprising throughout several key nations in the middle East. In Bahrain, in Iraq, in Saudi Arabia and in Syria there are huge Shiite communities which will not react with favor if Iran is attacked. There are also huge question marks around what might happen in Palestine, Lebanon and Syria as well – not to mention Russia and China.

What has to be remembered too is that since Vietnam from 1955 to 1975 (20 years of war) all the way to and including Iraq from 1991 to 2011, (another 20 years of still-more-WAR). The United States has INVESTED HEAVILY for over 40 years of open WARFARE that  wasted literally tens of trillions of dollars which created the entire SECURITY STATE OF THE WEST – (while the entire infrastructure of the West has also been brutalized) which has yet to militarily win anything: While at the same time USI has now lost in Vietnam & Iraq, and is still losing in Afghanistan despite the forty-years of WAR and global-bloodshed; just to create the beginnings of their one-world-order which is about to be capped with yet another version of the N.W.O.. This could spell the end of the nightmare or the end of civilization – if mankind cannot manage its way through this impending military attack upon the whole-world.’

What will a war with Iran look like? What will be the results of a unilateral attack on Iran by Israel and the US? Will it trigger multi-regional military conflict? 21st Century Wire geopolitical analyst, Patrick Henningsen, outlines possible outcomes, including the Hegelian outcome of a One World Order aka ‘New World Order’, in an exclusive, previously unreleased interview with domestic Russian television, filmed in London in Sept 2012.” (2)


Beyond all this a triple cross is brewing. The insanity is based upon creating such a horrific series of unending global wars and wildfires everywhere—that the surviving people will somehow decide to surrender-unconditionally to a completely new form of the totally corrupted United Nations, who will administer a reborn new one world global order, for the same people that have brought us all to the edge of oblivion.

However that is supposed to turn out everyone seems to have forgotten one unapproachable truth: There is, in actuality, a real ORDER, inside Chaos—and always has been.

“…the slightest difference in initial conditions – beyond human ability to measure – made prediction of past or future outcomes impossible, an idea that violated the basic conventions of physics. As the famed physicist Richard Feynman pointed out, “Physicists like to think that all you have to do is say, these are the conditions, now what happens next?”

k) Whether this comes in the form of financial, military or social radicalizations, none of this can be clearly controlled, much less implemented. This is in direct-opposition to what the TRIPLE CROSS is seeking to achieve.

“Newtonian laws of physics are completely deterministic: they assume that, at least theoretically, precise measurements are possible, and that more precise measurement of any condition will yield more precise predictions about past or future conditions. The assumption was that – in theory, at least – it was possible to make nearly perfect predictions about the behavior of any physical system if measurements could be made precise enough, and that the more accurate the initial measurements were, the more precise would be the resulting predictions.” (3)

In laymen’s terms this means that despite all the convoluted plans being constructed to ensnare the whole world, like some giant tar-baby, that will end everything which civilization has attempted to create—by the very terms of CHAOS itself—the sheer insanity and obscenities beneath their new plans will NOT be controllable. The result will twist the triple-cross to control the pre-determined-artificial-controls over the global-population; and in the end will create new situations that by their very nature will be completely uncontrollable; once they are begun. This is what makes this flirtation with global suicide so utterly impossible on any real level.

FEAR (see above) is and has been used and abused to forcefully prevent the people of the planet from rising up to shatter this Nest of Vipers and their bloodlusts for unending war and power. This can most easily be seen inside America. The component parts of this concept was designed back in 1979 with this image I created for “THEM” (The California Chamber of Commerce) called “TERRORISM.”


The image here is what it all became once Bush junior became our first Dictator appointed by the US Supreme Court on 12-12-2000.

The world is facing the most heinous crime against all of humanity which the world has ever known—right now. But if we hang on to our minds and to our own determination to block these OUTLAWS when it counts the most: Then with the laws of nature (which includes the laws that govern actual CHAOS), the outcome to this might be something completely different than most have even dared to consider.


Jim Kirwan

1) The US is Now a Gestapo Police State: 4 min 44 sec video

2) Iran risk assessment – entrée to a one world order: 19 min 29 sec video

3) Definition: What is Chaos Theory


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