Enough phony-global-terror-threats

For years now this sham government with its mercenary thugs has been threatening both the people of the USA and the world with every conceivable menace they can possibly dream up—and they need to be charged for every single attempt they’ve made to falsely TERRIFY the people everywhere.  They say that they are just “WARNING” the people of what they have seen as very REAL-THREATS.

All of this has been nothing but pure unadulterated bullshit!

In just three of their fake exercises here is some of what did not happen. In Chicago back in April the government announced that they would need to evacuate the entire city of Chicago because of TERRORISTS that planned to disrupt a completely unnecessary meeting of a bunch of overfed UN & NATO figureheads that decided to use Chicago to unveil the New World Order.

“Chicago America’s Second City is in line to be destroyed from the inside out by the political establishment that is serving the ZATO Conference, in a way that is intended to destabilize and potentially destroy the prestige and the business community in that once proud American City—just to pacify our new OWNERS and their supposed needs.

This will be the first ever use of FEMA (given that this time they shall have had more than a month) to prepare themselves to wreck a major city and its communities. True they have been used before but to date have had no results to show for their involvement anywhere else – so despite the fact of their public-existence: This will be the first time that they will be spotlighted for their involvement.”

The scheduled events came off without a single incident of any kind, and with no action of any kind despite the face that the FEDS armed the Chicago PD as if WW4 was expected to devastate the entire city of Chicago—even though they have their very own Mossad agent and former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, as their very own TRAITOR as the then & now, current mayor of Chicago. Just one example: Read the article and the footnotes. (1)

There have been numerous threats from false-hype over widely speculative diseases, mass arrests, virtually every possible situation where problems might occur; are always reported by CIA-Mossad and the White House, in the most disastrous terms with only catastrophic outcomes being featured.

Recently we had the global threats supposedly being generated by the OLYMPICS in London—that one featured a massive thermonuclear attack upon London & the Olympic-games that were suppose to start WWIII? Again NOTHING at all happened, except a disastrous security foul-up, in an overly hyped set-of-games, that basically shut down the public involvement with those events to better protect everyone at the event—but again NOTHING at all happened.

In every case where this happens the governments spend ridiculous sums of money to protect against something that has never happened, and yet they always treat these “events” as something which they-themselves have completely failed to protect the public from.

On 911 this government failed in each and every instance where

They had the responsibility to protect the public & human life:

Yet no one was investigated or charged for this massive government-FAILURE, which lasted for an hour and 45 minutes of the attack and has continued for every hour since that day for the last eleven years without any one being arrested or ever going to jail—those people who were singled out for their actions on that day were promoted not imprisoned: Which tells you all you need to know about who is guilty of actual-terrorism and who is not!

Since 911 the Supreme Court, the Congress and the Tarnished House have all been found guilty by the public of massive involvement in every aspect of all the crimes that have flowed across the world—uninterrupted—since that September day in 2001. What we have now is a constant barrage of fraudulent government hyped events that are suppose to convince the public that massive-death is immanent, and of course nothing happens except more weapons are issued, more weapons are loaded to be aimed at the public, while the thugs in uniform kill more people each and every week, yet:



Perhaps what is worse is that the entire place has seemingly signed on for virtually every possible layer of garbage rulings that have no relationship whatsoever to any real problems in this rapidly-dissolving ruin. Meanwhile the cowards and the assholes run this place like it was their private kindergarten, staffed by children that are now in their 40’s & 50’s, not to mention the completely disconnected “youth” that will die outright before they are ever exposed to anything like real life.

Here’s the other half of the 2003 picture that tells it all!

PS When I took aim at LBJ between 1964 & 1966 I was a full two years ahead of any other massive outpouring against any American President. It was NOT something that was allowed, and it was NOT welcomed by the politicians. The public wept, because it was true, but the government knew instantly what it was and they went to work to keep that work from ever seeing daylight.

I wasn’t anything special at the time, so keeping me quiet then was easy—but the SILENCE of the public that I had to notice then has only grown louder, and what was foreshadowed in those long ago and now forgotten days has come to pass. Just read the table of contents of that still unpublished project and know just how much of this has become REALITY because this nation still refuses to think for itself about anything here. (2)

Jim Kirwan

1) Taking Down Chicago

2) The State of the Nation 1966


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