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The explosion of The Deep Water Horizon marked the completion of a circle that began in the 1950’s with the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company; which through a series of mergers became British Petroleum (BP).

From its earliest beginnings BP was corrupt and political to the core and BP has also done to the world what its company has done since 1953 to Iran as a nation-state. What is happening to Iran now is nothing more than an attempted final chapter in a US, Israeli and British WAR for OIL. (1)

“To really understand we have to go back to 1953, which is where the story [of Iranian History] begins for most Iranians. …So Mosedec became hugely popular for nationalizing the oil industry and taking back the oil. Hugely popular at home but quite unpopular with the British Government.

Britain took the matter to the world court over the matter and lost. They tried to hit Iran’s economy by blockading the Gulf and halting trade. They tried to convince the US to assist with Regime Change but then President Truman was not interested. However when Eisenhower took office in 1953, Britain was able to persuade him under the Cold War pretext that Mosedec relied on Iran’s Communist Party for power.

This was the year that the US overthrew Iran’s democracy and installed the Shah, a pro-US dictator. The newly formed CIA was sent to engineer a coup, codenamed Operation AJAX. Iran’s monarch returned to power, he had previously been weakened by the new parliament, a short democratic experiment, designed to limit his powers. After 1953 (the Shah) returned fully-backed by the UK and US power and the oil was soon flowing under the control of Britain, America, the Netherlands, and France.”

This is mostly the same group that took down Libya and now wants Syria and Iran as well – again. 1953 was THE FIRST double-crossing of Iran by the then clearly-Criminal American-Government (k).

“The Shah became increasingly arrogant, opulent, and autocratic over his 25 year rule. He installed fear in the population with his secret police know as SAVAC, created by the American CIA, and Israeli Mossad that had tortured and imprisoned those who dared to dissent. He crushed all political opposition. Troops were sent to massacre demonstrators. He pushed ‘a white revolution’ to modernize and westernize the country, giving women the right to vote and other reforms; but ultimately he served the élites, and created a huge economic gap for the poor masses. Powerful religious leaders saw that he was forcibly trying to rid Iran of Islam, in a country that was 90% Muslim…

…one important thing to note is that the CIA orchestrated the 1953 coup out of the very same American Embassy in Tehran that was later the site of the hostage-crises. Right after the Shah was overthrown by popular revolution in 1979. The students were convinced that once again the US had plans to overthrow their revolution: In fact US President Carter did send a NATO general to instigate a military coup, but it failed.

Iran and the US had an extradition treaty in force, that obligated the Carter administration to return the Shah to Iran, as an indicted criminal. The students had four demands. Return the Shah to Iran for trial, return the Shah’s wealth to the Iranian people, a promise of no more interference by the US in Iranian affairs and an apology; an admission of guilt by the US for past actions in Iran.”

Had that series of promises to Iran been kept by the USA: Then this current undertaking could never have been launched (k).

“…Khomeini took power in 1979 and instituted a government under Islamic law.  Within a year of the revolution Saddam Hussein invaded Iran without provocation seeking control of Iran’s oil rich region, and key oil-shipping water-ways. The resulting Iran-Iraq War from 1980 to 1988 was the longest and one of the most devastating conventional wars in the century. At least half-a-million Iranians were killed. This war furthered cemented resentment of the US government, as they were playing both sides.”

1979 was the second time America tried to murder Iran and we gave the world our own Triple-Cross deceptions on top of all this – before during & after the war-on-Iran of the 1980’s (k).

“On one hand they were supporting Iraq; providing money, technology and intelligence including satellite photography to help with Iraqi bombing raids. The US helped provide Saddam Hussein with weapons by giving him agricultural credits and pressuring Gulf States to give him billions in loans so he could buy weapons from Western Europe, China and Russia. The US Department of Commerce issued licenses to export materials for Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction program. The US continued its support even after learning that Iraq was using chemical weapons against Iran: Not to mention against his own citizens, to stop an uprising of Kurdish separatists.

But the Imperialist Tradition also called for maintaining regional balances of power in that war.”

Just as in the 1948 novel – “1984”, by George Orwell: Clearly by 1980 the USI was on record as THE ENEMY OF IRAN (k).

“The US also armed Iran – not letting any one regional power get secure enough to dominate or to ally with its neighbors to challenge US hegemony.”

(In this case it came in the form of the Iran-Contra Scandal, engineered by George HW Bush, as VP under Ronnie, and before Ronnie actually took the office. Again the same strategy as we used in Libya and now in Syria – (k).

“US President Reagan needed money to fight an unjustified (illegal) war against Nicaragua, but that was forbidden to do so by congress. So US arms were illegally sold to Iran through ISRAEL and South Africa, and the proceeds went to the Nicaraguan Contras (As Reagan’s death squads).

This allowed Reagan to get around congress to support a campaign of kidnap, rape, torture & murder, for which the US was convicted by the World Court (NO ONE WENT TO JAIL) for unlawful use of force: In other words State-Sponsored Terrorism—the ruling was IGNORED.” There is much more to this interview, see the 10 minute video. (2)

Beyond all of this and in the backdrop, the WEST created OPEC, (supposedly a group of Arab nations—to control the prices charged for gasoline & oil). Truth is the Arab nations have become nothing but fronts for the Elites & the WEST.

THIS WAS BY DESIGN part of THE TRIPLE CROSS, because oil prices have always been controlled by the same international oil corporations such as BP, Chevron, Unocal, Royal Dutch Shell, and on and on – the Arab-states get the blame and WESTERN corporations reap their illicit and illegal profits.

Had anyone ever done anything about these global-crimes by the elites then none of this should have ever been possible!

Now we are demanding that the world cast Iran as the belligerent, as an Outlaw-Nation that seeks to attack America and the world. The truth is that USI has already attacked IRAN numerous times since 1953, and Iran has successfully defended her positions, in every instance. Now USI & Israel are repeating ‘it’ all over AGAIN.

It is time to end the fifty-nine years of criminal attacks on Iran. To continue this now risks not just the middle-east but the whole world in yet another global-sacrifice. GREED, ENTITLEMENT and supposed global-POWER can only end in massive DEATH and global ruin, for everyone on the planet!

Jim Kirwan

1) BP Beyond Prosecution

2) History of Iran & USA in 10 minutes – 9 min 48 sec video


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