The designation created in 1934 by the NAZI Party in Germany

George W. Bush, branded America with this Nazi Terminology when he appointed himself America’s First Decider,
Who in ‘03 became USI’s first Dictator.

What was revealed yesterday is nothing less
than the most horrible Death of any Nation ever imagined.

 What makes this so like a Greek-Tragedy, is the similarity of today’s inner-city youth murdering their parents, and destroying the entire society that has ignored them by design, since the day they were born.

Simply put: This means that the kids we have ignored for the last 50 years, but especially during the last 18-to-24 years, are now being trained to kill the old, the infirm, and the rich who they have always hated; along with authority figures like the cops they have come to despise since they can remember being alive. Their ‘training’ to do this relies on video-games that have been the backbone of US military training since Reagan led this criminal farce that he called:

 “The Shining City of the Hill.”

 Amazingly this will all be done with our own money, and the killers will be America’s hopeless and destitute “YOUTH” that have been trained since they were tiny, on violent video-games, where they learned how to disable or kill cops and store owners and to rape and torture women. As GAMERS, they are taught to kill, rape and torture (in the games) for extra points. This, for them, is “REAL-LIFE”.

The Obama Administration has finalized this violence that was first suggested under Cheney-Bush and Kissinger, who always said: “never let any crises go to waste.” This time around this crisis will be dealt with by AmeriCorp and their teeny-boppers: “… that engages more than 5 million Americans in service through Senior Corps, AmeriCorps, and the Social Innovation Fund, and leads President Obama’s national call to service initiative, United We Serve.” (3)

Given the new direction and priorities of FEMA, think about how these children will play into their new and farcical role of managing every major disaster, whether man-made or natural?

“(NaturalNews) While millions of Americans were busy watching the elephant puppet battle the ass puppet at the latest political circus, the United States Congress quietly introduced a new piece of legislation ordering the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to begin preparing for mass casualties throughout the country.

House Resolution 6566, also known as the Mass Fatality Planning and Religious Considerations Act, would amend the Homeland Security Act of 2002 to mandate that FEMA immediately begin conducting “mass fatality planning” in preparation for a major event or series of events that may kill off untold numbers of people.”

Introduced by Rep. Laura Richardson (D-Ca.), H.R. 6566 provisions that the Administrator of FEMA — William Craig Fugate currently holds the Administrator position at FEMA (http://www.fema.gov/leadership/william-craig-fugate) — provide “guidance and coordination” for dealing with a mass casualty event arising from a natural disaster, terrorist act, or “other man-made disaster.”

The bill also ominously sets up the FEMA Administrator as a type of emergency dictator with the power to control how local communities, private businesses, nonprofit organizations, religious organizations, and even individuals prepare for and respond to a mass fatality event.”

k) Realize – what is selected for “service” can also be selected for targeted-attacks because what is patriotism to some becomes for others real-life-enemies of the state.

“We ran an article yesterday from It Makes Sense Blog depicting the Department of Homeland Security’s FEMA Corp, comparing them to Hitler’s Youth. Apparently this training has been going on since at least 2009.

An article posted in the New York Times back in May of 2009 shows boy and girl scouts being trained to combat terrorism, illegal immigration, and drugs. This subject was covered in the alternate media to a large extent, but other than the New York Times article, was given little coverage in the mainstream.

Courtesy of the New York Times

IMPERIAL, Calif. — Ten minutes into arrant mayhem in this town near the Mexican border, and the gunman, a disgruntled Iraq war veteran, has already taken out two people, one slumped in his desk, the other covered in blood on the floor.

The responding officers — eight teenage boys and girls, the youngest 14 — face tripwire, a thin cloud of poisonous gas and loud shots — BAM! BAM! — fired from behind a flimsy wall. They move quickly, pellet guns drawn and masks affixed.

“United States Border Patrol! Put your hands up!” screams one in a voice cracking with adolescent determination as the suspect is subdued.

It is all quite a step up from the square knot.

The Explorers program, a coeducational affiliate of the Boy Scouts of America that began 60 years ago, is training thousands of young people in skills used to confront terrorism, illegal immigration and escalating border violence — an intense ratcheting up of one of the group’s longtime missions to prepare youths for more traditional jobs as police officers and firefighters.” (2)

There are 5 million people being “ trained” in various functions of AmeriCorp under many, many disguises but all of it adds up to socialism: AKA a social-engineering attack upon the body politic with no check or balance from anyone. This impetus officially comes to us from the White House and once implemented with all that armament and weaponry just purchased: This “ARMY” will comprise the homegrown force needed to attack Americans in every major city simultaneously. This is all being done supposedly to protect Amerika from criminals and terrorists. In the end these disillusioned youngest members of society shall become an unspeakable curse upon the land. To die by knifes or guns or drones controlled by these children—if there were a history to be written afterward—this would be unspeakable in any history ever written anywhere!

No one could believe that anyone with no education whatsoever, except for violent-video-games, could ever be trained in a few months to literally run the world, especially during some form of national emergency. Look at the faces of the children above and ask yourself, who is it that they will end up using all those weapons on?

If you thought that the mercenaries masquerading as cops were bad—you haven’t seen anything yet! Once these children get their first taste of real blood with their badge, it will only be a matter of time before the difference between VIOLENCE in the video-games and what they do with their new powers to maim, rape, torture and kill –  will radically change these former children forever..  Remember that these killers will rapidly come to HATE those that dreamt up this job and sign their paychecks. Ultimately they must come to KNOW why they have this job and who shall pay for what they have become. It is this ‘reality’, by design, that will turn this treachery into outright Anarchy.

Ultimately it has been the forgotten-children’s lives and their hatreds that will ironically be the most-bloody-instrument to end the lives of International-criminals. Too many parents still refuse to see that their own children’s lives could become weapons against them. This Hungering-greed will in the end devour even the most vicious criminals which designed them—and it will be the children that were forgotten which will bring this colossal-tragedy to this most unspeakable-ending.

Our war-weary troops that will be returning will soon begin to realize that they will be fighting these power-crazed children. While facing off against them the vets might be shocked to find in their sights the faces of what were their children. Will they hesitate to fire upon them? This could be to the detriment of the battle-hardened, overused and already emotionally destroyed soldiers: These Lord-of-the-Flies childhood-imitations of adults will NOT hesitate, when the time comes. This will happen because the “training” the children get will very soon morph into a life which only the tormented and the disenfranchised could ever create for themselves.

Everyone seems to have FORGOTTEN, that simultaneously with this attack upon the public—this is what America will be chopped up into:

Ergo – there will no longer be “a united-nation” to fall back on.

The facts beneath the redesignation of this country from “the country” “the USA” or just “our land” to “THE HOMELAND” says it all. The New Millennium has brought about the birth of the New Nazi Fascist Police State called US Incorporated. The USA was dead and buried by the end of the twentieth century. That’s why Amerikans are covered with blood and gore and yet still cannot see what they have wrought; much less how each one of us will die!

Jim Kirwan


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