The Silent Surrender

Where are we now? Have we completely surrendered to each and every attack upon our minds and our lives, not to mention everything we thought we once owned? After the last TWELVE YEARS of our failure ‘to do anything’ about any of the crimes committed against us; the answer to our UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER is clear. We have become nothing but just footnotes in the lives of those that are controlling us so much more completely now than if we were all in chains, on our way to their gallows. The proof is in this fact:

 NO ONE RICH is investigated, NO ONE RICH is ever charged

Look-back at the number of things that have been PROMISED, by the existing globalists. Note how often so many major events have been threatened, time and time again—only to simply vanish into the next news cycle without even a single-word of comment from those that swore these things would happen ‘to change our world forever.’

What happened to the earthquake along the Madrid Fault Line that was supposed to automatically kill 40 million people (for which the government had already bought the coffins—and prepared the FEMA Camps). NOTHING HAPPENED.

There was the end of the world forecast for the London Olympics; with the nuclear destruction of the City of London thrown in for good measure. NOTHING HAPPENED.

Thermonuclear warfare is now routinely promised any time there is any new series of wars in progress, anywhere. However due to last minute “something’s” – events failed to set off the promised ignitions, so again NOTHING HAPPENED.

What happened to the promised evacuation of the entire City of Chicago, by DHS, NATO and the UN, to allow a scurrilous meeting to be held in that city when the UN wanted to announce their global-control over the planet thru AGENDA 21. The so-called meeting happened, but aside from billions more in weaponry and spying on the public—NOTHING HAPPENED.

Massive new pandemics and new diseases are routinely announced, and then are quietly abandoned when they never materialize. Meanwhile when REAL EVENTS do happen that involve actual end of the world scenarios, then that information is NEVER even mentioned by the global paid-off media that simply ignores the truth of these threats. Fukishima is just one case in point, because ~


“Our survival has become everything else’s demise. Our success is measured in what we destroy, and we have become DEATH, Destroyer of Worlds – but not in the Big-Bang nuclear sense, although we are working on that.

No we have destroyed in increments “in a slow, gathering destruction” speeding to an unstoppable cacophony of non-existence. But, don’t worry it’ll all be over soon…  …I’m talking about the very, very real gonna happen, very certain reduction in human population, to be caused by our own success: Duh –  I mean ‘EXCESS!’

Let’s go straight to the top of the pops! There are enough nuclear installations on earth to kill all life on the planet several times over and still leave enough radioactive material to kill the next few evolutionary steps…

…Plutonium is the most toxic element known to biological life, it doesn’t occur naturally and humans are making more of it everyday. Sounds stupid—that’s cause it is!

But wait, we wouldn’t put this deadly substance into facilities that were poorly built, poorly located and poorly run—would we? You bet we fuckin would!

Though the mainstream media has long since abandoned the issue, the precarious situation at the Fukishima Nuclear Plant in Japan is only continuing to worsen according to a Japanese Official. During a recent interview… the former Japanese ambassador to both Switzerland and Senegal explained that the ground beneath the plants’ Unit Four is gradually sinking and that the entire structure’s on the verge of complete collapse. This is ‘somewhat concerning’ to put it mildly, as Unit Four currently holds more than one thousand, five hundred spent nuclear fuel rods; and a collective 37 million curies of deadly radiation—that if released could make much of the world COMPLETELY UNINHABITABLE. But let’s go over those figures again because they may seem confusing at first.

The Fukushima plant in Japan contains enough deadly toxic  material to destroy ALL LIFE ON EARTH SEVERAL TIMES OVER… If Unit Four collapses the worse case scenario will be a meltdown and a resultant fire in the atmosphere that will be the most unprecedented crises man has ever experienced.

Nobody will be able to approach the plants which will have melted down and ‘caused the big fire’ said the ambassador. Many scientists say that if Unit Four collapses, not only will Japan lie in ruins, but the entire world will face serious damage. Holy shit, it’s a good job there aren’t any more of these ticking time bombs littered around the world… There are 31 nuclear units of a similar type to Unit Four in Amerika! And the Amerikan government has been downplaying the disaster. This is in fact the primary reason why so little has been reported on the SEVERITY of Fukushima following the disaster. Amerika in other words, does not want the world, nor the Amerikan people to know that there is the possibility of literally dozens of Fukushima situations occurring on American soil. Nice!” (1)

However the fact that this information is being covered up is hardly news. The so-called United States has covered up virtually everything that is being done, in virtually every possible way now for at least the last 50 or 60 years.

There is NO JUSTICE anywhere in the USA. From the Supreme Court all the way down to the lowest court. The governments across the boards have insured that no one who is not filthy rich can ever get any decent treatment at the hands of so-called Amerikan-Just-US. All the Attorney’s General, be they State or Feral, have each staked out their own positions within the largest criminal-gang in the US, which is the filthy former-government.

The AG for the nation endorses torture, detention for life without charges or trials and water-boarding, lying to congress and the public, plus the outright murder of American citizens anywhere in the world. Legal charges no longer need-be drawn up, no court procedures are any longer required and any person can be disappeared on the say-so of the current, (And all future TRAITORS), that might supposedly hold the office of dictator-president of USI. And that’s just the tip of the problem.

Millions of people want “to get in on criminal-profits” which is why virtually everything that was illegal is now “just business as usual.”

The same people that are trying to become criminals themselves are giving money to candidates across the board, in phony elections’ processes. Everyone running for any office ought to be arrested for this crime: Instead the rest of the nation waits with baited breath to see which traitors will win and which will lose in this national CRIME WAVE AGAINST the PUBLIC that will never be prosecuted. We are now just another haven of blood-drenched-pirates, hell-bent of stripping this place of everything and anyone who might still try to fight this outright rip-off in broad daylight, under the white-hot lights of nationally televised procedures that are criminal in every respect.

This is just the very public side of the corruption that is taken for granted everywhere inside this prison that only serves the criminally insane and the perversions of the mind and body which support it all.

“Justice in Amerika” is nothing but a whore for sale to the highest bidder, and those that speak for the existing system are traitors one and all!

As mentioned yesterday, the new and most powerful army, which the criminals have created, will soon become America’s Newest Gang so that foreign troops will not be necessary because HOMELAND SECURITY (DHS), NATO and the UN will be instituting the use and abuse of the youngest thugs which this place has created to kill and torture whatever is left of the general public, in the name of protecting the public from crime and terrorists, nationwide. The bloodbath crescendo that follows this particular aspect of this CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY will end the lives of millions of those who will be caught in the CROSSFIRE between criminals on every side in this latest version of the various Double and Triple-Crosses that will subsume what used to pass for daily life in this place. (2)

We have NO LIFE to defend any longer. After TWELVE YEARS of UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER, this dump has already become the ruin that we still speak of—as potentially coming here—if we don’t stop it?

But look at the results of our lame attempts. We “organize: and get infiltrated immediately. We protest and are arrested beaten, tasered or killed and nothing is done to those who do the violence, including the public slaughter of citizens that are innocent of any crime and who are killed for no reason at all—still nothing is ever done to end this open war upon the public. We speak of passing laws and are totally shut-out of all the processes from creating laws to attempting to block this shit after it is illegally passed.

We have no public memory and we believe the lying-government about the dead we have killed of our own; as well as of those that we continue to kill in the name of “MANIFEST DESTINY” while we champion a shitty-little place that takes everything to the hilt and claims to be the only race upon the earth that can be allowed to live upon this planet. We have given them tens of trillions of dollars of our hard-earned money over all the years since 1948:

So they can wipe the earth clean of anyone that is not a Zionist.

And throughout the last twelve years Amerikans have proven time and time again that we will NOT defend ourselves or our loved ones against TSA, DHS, IRS, FBI, CIA, MOSSAD, or indeed protect ourselves from any formal criminally or constructed entity that comes to crucify the public at every turn in either public or private life… and on top of it all we say we want to be non-violent (?), yet one’s whole being, among the ones still alive, cries out for taking personal RESPONSIBILTY in each and every case that is always IGNORED by the gut-less and disgusting weaklings that still call themselves “Amerikans”!

We have no souls, no religions, no politics, no ethics and no life worthy of the name—now we are afraid of the dying and the death that is streaking toward each and every door in this sewer, that we made of what was supposed to have been a nation, with opportunities and with something besides hatred, greed and entitlement to keep some real and personal dreams alive…

Jim Kirwan

Good Night & Good Luck Amerika…





PS: Here is what has happened to our food supply and to our land and water thanks to the corruption of everything in the food supply.

GMO Ticking Time Bomb – 15 min video


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