The Tarnished House

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This catastrophic treason began in 2000 and has lingered now for twelve long years—building steadily—year by year like a cancer that has now taken over everything that was supposed to protect us from what just finally happened yesterday. With the re-installation of this psychologically-criminal administration the only thing we have to look forward to is murder, enslavement and torture unending. This is what happened to the world when the INQUISITION tried to rule the planet back in the 1500’s.

“Robotic assassination campaigns directed from the Oval Office. Cyber espionage programs launched at the president’s behest. Surveillance on an industrial scale. The White House already has an incredible amount of power to monitor and take out individuals around the globe. But a new wave of technologies, just coming online, could give those powers a substantial upgrade. No matter who wins the election on Tuesday, the next president could have an unprecedented ability to monitor and end lives from the Oval Office.

The current crop of sensors, munitions, control algorithms, and data storage facilities have helped make the targeted killing of American adversaries an almost routine affair. Nearly 3,000 people have been slain in the past decade by American drones, for instance. The process will only get easier, as these tools of war become more compact, more powerful, and more precise. And they will: Moore’s Law applies in the military and intelligence realms almost as much as it does in the commercial sphere.

For decades, political scientists have wrung their hands about an “Imperial Presidency,” an executive branch with powers far beyond its original, Constitutional limits. This new hardware and software could make the old concerns look more outdated than horses and bayonets, to coin a phrase. Here are seven examples.” (1)

Yesterday SANDY was officially consigned to the trash heap of “Yesterday’s News” to be by passed-over by outrageous new CRIMES against the public in round two of the man-made storms that have targeted the New England portion of Shock & Awe. With wave after wave of more flooding, compounded with cold and desertion by FEMA, New York City and New York and New Jersey: It was their job to protect those that have been cut-off and made destitute by what they say is ‘a natural disaster’.

What this has done to the public is to instill ANGER where before there was mostly only fear. Today, owners of legal weapons have reached the place where that sacred line written into the 2nd Amendment has been blatantly crossed. The time has come:

‘Gun Owners must USE ‘EM or LOSE’EM’

The various governments in control here have made it clear that there is no other way out of this illegal and barbaric crackdown upon ordinary people in the United States.

“How does a President who used an ambassador to run guns through the CIA, to al-Qaeda, and then was complicit in his murder and then fired two senior military officers who tried to save the Ambassador’s life and then manage to get himself re-elected to the highest office in the land? Well, in a word, ignorance is the answer. I fear that America is about ready to pay a steep price for her slumbering ways.

The abovementioned transgression should be enough to put Obama in irons for the next 30 years. Yet, the American people rewarded him with another presidential term..

After you read the following short list of Obama transgressions against the Constitution and the American people, ask yourself how safe do you feel with four more years of Obama?…

…Under the Obama presidency, America has seen her national debt double and financial collapse is right around the corner. We have seen our allies jump ship in record numbers. We have over half the country on welfare. The Obama administration paid 22 billion dollars to help GM relocate most of its operations to China after the American people bailed GM out in 2008. Half of all college graduates cannot find fulltime work and most are saddled with crippling debt through their predatory college student loans.” (2)

If what is happening to our flooded-out people in NJ and NY was being done by LOOTERS; they would fight them off. Since it’s FEMA & the feds that are DEMANDING that the victims be EVICTED from their own homes in 30 days. Government believes the latest storm victims have no choice—but they do! They can REFUSE to leave their damaged homes and fight every attempt to force them out.

Everything has changed overnight, with the fraud that was just made “legal” by the re-election of a war-criminal who is a sociopath and a communist. The victims in this Long-Beach NY story need to stand and FIGHT everyone who comes to take away their homes & lives:


Most importantly THE PUBLIC needs to back the victims in Long Beach and everywhere else, by physically resisting whenever people disagree with whatever the OUTLAWS continue to try and force the public into surrendering-unconditionally to—in this attempted ILLEGAL-TAKEOVER of the nation. (3)

“TOTTENVILLE — They fly into disaster areas, but flee from raindrops.

FEMA disaster recovery centers in Hurricane Sandy-ravaged sections of the city that were supposed to provide assistance to hurricane victims went MIA Wednesday morning, posting signs saying that they were closed due to the approaching Nor’easter.

The temporary shuttering of the facilities, which help victims register for disaster relief, as well as city food distribution centers come even as many of those still reeling from the monster storm were not told that they had to leave the battered areas.

On Tuesday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that residents in the low-lying portions of Staten Island, Queens and Brooklyn were advised to leave ahead of the nor’easter, which could hit the city with 60 mph gusts and several inches of rain Wednesday afternoon, but that the evacuation was not mandatory like the one issued for all of Zone A ahead of Sandy.

“We do not believe that it’s necessary to evacuate people,” said the mayor Wednesday. The move left residents of the storm-ravaged areas fuming.

“The storm is coming. We don’t know how hard it’s going to hit us,” said Jenny Cartagena, 46, who found the FEMA center in Coney Island closed Wednesday when she went there looking for food. “I need some help now.”

Because the FEMA centers were located with food distribution and warming services, some residents who arrived there were confused by the closed centers.

The city’s food distribution centers, a lifeline for the thousands left without power, heat and water for more than a week, would only be operating until noon Wednesday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced.

And the National Guard, which was handing out food and water in Coney Island also shut down at 1:30 p.m. because of the weather, but continued handing out water to the line of approximately 30 people.

A spokesman for the New York National Guard, Eric Durr, said that he could not comment on that specific instance but “we instructed our troops to pay attention to the weather and don’t take unnecessary risks.” Still, he said the guard would continue to provide relief as long as was needed.

In Staten Island, a printed paper sign taped to the front door of on the center at 6581 Hylan Blvd. at 10:30 a.m. read “FEMA Center Closed Due to Weather.” (4)

The United States has reached the place where the following thought-form will take over completely, largely because the governments involved have clearly shown that they do not intend to do anything except to continue to torture, deprive and slaughter the victims of these storms—not to mention what this will mean for every other new attack no matter where it might hit us anywhere else in the US, in this unending war upon FREEDOM everywhere.

Yet it is more than that as well. Individuals can be disappeared, tortured or murdered, but this cabal has to know that no amount of bullets or firepower can ever kill an idea—in fact the harder they try to do this the stronger becomes the thought-form that will outlast them all. No one ever leaves this world alive.

What we do with our lives

Before they are extinguished

Matters far more than most will ever know.

“The American Revolution looked very unlikely until that fateful British march to Concord and Lexington to enforce gun control laws. Then it exploded.

The conflicts between the North and South had been so intense for so many decades, off and on, and then resolved again and again by major compromises that the Ante-Bellum period of the 1850′s seemed another replay of that scenario. Then all of a sudden there was a small incident near Charleston, moves to secession, calling up the Northern troops and an explosion of war vastly more ghastly than Americans imagined possible. War between Japan and Germany and the U.S. had been put off so many times and so long that Pearl Harbor came as quite a shock to most Americans. The 9/11 attacks on the U.S. were just as shocking all over again…

We’re now in a lull before a vast, revolutionary storm. The U.S. is sinking faster and faster in all the ways vital to the future of our society, from The Great Global Economic-Financial Crisis which the U.S. produced with insane Big Bank speculations and corruption to educational decline and bureaucratic strangulation to losing imperial wars around the world to political deadlock. I’m sure any intelligent American who is honest with himself can quickly write down a long list of the crucial ways in which the U.S. is declining now. Maybe half of Americans are too ignorant about the world or lack the intelligence to see all of this Big Picture of Crisis and Decline. They are confused and mad and despairing and see no way out, but assume the Republicrat System will go on and on and are trying merely to fit in and keep or get a job with a livable wage for them and their families. Even some knowledgeable and intelligent people see what is happening but see no exit and despair and simply withdraw and hide from it all, implicitly or explicitly assuming The System will just keep getting worse and worse and never end.

But nations, like individuals and groups and companies, cannot simply drift downward faster and faster into worse and worse crises they patch up but cannot escape or reverse. We’ve been doing that now for decades, as France and Russia did before their vast social Revolutions, as the nations did during long decades of peaceful imperial conflicts before the utterly immense conflicts of the American Civil War, WWI and WWII. There comes a time finally when the accelerating crises and sufferings and rages become too much to bear and something, often a seemingly small event like a murder of a young man in the Balkans, or an attack by “hotheads” on a small fort near Charleston, sets off an explosive cascade of events that quickly leads to a vast social explosion.

The U.S. is now rushing downward along all vital dimensions of social life. If this continues much longer, the U.S. will simply implode and that will lead to vast social revolution or revolutions. But maybe the vast social revolution will come before implosion.

The one thing we can be sure of is that we have sunk so far so long and are now accelerating down so fast that this cannot continue long without producing an implosion or a vast social revolution.” (5)

Given that we have now entered into the Vestibule of Hell itself here is some of what we have to look forward to—which continues at the site, far beyond this quote:

“NaturalNews) What does an Obama re-election mean for the next four years in America? Now that he’s in his second and last term, of course, Obama no longer needs to restrain his actions according to popularity. He can simply unleash any desirable executive order and rule by decree, bypassing Congress as he has frequently promised to do.

This puts America in a very dangerous situation, given Obama’s well-demonstrated desire to destroy freedom and liberty in this nation. Remember: Obama is anti health freedom, anti food freedom, anti GMO labeling, anti medical freedom and anti farm freedom. He’s the one who issued an executive order claiming government ownership over all farms and farm equipment, in case you forgot that little fact.

He’s also the guy who just recently issued an executive order merging Homeland Security with local corporate entities to grant the executive branch of government a power monopoly over the nation, bypassing the courts and Congress. You probably haven’t even heard about that one, because he secretly signed it during Hurricane Sandy.

Given Obama’s atrocious track record on freedom during his first four years in the White House, here are my top 10 predictions for the next four (if America even lasts that long before ripping itself apart:” (6)

Does anyone still doubt the need to pick up their weapons to defend themselves now and in the future?

Jim Kirwan

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