NFL – The First Major Casualty

In thinking over the losses which this nation will immediately begin to see, because of the Frankenstorm we call Sandy, what immediately became apparent is that there will be huge losses for the NFL—because of the inability of the teams to play or travel.

For instance on 11-04 the Pittsburg Steelers were supposed to play the New York Giants so that will be canceled. On 11-05 the Philadelphia Eagles are scheduled to play the New Orleans Saints: If the storms scheduled for New Orleans happen then that game too would have to be postponed. On 11-04 the Panthers are scheduled to play the Washington Redskins which could face travel restrictions: So many teams are located in the flood zone like the New England Patriots, New York Jets, Baltimore Colts, Pittsburg Steelers and the New York Giants along with many more.

As these storms widen the affected areas might include Tennessee, possibly Washington State all the way to the Great Lakes, which might be at risk. I haven’t worked it all out but the teams affected by the travel bans (today over 7,000 flights were canceled nationwide) might very well spell the end of professional football, at least for this season, if not permanently.

Of course it won’t be limited to football or to just professional athletes, there are all the minor leagues, the college games, and the highschool sports programs that will also be directly affected—all because of this humanly-created series of deadly-storms that have only just begun to totally rearrange the entire schedule of the nation and by extension the world. Here’s some of what began at 8:00 pm EST tonight in New Jersey. (1)

This Frankenstorm is a thousand miles long and it will stay inside the US beginning on the East Coast for at least six days possibly longer.
Because this is an attack on the entire nation, by captured-weather-weapons, instead of by troops, bombs or planes the damage to our infrastructure will be colossal and almost impossible to even calculate. This attack was thoroughly planned to be as deadly as humanly possible and we’ve only just begun to see what it can do!

The reason for the problems for the NFL begin with the fact that power will be cut. A huge number of over twenty Nuclear plants will be threatened in the Northeast alone, with damage and possible disasters that are at this point incalculable. Communications are going to be interrupted, along with supplies and electricity. There are already shortages of food, fuel and water that present the greatest problems, but mobility will also be frozen in place, until the storms have run their course. Meanwhile the stock market is closed, the DC Area is closed to all federal employees except for emergency personnel and the New York subway system is in danger of being flooded out.

By default the Banks in this many-state area will have to close. The so-called election might be in danger of not even being held. The East coast situation might force other banks around the nation to close as well. Businesses of all kinds will be forced to stop operating in the directly affected six or seven states where the storm will hit, because there will be no way to function while this storm continues with whatever it was designed to do to the people of this nation.

But for the USA to suffer these losses at this time will almost certainly break the back of this already indebted nation ($32 Trillion at the moment and counting) that cannot withstand this attack that was designed to come as a massive Frankenstorm to reduce America to something the world has never seen before.

At this point no one can say just how horrible this storm will be. But one thing is clear; for the next probably two weeks the NFL will definitely suffer a major setback.

If the rest of the storms begin to make themselves felt as well, from Washington State all the way to the Great Lakes, from New Orleans all the way up through the Tennessee Valley to Canada, along with possibly Florida—not to mention the storm that is currently just south of Texas and headed north—then the whole nation might well begin to have the same nightmare that just began in the Northeast tonight.

This storm is far worse than anything this continent has ever experienced and all of this came about because the public of this nation (including all its professional-fans for all major league sports) is about to see the consequences of failing to pay any attention to what governments do while the people continue to sleep! Best case scenario might well see the end of the current NFL season. Worse case scenario – this could be the end of the NFL and professional football forever.

Ironically if dedicated football fans of this country had decided to demand that all of this shit STOP immediately—then—had that happened before now: We would probably not be facing this nation-ending nightmare as it is right now!

What do you think?

Jim Kirwan

1) Eyes of the Storms


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