Endgame On Display – Part One

Archived Footage of the Hitler Youth

In 2004 I wrote the original of this, to show the vast leaps already made over the 1994 revelations written by Pete Hamill, in an Esquire Magazine entitled “ENDGAME.” I’m augmenting that article, because what has changed is that unlike all of the wars that preceded this one-this time:

“Everybody Knows” who will do the WAR this time, (something that was not known BEFORE in either of the world wars) and ironically the price of Victory will be the almost immediate DEATH, of those that have been planning this for a thousand years.

Most of the world will also die, but the raw-entitlement-involved, by the designers, seems to require not just a military victory but to “succeed” they have to show the world that they can indeed kill anyone that disagrees with “the chosen people.”! (1)

Pete Hamill 1994: “All the moves toward decency, excellence, maturity, and compassion have been made. They seem to have come to nothing. Everyone talks and nobody listens. Boneheaded vulgarians are honored for their stupidity. ”

Kirwan 2002: Our sanctioned officials speak only of security, of terror and of war. Nothing happens except the systematic destruction of the Constitution, our personal freedoms and our way of life. Nobody talks, nobody votes, and no one wants to look at the results of those two inter-related actions. Meanwhile, the Cretin’s global power grab proceeds apace, with new targets added weekly to the national hit list – of both countries and individuals who are now targets of American fanaticism in our maniacal drive to steal the world’s resources.

2012 (k): We have arrived; there is no more freedom anywhere within USI. Our people can be blown away by either drones or mercenaries in Amerikan uniforms anywhere in the world, with no charges ever needing to be filed; anywhere on the planet to fill the president’s kill lists. Without FREEDOM, nothing else matters!

Pete Hamill 1994: “Politics is an ice jam of accusation and obstruction, the hardest vulgarians honored for their cynicism, its good men fleeing to tend private gardens. Pop culture both feeds and reflects the larger society, and as evidence of collapse it is chilling.”

Kirwan 2002: Politics has ceased to be contentious; there is no longer an organized resistance to the edicts flowing from the White House. The vulgarians once headed by Newt Gingrich have won. Admiral Poindexter, a felon, is now in-charge of Total Information Access; which is a newly proposed government seizure of all personal information on every citizen, without regard for either criminal or terrorist culpability. The idea is to acquire all personal and financial information, on every citizen, and then match a crime to fit whatever pattern is potentially indicated by the records seized. This one probably came directly from the pages of the novel “1984.”

As far as culture goes, pop or otherwise – that has disappeared into the vacuum created by the government mantra for War! War! Lots more War!’ There’s simply no money or energy left in the population for any other topic. The bad guys won, and they want to sell the public the idea that because they’ve wrapped all this garbage in the flag – this is the American way of the future – and it’s all bullshit.

2012 (k): This time the government is planning to provide the dissidents that will create the violence, no matter who wins (because there is no choice at all between Tweedle-Dee & Tweedle-Dumb. For the last overly long twelve years the public has put up with openly sexual assaults upon our children and the elderly, just to get on a plane. Hundreds of Americans have been murdered by the thought police, by SWAT, DHS, ICE and virtually any “authority” whose so-called “laws” change hourly-yet no one objects. Now the public is supposed to believe that despite 12 years of cowardice: Somehow this fear laden public will suddenly develop a backbone and openly-revolt no matter who gets selected by a totally fraudulent voting process?

This will be one more false flag attack upon the public that will be carried out by hooded government-criminals in the name of a public that has never been outraged even once, in all the years, during which we have been imprisoned, tortured, raped and murdered just because Zionism and USI want everything we used to have.

Pete Hamill 1994: “The greatest critics loved the subjects of their examinations; literature, music, movies. They celebrated quality and dismissed the fraudulent, examining each new object of art the way a master watchmaker looks at another man’s watch, admiring the accomplishments, pointing out the flaws. There were always literary ax-murders among them, but in a way the best of them were attorneys for the defense. They’ve been replaced by prosecutors. And the penalty they demand for imperfection is death.”

Kirwan 2002: The above referred to artists and their creativity in the pursuit of their crafts. That’s dead now, and the only topic of discussion before the American public is our new War on Freedom. This is a total war, in which there will be no prisoners taken, no quarter given, as Bush so often says to the world: “You’re either with us or against us.” And that is the new state of the new millennium in 2002.

2012 (k): Ten years on, and government has moved on: While government increased their pre-emptive Colonial Attacks from a couple states to half a dozen with another half dozen on the back burner: We no longer even try to maintain the fiction that this is ‘about’ foreign adventures’: This is a global-war to end the United States here at home, and to murder as many Americans as possible wherever Americans’ are in the world today.

Pete Hamill 1994: “In all sports, grace is treated like a character flaw. Athletes snarl and mock in triumph – and whine in defeat. But they have one large excuse. They are only part of this America, this torn and violent country where everybody plays for keeps. The nation approaching Endgame. Everybody seems infected with the virus of argument and the need for triumph.” “Hour after hour, across the day and deep into the night, talk radio spews forth a relentless message of contempt for democratic institutions, from the presidency, the Congress and the Supreme Court to the governors, the state legislators, and mayors.” “Anyone with compassion is a target; anyone with a sense of complexity is scorned. Callers with accents are jeered. Complicated issues are reduced to cartoons. Maybe it’s an act, maybe it’s just cashing in on Limbaugh’s success. But the drumbeat from these electronic kraals is ominous: Hate Washington, hate the media, hate the blacks, hate the dark-skinned and their babies, hate democracy. All disguised of course as love for America.”

Kirwan 2002: We’ve cashed in on this veritable ‘Garden of Delights’ and now it seems we’ve transferred all our darkest hatreds to overseas targets – at least for now.

2012 (k): Now overseas targets are not enough-and besides the whole point of this has always been to bring down America, because we were the only place on earth that might have remembered our freedom long enough to actually stop these unspeakable savages from doing what they appear to have already done!

Pete Hamill 1994: “In the freest country on the planet, democratic political campaigns are a ghastly joke. The ideal candidate is a cipher, devoid of personal history. The handlers write the scripts, build the drama, concoct the spin, and get famous themselves. Nobody expects them to believe any of this bullshit; oye compadre, get real. The job is done with a wink, a curled lip, a bony cynicism.”

2012 (k): The political parties have been dead since the New Millennium began. The ‘banks’ have become international gangs of thugs backed up mercenaries to enforce their every whim. Yet the public seems mesmerized and strangely attracted to the election as if it is real and the result might actually change anything. No one big & rich has been investigated, charged, or gone to jail since the global-crimes of 2000 began. Amerika does NOT care about anyone but themselves alone…

All that will change is that the prison gates will slam shut, our weapons will be stolen, wherever possible, and mobs of the new Hitler Youth will be unleashed (except that as yet they only have 231 of these creatures) along with five times as many bullets as have already been fired in Iraq-just to kill Americans here. Everything has already “happened” except for the Martial Law that has been promised dozens of times over.

Kirwan 2002: Pete Hamill hit this one right on the head – that fits our mangled and stolen, national non-election of 2000 as well as 2002 to a ‘T.’ Since we were so sophisticated, so above the fray that we allowed this cipher to steal the entire country right under our noses, it looks like the whole world will be paying for that mistake for many years to come. Not to even mention that this will cost most Americans vast sums of money, and probably their comfortable way of life as well. We opened Pandora’s Box, and let the demons out, and there’s no one to blame for that but us.

2012 (k): All of that political-maneuvering is no longer necessary any longer-we’ve been captured already; all that’s left is how we will be disposed of by the TRAITORS that have taken over every aspect of this government. Just as soon as the false-election is out of the way the real WAR will begin; and huge numbers will find themselves surprised, because not just the poor will be dying, many who think they are necessary will be the first to go, including Obama’s version of the Brown-shirts that will no longer be needed, because of the far more savage youth that will very soon throw off their chains and become clearly what they were hired to do to everyone, without exception!

Pete Hamill 1994: “As we move toward Endgame, consider this: We live in a country that has never made a movie about Leonardo Da Vinci and has produced three about Joey Buttafuco.”

Kirwan 2002: And so it goes on into a nightmare that is only just beginning. (1)

2012 (k): Again ten years on, and they are still trying to finish-up the details of their Coup, while they complete their mass slaughter of the entire planet. Nuclear-radiation is in the wings just waiting for one more slight “accident in Fukushima” to set off nuclear winter around most of the planet. Meanwhile; since last we looked in on these global-assassins they have increased their poisoning of the global food supply, along with the water, the land and the air-and still the world has not chosen to fight back against this cataclysmic and unthinkable global disaster that could have been prevented if anyone had been able to set-aside their own greed long enough to notice what the hell has already happened to the earth, not to mention that we no longer have any societies that care about anything but MORE, MORE and LOTS MORE of anything that might still have survived the rage and multi-national slaughter to this point… (2)

End of Part One

Jim Kirwan

1) Endgame-Revisited

2) The Silent Surrender


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