Monsanto: Not Too Big to Fail

By Jim Kirwan and C. Atkins

Illustration by David Dees

k) Today, Monsanto needs to be properly introduced to the world.

Monsanto Company (NYSE: MON) is a publicly traded American multi-national agricultural biotechnology corporation. It is a leading producer of the herbicide glyphosate, which it markets under the Roundup Brand. Monsanto is also a leading producer of genetically engineered (GE) seed.” (1)

‘Monsanto is a company, and a global-corporation but this toxic international-disease has been documented all the way back to the 1700’s. The Monsanto family has been in existence and active in both owning and dealing in captured-people inside the Slave-Trade and other nefarious bullshit since 1795.’ (2)

Monsanto has been in the “let’s fuck the people business”: They’ve been screwing us and our food supply and everything on the planet since 1901. They got really successful with Vietnam, when they figured out how to poison people, en masse, along with jungles, terrain and the world at large with their chemicals. Since that time Monsanto has only continued to exceed their first criminal actions to take them into a level of criminality that the world has never seen before. This so-called company is out to kill every one of us. It needs to be erased from the world’s markets. It needs to be removed from the business of polluting, corrupting and murdering the planet: That’s what we came here today to talk to you about – it’s called Monsanto, in case you might have forgotten the name.

That name should only be seen behind naked bleeding skulls of dead babies and broken bodies because that is what Monsanto stands for—got it? Now sit back, relax, we’re only going to give you a few more paragraphs and then we’ll tell you who we think Monsanto is. People need to know the types of scum that have promoted their own existence to justify their wasted lives they’ve lived, since they began!

If you know some of the following few facts you will have no problem each and every time you see that name: You will KNOW who MONSANTO is! You will never forget who Monsanto is, believe me, trust us: We didn’t come here to waste your time; we came here just to tell you a couple of things that you might have missed in recent headlines.

Our suggestion to you, if you’ve got an extra few minutes—got nothing to do while you’re wasting your time waiting for DHS to kick down your door: You need to find these few people that we’ve listed (read the footnotes!) and you need to make a federal case out of this: Hell, make this an international case. Take MONSANTO off the playing board—remove their occupations; remove the employees from Monsanto—take all their money, put them in JAIL and then we’ll talk about who Monsanto is!

You have to take them out of a position of power, you have to replace them with somebody that’s been appointed by the public to clean up this mess and then you go after them. You don’t try and do two things at the same time, because that is exactly how they always slip away from prosecution and survive to kill again another day!

You know if nothing else we owe it to all those people of Vietnam and to the GI’s that we sent into that nightmare to finally make these pricks PAY – for what they did in the trillions of dollars that Monsanto has continued to make from their killer-chemical, “Agent-Orange”. (k)

How corrupt is Monsanto? When the U.S. Supreme Court decided to hear the case, Justice Stephen Breyer recused himself due to the fact that his brother, Charles Breyer, was the judge who ruled in the originating decision. (3)

Advocates for maintaining, if not strengthening, environmental protection laws are quick to point to one other member of the court who should also consider stepping aside on the case:

Justice Clarence Thomas. (4)

Other government agents involved in this case include ELENA KAGEN, the US Solicitor General. (5)

Monsanto. How big is it? Monsanto controls all our major government officials and virtually everything that this government does both day-to-day and throughout our national and international policies. Through lobbyists and global-piracy, intensified by the international-gangs that we call “the banks” Monsanto and its massive powers to destroy and to kill is literally everywhere in the world today.

USI has taken the political-polices of the twentieth century and converted everything into a world-wide system of bribery, coercion, and extortion that makes the old-world idea of “political influence” as obsolete as it is OBSCENE!

In the OLD-New-World-Disorder the Vatican, the UN and NATO have now replaced our outdated “states” (that have surrendered their individual-sovereignty, to these global-outlaws); thus making possible new global-taxes, global-spying, global-torture and the blind-murder of hundreds of thousands; by drones as well as by mercenaries. There are still no consequences for any of their actions.

When Monsanto’s actions against our people, our food and water, our air and land-use – directly kills hundreds of thousands that will end up being millions—it is past time for Monsanto to be removed from the world stage along with everything that they have created, and all those that have bought into supporting and supplying this massively-parasitic-cancer that now lives at the heart of every Crime Against Humanity.

The obvious has been ignored: Whoever controls the food and water of this world—will control the world. This is what Monsanto has provided to the blood-drenched bankers and their thugs that will be used if Monsanto is allowed to continue.

Under the guise of regulations for food control and safety all our organizations have been taken over. Who benefits—even Monsanto cannot be that big, the world matters more!

Monsanto is NOT a faceless entity. The humans on the board of directors are also on the board of directors of companies such as Sara Lee, Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, McDonalds and dozens upon dozens of other corporations in inter-locking over-connectedness that forever sentences ordinary people to a hideous death, and the world to ruin!

Monsanto’s day has come. They know it, yet they still cling to a way of life that is unsustainable. When we say ‘burning down the house’ it means ending an old outdated era and moving to an era of higher awareness. Monsanto—your house is not just crumbling—your metaphorical-house is burning and you and your officers are going down with the end of Monsanto. Your time is up, and the obscenity of your being is over.

Jim Kirwan

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