In 1964

In 1964, 4 armed black
men turned back armed police….

“In 1964 the desegregation of Jonesboro, Louisiana Highschool was threatened by local authorities with fire hoses. Four armed black men arrived with loaded shotguns. Without firing a shot the mob dispersed and the authorities retreated. The students entered the school without incident.

Those men were members of The Deacons for Defense. An armed group founded in Jonesboro Louisiana. The Deacons were everyday citizens who by 1965 had organized into more than 50 chapters throughout the south, in self-defense from the Ku Klux Klan“. (1)

This worked at that time because these black men were hard working ordinary people, most were employed and many were respected vets, in the community—and the police knew who they were as well as being well-aware that these men were not just for show—they were serious.

In the intervening years between 1964 and now, we have huge numbers of vets that could do this here, to defend the public from the police—except that most of our vets now are not clear in their minds about anything, any more. Moreover, most of the returning vets have trouble getting jobs, and most are not taken back into this society as productive members of very many communities. That’s part of the design created by the New-Old-World-Disorder which has stripped ordinary people of any real protection today, in almost any community that is being threatened by ICE, TSA, DHS, FBI, or any of the alphabet soup of political-czars that have taken over “policing” in most American cities today.

“Crime figures” have risen dramatically, but the presence of cops or authority figures is almost never wasted on investigating those crimes anymore: Meanwhile the cops spend their time tasering, beating, arresting or killing people for minor traffic infractions or for possibly being “a terror suspect” when the entire planet knows that the only “SO-CALLED TERRORISTS” in America are wearing us government uniforms or carrying US badges.

This is why American citizens need to begin to carry their weapons, because the police are not going to protect anyone—if anything what we now have as police, might also be part of what the public must be defended against today!

“Violent crime is on the rise in the United States, and many Americans are totally fed up. According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, the number of household burglaries rose by 14 percent last year, and the overall rate of violent crime in the United States increased by 18 percent during 2011. Based on what we have seen so far this year, we will almost certainly see another huge increase once the statistics for 2012 are released.

All over the country criminals are becoming bolder. Meanwhile, police budgets are being slashed from coast to coast. Things have gotten so bad in some communities that police are openly admitting that crime is completely and totally out of control. For example, police in Detroit recently handed out flyers with this message: “Enter Detroit at your own risk”.

Sadly, you can’t even escape the crime and the violence by staying in your own home these days. Home invasions are becoming increasingly common, and many police departments seem powerless to stop them. In many of the poorer areas of America today, if you are a victim of a home invasion you will be really lucky to get a police officer to show up a couple of hours later to fill out a report. “

The cops are too busy doing the work of the bankers to bother defending homeowners or renters. (k)

“A lot of frustrated home owners have had enough and have started to arm themselves to the teeth. Some have even begun to form armed posses to patrol their own neighborhoods. We are watching America change right in front of our eyes, and it is frightening to think about what is coming next.” (2)

The world of 1964 and the ability of people then to take control over their own lives is exactly what the whole country has been put through since that time until now. This to allow the criminal-elites to be able to keep people vulnerable, in every situation in which they might find themselves today. People actually only “have the rights” that they can actually defend against losing—and being able to defend yourself now, is heavily under-fire, from every quarter of this criminal-empire.

After the elections the feral government plans to take back all the weapons that ordinary people must now use to protect themselves with from the government; and from the gangs and the thugs that are about to enjoy a massive new “OPEN SEASON” on ordinary people.

They did exactly the same thing after Katrina, when the feds showed up not to help anyone survive but solely to DISARM EVERY PERSON THEY COULD LOCATE. That was also the order after Hurricane Andrew which accounted for a loss of life that more than doubled what was seen after 911. (3)

The public is on notice:


and has not been since Hurricane Katrina made everything crystal clear to the whole world. If you remain unarmed, then you will only have yourself to blame for whatever happens to you in the next few months.

Jim Kirwan

1) Gun Control – 7 min 47 sec video

2) Will Frustrated Homeowners and Armed Posses take matters into their own hands

3) Deadly Silences, The Hurricane Andrew Cover-up


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