The Elegant Universe

Illustration from Astronomy for Me

The complexity of the universe and our connections to it, represent the power of freedom that by birth belongs to every person on the planet.

What has been slavishly determined for us is that the entire planet must now consist of only one of everything. This will end our personal freedoms and destroy our vastly unique differences. This is what universal slavery looks like.

This complexity and wonder in the Universe is connected with our personal freedoms and gives us our individually unique symmetry in the wider world. This fully functional symphonic-whole creates our power as individuals while combining individuality with that pure elegance which brings all of us together. We can re-connect with the persistent-universe, to which we are not just connected—but through which—we can grasp the powers that life has given each and every one of us to fulfill our own individual-lives again.

What we must do now in these last waning days before the universal-alignment in December, is to rise above the warzone that this planet has become. In the Elegant Theory of the Universe, there is much that is actually not new at all—but which is instead—a realization of how each of us contributes to the harmonics and to the literal ‘frequencies’ that HARRP and other programs have used to so viciously destroy us all; worldwide. (1)

Intensely over the last TWELVE YEARS, the universe itself has been the target, which the new world order has set its sights upon. The subtext for their attack on nature and the universe has been to destroy our freedoms wherever they have flourished throughout human society. This has depended upon forcing the world to unconditionally surrender to its criminal-insanity—still, that can never succeed, unless humanity surrenders all freedoms to the OUTLAWS unconditionally.

Our assured-destruction can be easily seen in their failed attacks as well as in those pending projects which they want us to believe “Must Happen Now”, as we approach another universal-realignment. We can either rise above them, or become extinguished by allowing their corruption to run its course within the whole of humanity.

What we have been fighting has been the mindless domination over everything we have built before willful determination appeared. Within “the everything” that still tries to crush our freedoms and enslave the people who built the planet from the ruins of our once numerous-shackles: Primitive-creatures turned people into thoughtless-animals. These wandering herds of human-beasts-of-burden were and still are farmed, used, or killed solely for private profits unending. In this ruined-world, where death is the coin of all realms, real-life itself is the one enemy that must be slain at every turn, according to the elites. It is this heresy that we are crushing!

Hundreds have risen to this call, which is being heard by thousands, and will soon spread into the millions; as this thought-form devastates their attempts to conquer by returning to REAL freedom.

Freedom-of-reality and of-mind has always outweighed the soul-less piracy in the Serpent-eating-its-tail: As seen inside the helmet of Conquest above.

This has been the active-curse beneath this insanity for thousands of years: The goal now is to dominate all else, in a multi-generational war for global-conquest. This is the last battle for the souls of those who will define the final outcomes for LIFE on this planet.

None of this is new. What we have forgotten is that which we all once knew before we allowed our fears to terrify so many into blind obedience. This global-blackmail cannot survive on a planet where there is no longer any eatable food or drinkable water. The air itself has been poisoned, the oceans are under siege from nuclear radiation, and toxics flood the world unchecked, while nature herself is crucified at every turn. There will be nowhere for anyone, including the owners, to even remotely live here for thousands of years! (2)

In the depths of our fear, compounded by their greed, many still seem to yearn to share in their criminal-loot, while purposely ignoring the facts: The world has become just one more huge and blood-soaked free-fire zone, on top of the global-war that has already been declared—but has still not been clearly labeled for what it’s always been—the global-suicide of an entire planet. Planet Earth will survive but humanity cannot, unless we begin to rise in revolt!

The Elegant Universe in the first link below clearly shows the very simple truth of what most of us have missed. Those who want to shackle freedom must reverse the storehouse of the knowable, (Reduce everything to a primitive state) and shrink all knowledge back into a pre-packaged form where freedom itself becomes the most dangerous thing of all—to the elite OUTLAWS. With FEAR and TERROR as permanent threats, no one will be free to enrich their lives as they were meant to do.

What does this mean? Think about freedom as a small box of seeds. When these seeds are freed from their containers they are free to fall anywhere in the wider world. Some of them will fall on fallow land, some will fall on contaminated earth—but others will no doubt find fertile ground, and new life will begin again!

Think again about how useless these seeds really are, while they remain packaged, sealed and contained in shiploads by the millions. These tiny packages of potential; never to see the light of opportunity or freedom while they are patented, owned, or locked away until their potency dies in the darkness of permanent-corporate-storage.

To pirates, nothing has any value beyond what can be extorted on the black-market by capitalistic-vultures who care only about how much MORE can be stolen, rather than what is actually being thwarted by their blood-soaked potential-ownership of even life-itself.

What’s really at issue? Freedom has to be the only issue. To understand just how crippled our world has become, look again at the plight of the seeds. When freedom is symbolized by billions of boxes of all kinds of seeds—and the real future of humanity around the world has been kidnapped and held for ransom: Those who understand what freedom means will know intrinsically that new-life cannot be held for ransom, it must be released to live and grow. As the world takes back its freedoms we will shatter artificial chains and end the impending permanent darkness which the new world order pursues 24-7, 365 days a year.

It’s such a simple thought really, but it looks like this. The New World Order is demanding compulsory slavery, supposedly to offer everyone they enslave the hypothetical-PROTECTIONS they say they will provide. Nothing will change until we begin to employ the real-freedom that helps us reach our own personal heights or goals. Tens of trillions have already been spent on these wars-without end; with billions that have already been killed just to enslave this world in exchange for the false-promise of “absolute protection” from every danger on this planet—forever?

The fearful and the weak will never-ever prosper—not in any way that anyone would want to ever try to live. The owners want us to believe that we must all be “protected”. But, if that “protection” means that no one is ever to be free again to pursue their own lives, their own thoughts or their own dreams—then all that is being offered is the “artificial-safety” of never releasing any person that can improve life, for everyone else. Some say this will make the entire planet totally SAFE from every threat: You KNOW that this is nothing but MORE massive LIES which must be exposed and removed from human society everywhere in the world.

Real-Freedom consists of remaining outside all artificial boxes that always restrict movement and thought. The world today has decided that the only way to live here is to submit to TOTAL CONTROL over every single aspect of every life. In other words “LIFE” must be protected and be encased within various prisons or Anarchy or possibly chaos will erupt.

Science that once tried to free mankind has joined with the outlaws who currently run this place. Now no one is allowed to decide anything for themselves, because slaves have never had voices or minds of their own.

Politicians describe the planet like a chess-board (where every move is bordered on all four sides). Psychologically the same thing is true of every aspect in this artificial existence where no one can ever be left alone to decide anything for themselves—in fact any decision can only be made by those safely-imprisoned inside some form of those hated-boxes that have become the ever-shrinking boundaries of our lives.

Back in REALITY, the truly creative KNOW that knowledge does not follow a mathematical formula: It is spontaneous and is subject to huge leaps of the creative imagination to arrive at what is needed to advance much further. During Da Vinci’s time the arts had not yet been cut-off from matters of scientific investigation. Huge leaps were made as Da Vinci created 14 separate fields of human endeavor all by himself. String Theory was an advancement that only just began in the 1960’s and is still wrestling with the sciences—but so much more has been revealed, since they began, that we know a great deal more now about the eleven-dimensions and about our own ability to understand the universal harmonics that actually control our planet and our lives than we ever did before. If you haven’t heard or seen much about this the links below will give you an overview. (1)

A separate new science was begun in the late 1980’s which became known as Chaos Theory. This too broke open huge new areas of knowledge that heretofore had never seriously been investigated, and as it turns out, this too could do real damage to everything being put forth by the New-Old World Disorder: But never forget that FREEDOM alone made this possible! (3)

When art & science work together as they began to do during the Renaissance everything began to improve, in a great variety of endeavors of all kinds. But when everything is stilted and trapped by compartmentalization then nothing escapes this tyranny that so easily takes all real-creatively back to the stone-age, from which most of us once so proudly actually escaped!

It’s time to spit in the face of fear again; and the constructs of the New World Dis-Order—because there can never be any GUARANTEE for TOTAL-SECURITY—much less any form of a guarantee against anything as obscene as the hideous “new-old-world disorder” and all their shadow-governments that have ruled the world throughout the New Millennium! (4)

Jim Kirwan

1) NOVA The Elegant Universe: Part 2 & Part 3 – two 53 min videos

2) GMO Ticking Time Bomb – Part 4 14 min 54 sec video

3) James Gleick on Chaos: Making a New Science – 3 min 54 sec video



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