No Place for Contrarians

We’ve forgotten who we are and what this country was based on.

This was a nation that once valued “CONTRARIANS” who espoused a free indomitable-spirit of life above all else. Life itself was then based on the balance between THOUGHT and ACTION that made every life more valuable. This produced a world where real possibilities and every life had a chance to matter and to grow.

Today this piece of criminally-created-crap has finally gurgled up from the depths of Agenda 21.

“Obama’s plans for a second-term plans includes an initiative to systematically redistribute the wealth of America’s suburbs and rural areas to the inner cities. It’s a transformative communist idea and it is one that is already underway as these words are being written…

The real brains behind the coming Agenda 21-inspired mass migration from the suburbs to the inner cities is Mike Krulig and his new group of community advisors, Building One America.”

k): “One America” implies that there can only be one form of living or life inside the newly limited fascist-state of USI: In reality what made this country viable and free were the differences between all kinds of people that each found and maintained in their own ways-of-life which not only improved “life” on which everything else was once based. In that process there was not only room for everyone, but each person maintained those things that mattered most to them; so long as it did not harm anyone else. That specifically included the Contrarians who widened and deepened society not just with choices: But with beauty, wonder tragedy and joy in all those bountiful gifts which our once Indomitable-Spirit had initially endowed the bulk of everyday life with. The new communism is trying to shut us down completely while trying to cram us into Stack’n Packs. They are demanding now that the lesser among us must live in these packing- cases-for-humans—NO EXCEPTIONS!

“Their secretive agenda has been mostly achieved by Obama’s appointment of like-minded community activists to his staff. In fact, Krulig was one of Obama’s original community organizing mentors from the President’s Chicago Southside days…

Kruglik’s Agenda 21 friendly group, Building One America, proposes the creation of a regional tax-base sharing revenues in which suburban tax money is directly redistributed to nearby cities and economically depressed concentric zones of inner-ring suburbs. Building One America also seeks to move the poor out of cities by imposing mandatory low-income-housing quotas for middle-class suburban developments…

Krulig’s group also seeks to export the controversial regional tax-base sharing scheme currently in place in the Minneapolis–St. Paul area (soon to be applied to San Francisco as well) to the rest of the country. Under this program, a portion of suburban tax money flows into a common regional pot, which is then effectively redistributed to urban, and a few less well-off “inner-ring” suburban, municipalities. The Minneapolis-St. Paul area regional government is run by unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats who are out of control. It is critical to know that removing the election process from this endeavor was deliberate for reasons that will become obvious as the reader will discover…

Kruglik’s group also favors a variety of policies designed to force people out of their cars and force suburbanites, robbed of their own tax money, to relocate into densely populated stack and pack cities. Among Kruglick’s strategies to separate people from their cars is the Vehicle Mileage Tax (VMT). Road pricing for the VMT would be implemented to force drivers out their cars. This will impact all drivers except for the Obama inspired exemption of low income drivers.”

k): When this shit hits the nine bay-area counties there will be a war between the city and the Burbs that have spent their existence bleeding this city dry, while forcefully building walls between the cities and those who employ these modern-day slaves in order for the elites to amass their own multi-billion dollar businesses, at the expense of the taxpayers.

“The VMT is designed to give favored status to certain groups. These groups represent organizations that want to transfer wealth through the heavy hand of regional government interfering in the housing, transportation and land use market place.

This tyranny is also being beta tested in the Bay area in a project entitled One Bay Area Plan. One Bay Area Plan is a 25 year plan which combines housing, transportation, and Agenda 21 land use policies. The public cover story is that the project is designed to save the planet by reducing Green House Gasses. The generated revenue, estimated at $15 million/day, would be used to fund further Agenda 21 transportation schemes such as buses, trollies and light rail which only a few people presently ride.

This plan also calls for Upzoning which would expand the plan to even more areas in the Bay. This would mean even more requirements for high density housing in cities that do not have their “fair share” of low income people. This will result in more 200 square foot apartments being constructed near public transit lines.

k): And believe it or not this is all being brought to us through MOMA in NYC. See the 4 min 49 sec video at the bottom of the article in footnote one.

“The Museum of Modern Art… This exhibit is from the elite—telling us how we should live. We should all live in cities and if we don’t live in cities we should turn our suburbs into cities. That’s the way “we should live”! Isn’t that the élites going at us and telling us how we ‘mere mortals’ should live—and now the elites are telling us that ‘WE SHOULD’ be doing it…”

Why is the criminal-political Museum of Modern Art involved?

“This Bay Area Agenda 21 plan also contains a concept referred to as the Communities of Concern (read low income and communities of color) would receive funds from these windfall profits that the region would receive. (Is Obama trying to provoke a race war?). Additionally, development fees would be eliminated for affordable housing developments, while subsidies would be used for favored activities such as the creation of more micro apartments and the construction of low income housing in the suburbs…” (1)

The Contrarians were the artists, the writers, and musicians and all the millions of individuals and others who used what they found in the creative arts, to expand more of our lives. This once made cities not just livable but wondrous places that featured all forms of life and existence. With real life and problems living cheek by jowl in a whirlwind of opportunities, that featured innovation, originality and the differences that are the stuff of real life created-anew instead of murdering and stealing this country’s way to hypothetical and power-driven dominance, in a world that is now based solely on criminality and war all-around the planet.

This “issue” has become the age-old-battle between the Creative-givers and the Outlaw-TAKERS (the global-thieves) that have shredded the world of today and turned everything into nothing but just-business—which alone has never been enough to sustain human-life anywhere.

“Unelected-non-responsive representatives” are not only more of the same people that have killed the few Contrarians that once existed: but they have become the new facelessness that is now demanding that “they” should be redesigning the life of the USA in ways that will turn us from being people into being completely controlled robots that no longer will be allowed to think for themselves—about anything again!

The source of this image is unknown

Agenda 21 is a GLOBAL-CRIME-Against-HUMANITY. It’s racist, sexist and one-thousand percent Zionist in nature: AGENDA 21 along with its parent organizations the UN and NATO, must be silenced—permanently.

“’In order to save the world we must first of all destroy the world, in order to remake our world in a sustainable way.’

“Agenda 21 is the 1992 United Nations real declaration on the environment and development. It is the agenda for the twenty-first century for a ‘Brave New World’ where everything that you’ve cherished and held true will no longer exist.

Agenda 21 defines itself as ‘the comprehensive plan of action’ to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations systems. It also elevates nature above man and it contains something called the Precautionary Principle ­ where basically you’re guilty until proven innocent. Sustainable Development is the philosophy designed to bring human beings across the globe under the full control of a narrow human-elite. It’s a forty chapter document to basically control the world. It’s based entirely on social control mechanisms.” (This was what George H. W. Bush had in mind when he introduced the need for a New World Order on September 11, 1990).”  (2)

The people who have now taken away your freedoms have no authority and their dictates are just a wish list that can only be dangerous if-and-when you let them tell you what to do. Legally, “possession” is nine-tenths of the so-called law which is why people must STOP FOLLOWING GOVERNMENT’S DICTATES. Force them to show you the laws in writing, and back your demands.


Anything government says you must do,

Because they are NOT who they claim to be

And never have been!

Jim Kirwan

1) How Obama will force you into the Stack’n Packs

2) The Ninth Wave – Agenda 21


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