FEMA’s Visions

The Visionaries and the Generals are coming to play out the last two days of the Dog & Pony Show before the farce of the selection being played out amid the government’s non-response to the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy in the Northeast.

“Published on Nov 2, 2012 by Alexander Higgins

Been waiting for FEMA all week without seeing or hearing from them but they appear in droves for the press acting like they’re helping while Christie claims they’re providing support in 24-48 hours.

You See all these people here, standing around here, they’re not doing a damn thing these people just keep telling us to “WAIT” – you’ve got to wait ten to fourteen days.”

 (‘FEMA is operating on normal circumstances when they should be on expedited emergency response times’)

“We’ve been waiting five days for a call-back from them, they’re in a bureaucracy and they’re not doing anything. They literally have got all these people standing around doing absolutely nothing- doing jack-shit! This is the dog & pony show for the damned media—the press. See the governor’s coming here and they want to look like they’re doing something but NOTHING! Look taking orders on their cell phones, and we’re all sitting out here five days now. I’ve got a wife two kids, and a dog, my house is destroyed, in shambles, flood damage what the hell is this?” (1)

Then there was this continuing message that needs an answer!

“According to Charlie McGrath of Wide Awake News, it’s too late to change the disastrous path we’re on, and it makes no difference at this point whether President Obama remains in the Oval Office or Mitt Romney takes the helm.

McGrath: “We are surrounded by a nation of people that cannot and will not step out of their perceived reality. They have a normalcy bias and they’re hanging on to it to the bitter end.

We can have a government, we can have a mainstream media that warns for a week, non-stop 24/7, “we’re going to have the worst storm in the history of the planet hit the east coast and affect 60 million people,” and we still have people in the largest city in the United States of America fighting for gasoline, pulling guns on one another, punching each other in the face over gasoline, diving into dumpsters for food, fighting for food… In the United States, in 2012, after a week-long warning that this monster storm was coming.”

k): What we have is a public that did not just have “a week-long warning about a monster storm”: What we had was a public that has been WARNED for the last 12 YEARS, almost daily, that these days were coming, in every conceivable way.

McGrath: “Can you, for one second, imagine what is coming to the shores of this nation when we have a sovereign debt landmine explode, a credit freeze, and you have people from coast to coast who go to an ATM machine and it just doesn’t work?”

k): This massive GLOBAL-DEBT was not ours. It was forced upon us. The public has accepted that debt, without even trying to refuse it—even though it was NEVER OURS in the first place. Any public that is this timid, this cowardly, will never be prepared to accept the real dangers they have created by accepting criminally-created DEBTS that were never theirs. Instead of doing ANYTHING, the AMERIKAN public chose to do NOTHING~WHILE AMERICANS begged them to come together to fight these corruptions.

This is not about people that are unprepared with backup water and food etc: This is about a public that has no conception of what is actually-deadly and who those are that designed these nightmares to put an entire nation at risk. This is not about Super-storms it’s about who RISKS everything all the time, especially their lives, because the public refused for the last 12 YEARS to act on anything in their own best interests. And yes it really is that simple.

McGrath: “Or we fall 5000, 6000 points in a week on the Dow and everything they have, everything they think that’s safe, because they have a politician telling them so and a Federal Reserve chairman telling them ‘everything’s going to be just fine,’ is wiped out in this disaster.”

k): What is being described is what individual’s have been consumed by; which is to consider only themselves: There was never any interest in doing anything with anyone else who was equally affected. Since individuals can’t change things by themselves; what should have happened over the last TWELVE-YEARS didn’t. In reality this was NEVER-A-SECRET!

NOTHING was done. With everyone focused on ONLY their own myopic-profits, the greed of each person helped guarantee what did eventually happen – and would continue to happen directly to those that are now suffering because TOO FEW DID ANYTHING to keep this from becoming a reality.

McGrath: “Can you imagine a Sandy, a Katrina, coast-to-coast? A 2008, far, far deeper, far, far worse, coast-to-coast… what this nation is going to look like?”

k): Right back at you – those of us that have used the last 12 YEARS to try and get people to understand this problem saw EXACTLY what will happen, and most of us have seen it all from before Bush Stole the White House on 12-12-2000: Which is why we’ve kept on trying to get people to finally DO SOMETHING—because without action, nothing will ever change.

To suggest that NOW because what was designed to kill us is becoming visible, is to completely miss the point that has been there all along. It’s not the storms, financial, or physical, it’s the criminality of everyone inside this government an a huge number of those in the society who all are trying to use these CRISES’ – TO TRY TO GET THEMSELVES INTO THE CATEGORY OF THE FILTHY RICH—and they have failed!

McGrath: “I commend the people who had the forethought to think about where we’re at and where we’re going. Understand that the best thing you can do now is to prepare for what’s coming.”

k): No one can actually PREPARE for these disasters, because almost no one can ever know where exactly anything will hit or how it might unfold – the arrogance that ordinary people can know in advance what will hit them or when or how that will happen – is ludicrous!

McGrath: “There is no recovery coming. It is mathematically impossible to pay the debt that we have.”

k): That is NOT OUR DEBT – WE SHOULD FORCE THE BANKS TO ACCEPT IT AND GO UNDER BECAUSE OF IT, but in no way should we accept any of that DEBT which we did not create! The fact that so many people still fail to understand that we do have a choice, speaks to how poorly this place has done its job of informing the public; because far too many were way too busy stealing far too much of what used to be the USA. 

McGrath: “The trillion dollar deficit spending isn’t going anywhere… even with Mitt Romney, even with the savior from the Blue team, even with Ben Bernanke and his notions and big ideas to rescue the economy by printing more money and giving it to his Bankster buddies.

The deficits are going to continue. The pain is going to continue. the trigger is going to be tripped and we’re all going to go down the road together. We’re all going to go off this cliff together, regardless of who’s in this office.”


McGrath: “Forget about this election. I know that’s a hard thing to hear. It’s meaningless to you, because nothing is going to change.”

k): Finally a breath of truth in this whole saga. The god-damned elections have been a total FARCE since LBJ began his sickening rule from the Tarnished House – and it has only gotten worse each and every year since. Anyone out there in the ruin which this place is becoming – who still “believes in anything arrived at by elections” is an utter moron and DESERVES  everything they will get because they have REFUSED TO DO ANYTHING to CHANGE ANYTHING THAT IS NOW COMING TO EVERY DOOR IN THIS COUNTRY, over the next few months. 

McGrath: “You can rest assured of this: We are heading for collapse. You have very little time to get mentally prepared, and then get physically prepared for it.


Watch the video We Are Surrounded…  (2)

The entire country is being held hostage by the media, and the phony visionaries of FEMA, to stall everything just long enough until we get to the phony election, after which the days of REALITY will begin with a vengeance when the entire country will finally get to see the real policies that will make themselves very clear to anyone that questions anything—AFTER the Election. THEN it will actually be every man woman and child for themselves, because there will be no more artificial deadlines, and this criminal-government along with all the TRAITORS that will finally begin to do exactly as they have always wanted to do (to us) since this nightmare was first conceived so very long ago.

PS: In the last two articles I quoted from an article that several have pointed out comes from something that is nothing but a tabloid version of the news, which has no real merit.

While thinking about a RETRACTION, I tried to find anything credible about any of the information mentioned in the article that came from any source other than the article itself—to no avail. I still believe that Bloomberg probably does feel very much as the article quotes him: I could not find any other separate quote that verifies either Bloomberg, or anything about Ron Kuby or Governor Cuomo’s supposed statements either.

I guess we’ll all just have to wait until after the selection to find out what either of these public-fools really thinks about FEMA and rebel-victims of the storms.  I did not do enough to verify the truth behind the story I quoted, on November 2, 2012: Nonetheless, until after the elections, I’ll leave those two articles as they were written.

Jim Kirwan

1) FEMA Stages PR Show for Gov Christie, Alexander Higgins –13 min video

2) We Are Surrounded by a Nation of People Who Will Not Step Out of Their Perceived Reality


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