5 Days of the Second Term

The Citadel of Broken Dreams – kirwan © 1978 & 1994

If anyone was looking for signs of leadership from the Oval Office, then those people might be surprised at this new-record that clearly is the exact-opposite of anything to watch for.

While the rest of the country was focused on the disasters that began with Superstorm Sandy and was followed by another-storm to compound the problems in the Northeast: Obama remained isolated and focused on rearranging his deck-chairs on the Death of his New Ship of State. Instead of paying attention to the progress of FEMA, for the victims in New York and New Jersey—the Tarnished House was consumed with crafting yet another Executive Order to seal the fate of millions more Americans—without public oversight, congressional legislation, or legal authorization. (1)

“One reason: the information blackout. Outside of the tightly guarded community on Friday, word was spreading that the Department of Human Services would aim to move residents to the racetrack clubhouse on Saturday. The news came after photos of people bundled in blankets and parkas inside the tents circulated in the media.

But inside the tent city, which has room for thousands but was only sheltering a couple of hundred on Friday, no one had heard anything about a move – or about anything else.They treat us like we’re prisoners,” says Ashley Sabol, 21, of Seaside Heights, New Jersey. “It’s bad to say, but we honestly feel like we’re in a concentration camp.

Sabol, who is unemployed and whose rental home was washed away in the hurricane, remembers being woken up on Wednesday at the shelter she was staying in at Toms River High School. Conditions there were “actually fine,” said Sabol.

Sabol was told that she had half an hour to pack: everyone was getting shipped to hotels in Wildwood, New Jersey, where they would be able to re-acquaint themselves with showers, beds and a door.

Sabol and about 50 other people boarded a New Jersey Transit bus, which drove around, seemingly aimlessly, for hours. Worse, this week’s Nor’easter snow storm was gathering force, lashing the bus with wind and rain.

After four hours, the bus driver pulled into a dirt parking lot. The passengers were expecting a hotel with heat and maybe even a restaurant. Instead they saw a mini city of portable toilets and voluminous white tents with their flaps snapping in the wind. Inside, they got sheets, a rubbery pillow, a cot and one blanket.

There was no heat that night, and as temperatures dropped to freezing, people could start to see their breath. The gusts of wind blew snow and slush onto Sabol’s face as her cot was near the open tent flaps. She shivered. Her hands turned purple.

It has taken three days for the tents to get warm.

The post-storm housing — a refugee camp on the grounds of the Monmouth Park racetrack – is in lockdown, with security guards at every door, including the showers.

No one is allowed to go anywhere without showing their I.D. Even to use the bathroom, “you have to show your badge,” said Amber Decamp, a 22-year-old whose rental was washed away in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.”

k): Rumor has it that the inmates of FEMA will have to stay for from 8 months to 8 years in this hell-hole, or one just like it, while their former homes are obliterated by FEMA DHS & the US government. No doubt the diseases, the depression and their attitudes will kill most of them before the term of their sentences can be completed.

“The mini city has no cigarettes, no books, no magazines, no board games, no TVs, and no newspapers or radios. On Friday night, in front of the mess hall, which was serving fried chicken and out-of-the-box, just-add-water potatoes, a child was dancing and dancing — to nothing. “We’re starting to lose it,” said Decamp. “But we have nowhere else to go.”

In the aftermath of this disaster, as well as the Hurricane Katrina debacle, it should be clear where the government’s priorities are.

They’ll buy billions of rounds of ammunition and won’t hesitate to put 30,000 drones into the skies over America, but when it comes to helping Americans who have lost everything, they are woefully unprepared.

This begs the question, what happened to the hundreds of millions of emergency rations, emergency blankets and supplies that were supposedly regionalized by the Department of Homeland Security fully two years ago?” (2)

On the global front ‘LOTS MORE WARS are planned.

“Obama’s economic record includes nearly 25 million unemployed, around 23% of working age Americans without jobs, poverty, homelessness, and hunger at record levels or close to it, and the greatest wealth disparity in US history.

Privileged elites benefitted enormously on his watch. Others are enduring protracted hard times. Bipartisan complicity calls for making things worse, not better. Huge budget cuts loom. Social programs will be hit hardest.

His first term record might make some despots blush. His economic policies are weapons of mass destruction affecting ordinary people. He’s got further mass immiseration in mind for term two. He also plans more war on humanity globally.

The editors of Times want his mandate used to “broaden his agenda.” How much more scorched earth hell can people stand? They’ll shortly find out straightaway.

Top domestic policy is massive social benefit cuts. Newspeak terminology substituted “grand bargain” for “austerity.”

“Fiscal cliff” language refers to expiring yearend tax breaks and unemployment benefits, as well as looming $1.2 trillion in largely discretionary sequestered cuts to address them.

The 2011 Budget Control Act mandates them. Automatic reductions will affect vital social programs. Medicare, Medicaid, public pensions, food stamps, and other important ones will be hit hard.

     Wall Street’s unholy grail (is) privatizing Social Security.

Doing so will let financial predators “charge tens of billions of dollars in fees annually and the banks that administered the privatized program would be systemically dangerous institutions (SDIs) because the consequences of allowing bank failures to cause tens of millions of Americans to lose their retirement savings would require either that all such deposits be federally insured or that the failing banks be bailed out by the federal government.”

“Privatization, therefore, is a convenient fiction. The banks’ profits will be privatized. Any catastrophic losses will be borne by the public.”

The Big Lie claims no acceptable alternative exists. Safety net cuts must be imposed. Obama’s sharpened knife is a dagger at the heart of what matters most to ordinary people. Their welfare, security and futures are up for grabs. They’re being destroyed in plain sight.

Force-fed austerity assures the worst of hard times. It’s responsible for what Black calls “the four horsemen of the economic apocalypse:” economic decline, job cuts and greater unemployment, increased deficits and debt, and the destruction of safety net protections.

Combined assures third world status. Black said Obama prioritizes it. We’re forewarned but does it matter? Few Americans understand what’s coming.

Grand bargain betrayal is planned. It’s come in stages like boiling a frog. It doesn’t know it’s dinner until too late.

Social America is on the chopping block for elimination. It’s been happening incrementally for decades. Democrats are in league with Republicans. Their agenda assures intolerable pain and suffering for ordinary people.” (3)

Obama is also the ‘US leader’ that will finally have to explain the $30 billion dollars a day that the US pays Israel in blackmail for what was done to cover-up the Israeli attempt to sink the USS Liberty during the1967 War.


Do the math: $30 million a day for 365 days a year, for 45 years!

That’s one hell of a lot of money that we paid the Rogue-state of Israel from the black-budget. The money comes from the sale of Illegal-guns & drug-money that could have been used to turn this nation completely around. That CRIME must be investigated and those who still pay it need to be arrested! (4)

“Amerika” has indeed become “The Citadel of Broken Dreams”. We are nothing but an empty castle resting on the broken stone corpse of this nation that shares the edge of Oblivion with a fire-dragon of GLOBAL-DISASTER for company; under the eyes of TRAITOR’S that just-can’t-wait until this ends with them in charge of everything, that might still be left, of this war-torn planet…

Our only real task is continual and unending War
That will always be the case until we
Choose to fight the criminals to the end.

Jim Kirwan

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4) On this Veteran’s Day, Remember the USS Liberty


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