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Most of Europe yesterday went into massive strike mode against the governments of their reeling countries. On November14 operating under the iron-boots and obscenities of global-austerity that continues to try and force global-poverty on every nation in the EU—millions marched and hundreds fought with mercenary-thugs dressed as global-cops. The situation inside Europe is entering their pivotal phase. Over here we’re still “watching” without basically reacting to any of the everyday threats coming directly from what was the US government.

What the illegal alphabet-soup agencies here want to convince the public of is that massive arrests and a lockdown of this nation is coming and that the public has no chance whatsoever of winning against troops from so many other nations, coupled with traitors from inside this country. That is a blatant lie!

Tens of billions of dollars are routinely paid to agencies producing fake-news and fake polls, in the US every year. This delusional stance is what serves as a basis for so many one-sided “stories” in the US press that are trying to paint “the elements of official-force” as being something that represents the absolute in the “unconditional surrender” that US citizens are being told they must accept. All of this is nothing more but more lies poured over all the previous exaggerations that have been going on at least since Reagan’s version of the world in the 1980’s—complete with death squads, illegal gun and drug sales internationally while supposedly waging a WAR on DRUGS, that has miserably failed, decade after decade.

In Amerikkka national power is held by the National Security Council; everyone else involved is just a puppet from the figurehead president, the fake congress, and:

The courts that have been inactive since 1789.

“The FCC, CIA, FBI, NASA and all of the other alphabet gangs were never part of the United States government. Social Security Numbers are issued by the UN through the IMF. There are no Judicial Courts in America and there has not been since 1789. Judges do not enforce Statutes and Codes. Executive Administrators enforce Statutes and Codes. There have not been any Judges in America since 1789. There have just been Administrators. According to the GATT you must have a Social Security number. (2)

In the film Police State Four, (Just Google it, because it is blocked on my site): The film categorizes the outcome of troops & cops as they plan to defeat the public in every case. This is a total absurdity, meant to give the public the message that any RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. The problem with these fake-drills showing an unarmed public always losing to the forces of troops, cops & mercenaries is unrealistic—because the public is never armed, and therefore loses in every war-game-drill. Once this public becomes aroused, the paper-tiger of US Martial Law will immediately be exposed to the entire range of hostility that would leave any military effort here, subject to creative actions, designed to leave the troops and their pseudo-leadership open to every kind of interdiction, sabotage and outright defeat. This ‘nation’ is just too big to be attacked by such forces as those being fought with in Europe over these last few days. (1)

Moreover the “government-forces” are unrealistically represented, as they are only active in one location during these ‘demonstration’ events. The government, in reality, will come under attack all across the nation almost simultaneously—which in reality would at least be four times as large a battlefield as all of Europe could ever be. The 20,000 members of the former 5th Army (GIVEN TO THE UN TO CONTROL US) when compared with 600 million arms, and one hell of a lot of individuals that will be acting because they will soon have:


The object lesson that cannot be prepared for, must include, the whole country and not some specialized place where troops, cops and traitors can assemble to crush any local uprising. No WAR GAME can convey the actual reality, especially not one where the opposition remains totally unarmed, while supposedly fighting for their lives. Consequently, just glance at Sun Tzu (The Art of War- Free on the net). What this government is attempting to do is to provide the public a falsely victorious power-grab, portrayed as “UNCONDITIONAL-SURRENDER” when the truth is the government virtually has no chance to succeed in a nationwide illegal-war against a fully aroused US public.

This entire farce is nothing but yet another series of psy-ops being used to convince a terrified public that “there is no choice” once the nation goes into Martial Law—when the exact opposite is true. Just count the number of cops in this country then add in the very few troops that could be added to their number, for Martial Law. This nation has already been militarily-disarmed, because Bush sent the National Guards overseas, and all that’s left here is a paltry sum, compared to what was once present when each state had its own armed and ready National Guard, that is no longer here. This is just another shadow-government action disguised as a massive and unstoppable force. In reality the government cannot sustain even a 7 day revolt against the global-invasion of an Austerity program that will attempt to be enforceable because of the presence of some troops in some places—while unable to completely crush legitimate resistance all over this country simultaneously.

It is true that the media is part of the enemy of the USA because they serve the needs of an entirely betrayed Amerikkka that no longer has anything to do with the people of this place, or the US Constitution. In fact if the US does not have access to overseas news services, such as RT or Press-TV, then Americans will not have any idea of what is actually happening outside this country—such as yesterdays European resistance to the Austerity measures throughout Europe that was NOT even covered by US media—despite the fact that millions of people fought with police across the EU. (3)

The entirety of this year politically, in this place, has been completely consumed with dozens and dozens of Executive Orders (which are not officially law—until they have been tried in court), but nevertheless these presidential fantasies are being treated as if they are the LAW in this place.

What is true is that with each additional criminal-transgression the government intensifies and steals property, and human rights, while attempting to force the public into UNCONDITIONAL-SURRENDER” to an illegal government and a global CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY, while hoping to be able to shut down the public by intimidation, fear and global terror alone: Because the globalists know that they cannot successfully crush the people of this country. All they have is the merits of their own false-powers while they continue to try and steal every single penny which they might not-yet have stolen from any person still breathing… The image above depicts IMPOTENCE over actual POWER (which involves “letting go”).

The creatures we oppose are massively-insecure-individuals and they are cowards to the core. Think about how they have tried to delude so many and still they have not dared to commit the crimes they continue to outline for every man, woman and child in this place.

Americans have a lot of flaws, but at that human-core, there are still hundreds of millions of people that will not take this laying down—and that is what we must all remember when the time comes to practice what so many millions say that they believe in…

Jim Kirwan

1) Police State 4: The Rise of FEMA – full length film 2 hours 20 min

2) The Present: Living the Lie

(3) Coverage of the EU on November 14, 2012 – with short video’s
Protesters and riot police square-up in Lisbon
Spanish anti-austerity protesters clash with police
Italy’s anti-austerity protests erupt into violence
Violence marrs Independence Day in Poland


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