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Yesterday I sent “The Transfer Agreement” that is a two part pivotal-explanation about the complexities behind exactly how the Zionists arranged to create their own false-state in Palestine. The Transfer Agreement made everything that came after WWII possible. It was also needed to explain what happened to the Zionists from 1933 to 1945. But the “Agreement” went much further and became the blueprint for the world that all of us live in today. (1)

Through this medium the Zionists were able to create their own very privileged-system, for some of the most “selected” Zionists, to both escape the NAZI’S inside Germany and to keep their own assets as newly created Israelis in what was then Palestine. What was not explained was WHY the Jews had become such a threat to anyone in that day and time. It was assumed that the Jews that were threatened were innocent targets of the fascist state of Germany—yet that “label” had been part of the planet in the same way since ancient-Carthage.

The situation was discussed in a Shakespeare play entitled “The Merchant of Venice, wherein all sides came in for a much clearer set of reasons for the ‘hatred’ of the Jews. The reasons for that supposed hatred (European-wide) were also explained in the play. The Catholic Church had very strict rules against USURY, and yet the predominant Catholic’s of that day needed to be able to borrow money at-interest, (some of that was Usurious). If the seekers of that day were to be able to do business as needed to maintain their own wealth, then some arrangement needed to be made to make that possible.

Catholics could not do such things (supposedly) so the Jews were used as money-lenders of choice, but they were also stigmatized for the services they provided (at-interest). In country after country Jews were used, abused and then either killed or deported for their “services” once the countries where they lived had the wealth they needed.  The Jewish practices allowed them to prosper (without the religiously tainted stigma) which the Jews made possible. That practice continued for centuries, and both sides of these agreements were fraught with criminal behavior. With the passage of time, the Jews learned how to live, to move and to integrate themselves into various societies, while they themselves continued to grow in both power and personal-prestige. This is how the Rothschilds family got their start, and finally found their own way to own those people that had once owned them—outright.

All of this began before and during WWII. However what came after the end of that war is what has brought on the Zionist-Outlaws who RULE the planet now.

‘After WWII the Zionists of today, dating from 1945 until this moment, have been doing to the rest of the world everything massively more horrific than all that was done to them in that initial 12 years of torture and isolation as well as the political-censure that has stigmatized the Jews for centuries. But with the end of that war the Zionists took over from “the Jews” and turned modern day Israel into a HORROR that has never been equaled anywhere in human history.

For fully 5 times as long as the Zionists were subjected to Nazi’s and to the torture to starvation, to hatred and to their illegal murders at the hands of the Nazi’s – the public felt guilt for the plight of the Jews. When the NAZI’s were defeated – the Zionists began to do to those people they were charged with protecting (The Palestinians by international law) something so much greater in degree and in every other indignity – this behavior by the Zionists defied all the rights that any human beings had a right to expect since the Magna-Carta in 1215.

The Jews supposedly had suffered under the NAZI’s but their behavior when it came to treating millions of captives in outdoor prison camps as mere-animals: It seems that the Zionists have totally forgotten what was supposedly done to them from 1933-1945.

With the creation of “Israel” and the recognition by the United Nations of this illegally created place, the world now faces a rogue-nation where there is no international or national law to control the Zionists in any way at all. This is Puppet Masters Inc.

The world cannot continue to tolerate the inhumanity inflicted upon the world, by of all people, the same Zionists that were once the most reviled people in the world before 1933.

For me the problem is not what happened that actually created the need for Zionists, nearly as much, as what those same people (Zionists) then violently continued to do, to every “other people” on the planet – to this moment.

If banning and torturing the Jews was WRONG in 1933 and beyond; then what the Zionists have done to all other people’s and races for the last 67 years is far, far more a WAR-CRIME, than anything that was done to the original group of Jews when the first prison Camps were built inside NAZI-occupied Germany could have been.

THINK! – The Zionists have literally been ruling the entire planet by their own rules for over 64 years, not including the years when their leadership was entirely Terrorist in nature.

Israel is the only country in the world that can choose to disregard all international or national laws
Whenever they feel like it.
They are free to torture or mass-murder hundreds
Or thousands of people that disagree
With the Apartheid fascist-state of Israel.

Israel has gone so far as to kick out the Christians, the real Jews and any other race or religion that is not of Zionist extraction. Israel today demands total control over the nuclear-arms of other nations as well as Israel itself, which has over 600 nukes but still refuse to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (IAEA).

Israel has blackmailed the entire planet since even before they “became” the Outlaw-haven they are today: If ZIONISTS were OUTLAWED, then problems with the global-bankers would vanish, as it is ZIONISTS that own the FED and all the most powerful BANKS and BANKERS throughout the world today!

For the last week Israel is threatening to slaughter the Palestinians AGAIN. The world has forgotten what happened in 2006 when Israel took control over the entire world, through the UN (which Israel spits upon routinely) in order to freely slaughter all of Lebanon, without any legal interference from any other nation on the planet.

“The people of Lebanon have five days left to consider how they want to die. One week after this war began, Israel demanded “just one more week” to finish off Hezbollah and create conditions on the ground that would include the Litani River, as a permanent part of Greater Israel. Israel has decided to triple its invasion forces on the ground in Lebanon. But the actions of those that control the governments of Israel and the United States do not represent the populations of their countries. This outrage is only the latest and most blatant, in a series of crimes that were designed by the criminal elites to crush and control evermore of those lands still in Arab hands. This barbaric response from The US and Israel is collective punishment for resisting the New Crusades that are masquerading as “The New Middle East.”” (2)

NOTE: Israel and by extension USI, had their asses kicked by Hezbollah in 2006. Israel cannot live that DEFEAT down, even now—which is why they still want all out WAR with both Syria and Iran (believing that they can again force the US to do their fighting for them) one more time.

There are dozens of issues that scream to be heard from now. But there is only one real issue that connects them all: That issue is the continuing CRIMINAL-STATE of Apartheid-Fascist Israel.

For over 60 years ISRAEL has had the rest of the world by the tail, and it will not stop until the only people left, aside from Zionists, will be the human-slaves that will serve the Zionist-state. That has been their fervent call to the rest of planet, and yet no one actually seems to believe these evil-bastards but enough is more than enough.

I’ve been fighting these creatures for my entire life; because the professions they shut down were involved in creating things which the Zionists wanted “gone”.  Television, film, fine art, illustration, graphics, architecture, sculpture, investigative-journalism, and along the way construction, design, dance and freelance writing: All of these professions and more have been DESTROYED by these criminals one way or another—and I was certainly not the only one targeted in this wholesale slaughter that has robbed the planet of so much of our creative side, in choice of professions or in the living of life itself?

How can anyone not notice that ISRAEL does exactly as she pleases regardless of the global-condition, anywhere in the world today? ISRAEL lies about everything and their creatures never get arrested or ever go to jail because Israel has become a world unto itself, and they believe that the only thing other people are good for is to SERVE the Zionists or die, because in essence

“Zionists are the only people here—
Everyone else is only here to serve “our” Zionist Overlords.

‘WE’ are being hit with every form of taxes, licenses, fees, permissions-required to even breathe, in every possible circumstance. Meanwhile this country is being taken over entirely by AGENDA 21, the UN, The Bank of International Settlements, the IMF, the IRS, TSA, Homeland Security, and the whole boatload of garbage that has been artificially created just to serve Israel and the globalists in the end: Yet without Zionism all of this colossal-fraud will almost immediately COLLAPSE.

People this situation has been in effect for over 60 years
Have you no guts at all?

These people are not Supermen or women; they are only flawed-creatures that have devised this method of TOTAL CONTROL over the money and the powers of the entire planet. But if they were to be removed from the key positions they currently hold in business, government, entertainment, manufacturing, defense, military, and medicine, food, water, education, prisons, farming, privatized corporations that now own all that was once PUBLIC—then the people of the world could begin to take back this planet. This is not arbitrary it is MANDATORY that the world come together to end this GLOBAL-SLAVERY that is already under Martial Law in the old USA.

Those members of the public that refuse to speak out against Israel, tend to do so because they secretly want to join with these vultures to finish stealing whatever is left of the world—because as they tend to see things since Israel is UNTOUCHABLE, THEN THEY WANT TO BECOME PART OF THAT, because apparently Israel cannot ever be held to account—which is what they want to be in the darkness of the void where their “human-hearts & minds” used to be.

The world cannot survive if Israel, as it’s currently configured, is allowed to survive the next two months. In personal life people would not tolerate doing business with such criminals—so why do millions of people just unconditionally-SURRENDER to the filth that still makes massive demands upon the world while they are allowed to slaughter millions of people with no responsibility for their actions, or for anything they decide to do!

How much longer can you tolerate living under the boots of the falsely-powerful-creatures of “Puppet Masters Inc.

Jim Kirwan

1) The Transfer Agreement

Part One: Hitler & Zionism – 30 min 57 sec video

Part Two: 1933 Transfer Agreement – 37 min 6 sec video

2) Who Will Stop the Countdown


When Innocence Dies


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