Nails in the Coffin – Part 1

1 hour 38 min 41 sec video (note 2)
Abbreviated transcription for the first hour

I have decided to use the time to fill out more of the known background for some of what so many of us have still not realized; so that at least some of what we need to know can set the real record straight!

 Question: Is the real Enemy Israel?

Eustace: Yeah or World-Zionism. The state of Israel is nothing, it never has been anything. It’s the tiniest state in the world and yet this is the most important state in the world. It’s the most important state to the United States Government because they put the interests of Israel above every other consideration, including the United States.

“And how much liberty have you (Americans) got anyhow?”

And as to the arsenal – are you the arsenal of democracy or judeocracy? And who rules your rulers? Where does the public responsibility end and what race can mix-in with America without ruin of the public stock, the American brain? Who is organized? What say have you in the choice of your rulers?

    What control of their policy?

Every day of war is a dead day, as well as a death day. More death, more future servitude, less and less of American Liberty of every variety.” Ezra Pound July, 1942

The Neo-Zionist Rulers
Who Rules Your Rulers

Question, Who was Ezra Pound?

Ezra is the dominant intellectual of the twentieth Century. Four of his protégés have been given the Nobel Prize for Literature, after he edited their work. The first one is T.S. Elliot, he first edited his poem “The Wasteland” in 1920 in Paris, and that became the most famous poem in the twentieth century… After The Wasteland he became Ernest Hemmingway’s mentor… His (Ezra Pound’s) protégés were all very dissimilar people. William Butler Yeats received the Nobel Prize for poetry. His fourth protégé was James Joyce who wrote Ulysses, and that became the most famous book of the 20th Century, Pound edited that. It became the bible of the 1930’s. So there were four Nobel Prizes for Literature… and I’m his last protégé, they’re all dead, long gone except me – and so I’m patiently waiting my turn. Ezra Pound himself was never named for the Nobel Prize, but four of his pupils were; simply because he never cultivated the establishment. In the 30’s and 40’s you had to be a very active pro-communist to get anywhere—so Ezra was ignored by everybody, except the public—because the public liked his work.

Ezra had these four protégés when I met him and he really jumped on me and began whipping me into shape. He assigned me to go to the Library of Congress and see what I could find out about the Federal Reserve System. I really h ad a knack for research, and I found out the entire history of the Federal Reserve System, which is the greatest swindle ever-known in history: Where a group of private bankers conspired criminally to take over the money and credit of the United States—which they did in 1913 when they passed the Federal Reserve Plan through the Democratic party (which will have its 100th year anniversary next year, in 2013) in Washington D.C. and it became a law of Congress.

This law handed over to this private bank all of the money and credit of the United States… and they’ve kept it ever since. They set it up as a MONOPOLY so that the stock of the federal banks could never be traded publicly, it could only be handed down in a family, or if a corporation bought the bank that owned it, they became possessors of the stock. You’ve never been able to buy the – since 1914 you’ve never been able to buy a share of their bank stock; on the market anywhere. And that’s a Monopoly, it’s what they have a Monopoly. They’re totally insulated against anyone getting control of the Federal Reserve System. (1)

John D. Rockefeller is one of the biggest share-holders, and he had his stock placed under the Rockefeller Foundation, so it could never be bought or sold. So it’s secure forever. And the other people who bought control in 1914, they were the Shift family and the Warburg family and of course they still have their own family-fortunes and they have a controlling interest in federal reserve bank stock—they have various other federal reserve banks its not all in one federal reserve bank—it’s in a number of federal reserve banks. Most of the others who have stocks, have stock in at least five other reserve banks.

 What are the consequences of having the Federal Reserve System controlling the monetary system of the United States?

The consequences are very important; they’re never discussed by any economist in the US. The Federal Reserve is a Central Bank. A Central Bank is a bank of issue, which has the right to print all the money it wants. There’s no control over it whatsoever… in hyper-inflation the money, that would be a repeat of Germany in 1924, becomes money becomes worthless to the point where you have to have a wheel-barrel full of paper money to buy a loaf of bread, which is normally worth .18 cents, at that time. ‘They don’t want to go through that so they’re taking care of that. DEBT-Money is our paper money and its taken over the world. Our fiat-currency is Debt-money and its overloaded the world’ When a currency becomes worthless, there’s nothing more worthless than a currency that’s become worthless—so they’re staving off the inevitable by hedging and by doing what they can but once you buy this DEBT, this paper-dollar currency—you’re stuck with it unless you can find another sucker to take it off your hands. It’s not federal anymore than Federal Express is a federal company. And they have no-reserves because it doesn’t need any currency-reserves (k – which begs the question why do people pay taxes when we could just print all the money the government needs?) because it prints its own money? And finally because it is not a system. It’s called a Federal Reserve System. It’s not Federal, it has no Reserves and its not a System but I’m the only person in the world who has ever defined it in my works: Because it’s a criminal-syndicate, and that’s what it is a criminal-syndicate just like the Mafia, which is one of its subsidiaries and the CIA and all of the criminal-syndicates work out of the Federal Reserve System.

…A Central Bank is a group of bankers that have total control of a nation’s economy. They print their own money and they print as much as they want to and it eventually becomes worthless (probably in this case when they reach one hundred years of age) …The Federal Reserve System was set up solely through speculation and its author Paul Warburg who was a partner of Kuhn-Lobe Company in New York; which by the way financed the Communist revolution; financed the Hitler Revolution and financed the Japanese entry into WWII. So I defined in my work that a Central Banks’ role is for War-Finance—because War-finance is the most profitable venture you can get into. If you’re a banker you’re looking for the best investment you can make which is A WAR.

For instance the Iraq war. When they set up the Iraq War Halliburton & Company which is the oil-production company, an oil equipment company actually—it finances the big oil-explorations—and oil companies found out that war is most economical investment you can have.

During WWI Rockefeller…   upped the price of oil five-times to the US Government that’s how we won the war. He was already the richest man in the world, and the richest man in the world wants to become the richest man in the universe; which is your next step, and apparently he made that.

 How Was the Federal Reserve set up?

It was set-up as twelve districts. We had 48 states in the United States at that time, so you would think the logical way would be to set up a federal reserve bank in each state… but instead they carved the United States into their own, which they called Federal Reserve Districts.

(k: – These same “DISTRICTS” are what the UN is currently using to divide the US into the same twelve districts to serve as areas inside AGENDA 21 – these will be the same 12 military districts that have replaced the contiguous-states inside the old USA. This is the new world order vision for the United States.)

These twelve districts are actually the government of the United States. They override the States and they override the Federal government. Not many people know that this is the Federal System of the United States—the Federal Reserve Districts (that have been in-place since 1913).

 Why didn’t the American people say something about it?

 They didn’t say something about it because this was a hidden conspiracy. Now I’m always called a conspiritologist and people say I see conspiracies everywhere, but… I’ve never had to invent a conspiracy in my life. There are more conspiracies than I can write about. So it’s not a question of seeing conspiracies under every bed, it’s a question of seeing CONSPRIACIES in every commercial activity and every political activity that goes on in this country: Because they always have a hidden-agenda, because conspirators have to keep their identities concealed, and its always a criminal nature because they always have some criminal-objective to attain by operating this conspiracy. That makes all persons involved in a conspiracy, for a criminal-conspiracy, automatically become criminals, criminally liable. That is the case of everybody that has anything to do with the Federal Reserve System. There is no other that you can make because under law you can make persons involved in a criminal-conspiracy is a criminal.

 Why doesn’t congress control the money?

Well Thomas Jefferson and the writers of the Constitution specifically designated the Congress to control the money. They designated the monetary unit of the United States would be gold and silver. There is no specification anywhere in the Constitution for paper money. What the Federal Reserve Conspiracy of 1913 did; it made lawful a paper-currency which the Constitution did NOT authorize. But they passed through congress so it became a public law of congress that made it official that the Federal Reserve Dollar became the monetary unit of the United States… This totally defied the Constitution which provided that only gold and silver could be the monetary unit of the United States and that ONLY CONGRESS would control the monetary unit of the United States: so it was DOUBLY UNCONSITUTIONAL, at its outset and its become more unconstitutional everyday since. (2)

This ends PART ONE.

Jim Kirwan

1) Secrets of the Federal Reserve – The London Connection

2) NOT for the Immature! Zionist Antichrist will rule the NWO – 1 hour 38 min 41 sec video


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