Nails in the Coffin – Part 2

Beginning twenty minutes into the video (note 2):

Since 1944 the US dollar has been a paper backed money issued against paper bonds. It’s paper on paper and that’s the status today. It’s worth a dollar

What’s wrong with paper money?

You can take a dollar bill and go to any store in the United States and buy a dollar’s worth of goods – so its ‘worth a dollar.’ It’s accepted credit means “I Believe”. That means that any merchant who accepts a federal dollar – says that ‘I believe this is a real dollar.’ It’s Monopoly Money the same as is used in the game Monopoly.

 What’s wrong with Central Banks?

The settlers who came to America ~ were fleeing European oppression. This oppression was primarily government officials working for private banks, who were oppressing the people. Charging too much interest, usury, and taking their homes and property, because they didn’t have enough cash to pay off the debt. People were finally fed up and set sail for the United States to get away from this. Every settler who came to the United States was totally against banks because they were running away from banks that’s why they came here. So obviously they did not welcome the idea of setting up banks on US soil: They were firmly opposed to it. Charles Lindberg capitalized on that sentiment, when he led the fight in Congress against the Federal Reserve System in 1913. His son Charles Lindberg Jr became a very famous aviator and a world figure and during his entire public career he never mentioned the Federal Reserve which his father gave up his political career for. He was run out of congress because he voted against the Federal Reserve System. Every congressman who voted against the Federal Reserve System in 1913 was run out of congress the following year. NY banks sent in somebody to run against him and they were lavishly financed

With printing press money, and they put him right out of office. Since 1914 there has never been anyone in the congress, except one or two ~ we never had anyone in Washington who would criticize the Federal Reserve System.

k)- How is this different from what was done later on by AIPAC, and the congressional power block, that has taken over the congress but only for those in favor of Israel’s AIPAC and totally-opposed to American\’s needs right up to and including TREASON?  

Just as on television or on radio you never have a radio program which will criticize the Federal Reserve System. You had three competitive networks there who are ostensibly economic rivals ~ and yet they totally agree on the Federal Reserve System and Foreign Policy and so forth. ‘We’ve got to defeat Hitler, and we’ve got to defeat Communism’ then we’ve got to defeat Nazism! Well if you ask the average man in the street, in the 1940’s if he wants to defeat Communism – he says YES because there’s newspapers that say politicians tell him that we’ve got to defeat Communism.

At the very time of the Cold War with Communism the US taxpayer was totally financing the Soviet Union which had been insolvent since 1917 and which had been maintained by the US taxpayer’s ever since. And Woodrow Wilson (the same man who signed the Federal Reserve Act into Law) initiated this system of financing the Soviet Union since 1917. Congress voted Woodrow Wilson a special emergency war fund of one-hundred million dollars (in today’s money more like a TRILLION dollars) to prosecute the war against Germany. Wilson took ten million dollars of it and sent it Russia to help the Bolsheviks in Russia. There were no Bolsheviks in the US Congress, so why did Congress authorize him to send them $10 million? They’ve been doing it ever since.

Moderator: What is that Reason?

Because Bankers consider Communism and Dictatorship as a Good Investment. A Banker considers a Dictatorship as a perfect government, because everybody is totally controlled and if anybody objects to paying high taxes or to paying debts—you can put em in a concentration camp or execute them, which Stalin did in Russia and which is the perfect system. No banker will ever tell you this: David Rockefeller DID in the 1940’s: He said the reason he was so pro-communist at that time was because the communists ‘COLLECTED THEIR DEBTS.’ At the point of a gun – which he didn’t say, but that’s why they do it. That is Dictatorship remains the IDEAL of all bankers.

What is the main mission of the Federal Reserve today?

…the main mission of the banks was to start wars. I found out also it is very difficult to start a war. If you want to start a war with Iraq, go out and try to do it—it’s very tough and it takes years of very hard work. Bush had a great advantage because his father was head of the Central Intelligence Agency, and with the world-wide drug distribution operation—so he had plenty of money and plenty of political influence. No problem at all to walk into Iraq, although Iraq had never fired a shot at the United States. ~ There has to be some very good reason to have a war. Because you can understand that it’s very difficult to get millions of people to run out and kill each other: When they have absolutely no bone of contention whatsoever.

That’s why Ezra got into this entire thing and that’s why he got me into it. ~ Ezra couldn’t understand how these great talents (his many friends on all sides of the WWI), died for nothing. When he’s spent years studying the situation and he had eight languages all over Europe he found out that BANKERS MAKE WARS TO CREATE DEBT. And that’s the only reason. We went to war against Germany in WWI and WWII at a time when by census 52% of the population of the US was of German origin—so this was like a civil war. The Central Bankers had been wanting WWI since 1885 but the Central Banks of Europe had already bankrupted every country in Europe. There wasn’t a country in Europe ~ which could finance one day’s war anywhere. So that’s why they were conspiring in the United States to get the Federal Reserve System passed because the Federal Reserve System was conjured up simply to make WWI possible. Without the Federal Reserve there would not have been a WWI, NO AMERICAN WOULD EVER HAVE DIED IN WWI—so you could say they were murdered by the Bankers—because that was the only reason they (the Americans) were there.

 They don’t start the War but they conspire to make it happen.
How did they do that?

They do that through world-wide conspiracies; through Masonic and other secret brotherhoods all over the world which operate as criminal-conspiracies, the Mafia, the Masons, and the Jesuits, and so fourth. There are always these underground groups which are very profitable. When you get into those things you get into very profitable situations and when you get into one of these organizations you become very wealthy yourself. Al Capone became one of the richest people in the US and he complained “I’m just like any other business man” and he was! All business men were like him but they wouldn’t admit…

 Is the United States government a corporate/banking
criminal enterprise?

Well it’s a conglomerate of various criminal enterprises. There are many criminal enterprises some are quite large and some are quite small. Government was always a criminal enterprise because the elections are completely staged and manipulated from the beginning to the end. The candidates are chosen through a very careful process of someone who will thoroughly agree with anything they will want to do in foreign policy or economic policy ~ as far as a country itself it’s a limited

 Is the US Monetary System controlled by the Bank of England?

 Yes it is. In my book ‘The London Connection’ I prove conclusively that London still runs the United States. London is still the world market of the world bankers. Not Washington, not New York and not Tokyo, and not Berlin. – it’s London. (1)

 The One World Order

George Bush went public after I published this book. George Bush senior was president at that time. In November he started going on television talking about The New World Order. And the only book on the Order was my book. What is the World Order? The Order is a conglomeration of people who agree on the same goals and they run the world. A Conspiracy? – Of world leaders, bankers and politicians – it’s what is loosely known as Capitalists. A person who is a Capitalist is not a person who makes capital he is a person who HAS Capital, and he can make ‘investments’ that’s what a capitalist is. He makes investments that make money—more money and that’s all “Capitalism” is. ~ When you take over the levers of POWER, THAT’S WHEN YOU BECOME DANGEROUS.

Why is it that people don’t seem to care?

In the 1930’s scientists wondered how Hitler could rule Germany and Stalin could rule Russia, these are vast territories – he could rule them with practically no army. The answer was they had discovered during the 192o’s that adding sodium fluoride to the drinking water made the people very passive. Stalin found out that in his concentration camps ~ that by adding sodium fluoride to the water to the camps or the gulags he could reduce his guards by an average of four. He only needed one in four, 25% – instead of a hundred percent.

Studies have found Americans even in unfluoridated communities are suffering serious health effects from overexposure to fluoride due to its widespread and uncontrolled use. Fluoride can be found in any food or beverage made with fluoridated municipal water. Less than 2% of Western Europe drinks fluoridated water compared with over 60% of the United States population.

Sodium Fluoride is a by-product of the manufacture of Aluminum which is a very complicated manufacturing process. Sodium Fluoride is very expensive and difficult to dispose of. The myth of the story behind children’s teeth being improved by Sodium Fluoride being beneficial was never proven—but it’s harmful effects are clear. Congress with a judicious application of bribes never-the-less passed a bill enacting Sodium Fluoride in addition to water supplies all over the United States—and we haven’t had a revolution since—and we’ve had one-party government ever since.

 Why did Americans get involved in WWII?

Well it was inevitable because WWII was simply a re-run of WWI. It was practically the same cast of characters—in fact it was the same person Col House, whose father was a Rothschild agent during the Civil War and so the senior House managed to have runner’s; privateers bring cotton from the South to the British Mills so they could operate during the civil war. He made a lot of money and at the end of the Civil War Col House was the only person in the State of Texas that had any money. He took over the entire Democratic Party in the Southern States which were occupied-territory and still are.

(Many have wondered why the US has kept troops all over the world, especially in Germany, Japan and Italy long after WWII – might this be because those nations are still “OCCUPIED-TERRITORIES?)

You’ve seen the lie about two political parties in the South – called the Carpet-Baggers and the Scallywags. The Carpetbaggers are the Republicans and the Scallywags are the Democrats and you have exactly the same government that you had during Martial Law in1865 – with the same people running everything. It’s a perfect set-up…

 Is there a difference between Carpetbaggers and Scallywags?

There is a difference; the difference is in the name. One group calls themselves Republicans the other calls themselves Democrats. The Republicans are not Republicans and the Democrats are not Democrats; as I said they are Carpetbaggers and Scallywags—but the press doesn’t use those terms, because some people would be offended by that…

 Was the United States ever a true Republic?

I don’t know that we were—I really do not because we started off with the Articles of Confederation: That’s where the Confederacy comes from: Because when the Southern States seceded from the Union, they were exercising the prerogative which they had been given during the Articles of Confederation, to secede at that time. You see the Articles of Confederation gave every state complete autonomy over its own people. So the Southern States in 1860 decided to secede from the Union, which they had a perfect right to do, but in 1787 they rewrote the Articles of Confederation and it was actually a secret-convention of Masons in Philadelphia and they rewrote the Constitution to create the Federal Government, mainly for the borrowing power. The bankers wanted a nation that could have a borrowing power which could have the power to pay back the money: And that was not possible under the Articles of Confederation.

The Fifth Continental Congress adopted the Articles on November 15, 1777 after 16 months of debate. The Masons then conspired for another three years before ratification was completed March 1, 1781. The articles were replaced by the United States Constitution on June 21, 1788, when the ninth state, New Hampshire ratified the Constitution. (Articles of Confederation)

The United States Colonies when they won the Revolution they set up a governing document called The Articles of Confederation of the United States of America, and that was our sole Constitution and then these Masons got together in 1787 and said we need an instrument of Federal Power and we need an instrument able to borrow money, and repay it.

That’s why they rewrote the Articles of Confederation and that’s why they did it in SECRET because they didn’t dare tell anybody that that’s what they wanted to do: To set up a DICTATORIAL FEDERAL POWER which the Supreme Court to maintain to Federal Power. The Supreme Court always says that the Rule of Law is the United States. Well the Rule of Law is simply the RULE of BANDITS who control the United States. ‘THAT’ is the Rule of Law and if you violate that ‘rule’ you’ll be killed! (2)

End of Part Two

Jim Kirwan

1) Secrets of the Federal Reserve – The London Connection

2) NOT for the Immature! Zionist Antichrist will rule the NWO – 1 hour 38 min 41 sec video

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