Nails in the Coffin – Part 3

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 Where are the Articles of Confederation located?

 Well, “The Articles of Confederation” – I have never seen a copy of it. It’s hidden somewhere if any copies exist.

Who wrote: “The Federal Government has no power
Over any Citizens of the United States?”

That’s from me; I’m the only one that said that. Where is that, where did that come from? Well that’s in “The Betrayal of the Constitution”, my latest book, the last book I wrote. And I simply said in there that the general welfare of the United States – the Supreme Court passed his (Roosevelt’s) Social Security Bill and all of his other bills under false premise. That the ‘general welfare of the United States’ provides for this. What it actually says is that the government shall provide for the general welfare of the United States—which upheld the original Articles of Confederation; which said that each state had complete autonomy and therefore the bill for the general welfare of the United States is the Bill upholding the Articles of Confederation. But they’ve perverted that—that the Constitution says that you have to uphold the general welfare of the states, which is what it says. And all of the government programs for citizens are totally illegal because only a state has a power over a citizen.

The Washington government has no power. The Washington government is in the seat of government which is Washington D.C.

And it only has authority in the 24 square miles in the District of Columbia. It has no power on any state in the United States. That is why Governor George Wallace of Alabama threatened to arrest FBI agents that were creating a revolution in his state of Alabama—which he had every legal right to do, as the governor of the State of Alabama. Washington had no power to send an FBI agent into the State of Alabama, without Governor George Wallace’s permission; which they didn’t have…

Is the dictatorship of Federal Government the reason
that George W. Bush is in Office today?

 Oh Yes! That was simply a plebiscite actually; just like Hitler had in Germany ~ in fact the Bush Family has very deep ties to Nazi Germany. Oh yes when in fact the United States government in Washington has carried out many of Hitler’s polices, which he was unable to do when he didn’t rule long enough. He had on his plans to bomb the nation of Yugoslavia before he attacked Russia because he knew that he had to knock off the Slavic population in Yugoslavia before he would be able to attack Russia. So he launched an attack against Yugoslavia and time ran out on him and then June the 4th 1944 ~ when he attacked Russia – he had to attack then although he had not yet subdued Yugoslavia. So a loyal NAZI named president Bill Clinton finally carried out Hitler’s plan of attacking Yugoslavia. And he bombed them into oblivion. That was carrying out the original Nazi program. ~ I can give you many policies of the last 25 years which is carrying out the polices of Adolf Hitler.

 Who financed Hitler’s War?

“Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler” and a second book, “Wall Street and the Rise of Bolshevism” – which are out of print now—but the books absolutely proved that every step of Nazism was financed by Wall Street Bankers and every step of Communism was financed by Wall Street bankers.

k) – Why has the American public not been willing to shut down Wall Street or the UN for their joint crimes against humanity, or for that matter why has the entire Zionist-ownership of this country along with the government not been stopped long before now? The banks could have been stopped by having a RUN on the BANKS but again none of this has happened because ‘people’ were never willing to RISK anything at all to stay FREE.

Because that is still true, this has come to pass and there is nothing that can actually prepare anyone beyond the first week of the global-chaos that is coming. (1)

Are the Wall Street Bankers tied into International money-lenders? Well they are tied into the consortiums of the bankers of the entire world. These are people who have learned to work together so they do very well.

How is the Bush Family tied into WWII

The Bush Family itself has no background at all. The Bush family worked for the Harriman family and Jacob Shift ~ which I mentioned earlier, he financed John D. Rockefeller in Standard Oil of New Jersey, which became a world oil monopoly.

Look what just happened to NJ in the second strike of Sandy. whose people are now being evicted and charged for the destruction of their own homes, while being fined for not financing their own destruction – How the mighty have fallen!

And he financed the Harriman Brothers in the Northern Pacific Railroad which developed the whole Western half of the United States: With tremendous property rights along the whole right of way of that railroad which made it perhaps the richest in the country.

This is what AGENDA 21 has decided to scrap because the money has already been stolen, and no one else will be allowed to prosper from the new industry of stack & pack slaves that will soon be built along the railroads that will be the only place where the mindless will be allowed to live. The moneyed criminals have moved on to the next phase – and its all in their new maps for the new “environmental-sustainability” that will kill over four-fifths of the planet.

The Harriman’s made billions of dollars and had to have someone to manage their money, so they hired a young family, the Bush family, who were Wall Street operators—they became their money-managers. That’s all they (the Bush Family) did, they managed money for the Harriman’s. Averill Harriman became a world-agent for the bankers and his exploits were memorialized in a series of books by Sinclair Lewis ~ whose main character was called “Manny-Bud” – this was a very wealthy young man who’d traveled around the world with a first hand knowledge of world leaders – and he directed policy for them. Averill Harriman actually wound up in 1942 to 1944 – Stalin had had a nervous breakdown when Hitler invaded Germany: And they had to send Averill Harriman as the world agent of the World Bankers to Moscow as ostensibly the US Ambassador but he went into Russia as the actual dictator of Russia from 1942 to 1944. Stalin was totally immobilized by his nervous breakdown – so the whole of WWII would have collapsed if Averill Harriman hadn’t gone in and kept it going by running Russia from behind the scenes. Of course at that time Russia was fighting Nazi Germany – So theoretically Averill Harriman and the United States were Nazi-Germany’s biggest enemies. Finally the Russian Army did sweep through Germany and conquer Hitler – but that was done through Averill Harriman – it was nothing that Stalin accomplished whatsoever… but nobody knows that. This is the connection of Harriman with Hitler. They actually defeated Hitler, but they laid Germany waste and it (Germany) became an American colony: Or a colony of the World-Bankers and its been ‘OCCUPIED TERRITORY’ ever since. Both Germany and Japan have both been totally occupied-countries since 1945. (Hence US troops have stayed behind now ever since 1945, until now)

Can you talk about your book ‘The Five Trillion Cold War Hoax?

The 5 Trillion Dollar Hoax was exposed by Norman Potterets; who is one of the big Zionist-Propagandists in the US – he was the editor of COMMENTARY in New York City. The American Jewish Committee which was the unofficial Bible of World Zionism. “COMMENTARY” carried very serious articles by respected writers on economical and political things. It was like “FOREIGN AFFAIRS magazine”. These were the bibles of people in the State Department and in Congress that had to read these articles – to know what to do: That’s how they got their instructions.

Anyhow Norman Potterets published his autobiography a few years after the Cold War; and he stated in his autobiography ~ that The only purpose of the Cold War was to ARM ISRAEL to fight the Arab nations. We’re in Iraq today because Potterets armed Israel in the1950’s. All this came out of the Paris Peace Conference at Versailles in 1919. There’s a book called “1919 Paris and Versailles” and that’s a very important book – it tells you everything that was done At the Versailles Peace Conference. One of the main things was a very vigorous Zionist-CONFERNECE, at the World Peace Conference in 1919 – And the Zionists got everything they wanted – this included Woodrow Wilson who was himself a very ardent ZIONIST (THAT’S THE SAME BASTARD THE LET The Federal Reserve BE CREATED in 1913). So you put Brandeis who was the head of the Zionist World Organization – put him on The Supreme Court of the United States (Zionists have been imbedded throughout the old USA going all the way back to 1919).

When Wilson put Brandeis on the Supreme Court that is when the Supreme Court became the operating-entity for the world conspiracy – RIGHT THERE – AND ITS BEEN THAT EVER SINCE. That’s why they (the Supreme Court on 12-12-2000) voted to put George Bush in the Presidency (This was TREASON, and we never challenged any of it).

Could George Bush be indicted for War Crimes?

Intervention… It’s more or less disinformation. There is no indictment going to be handed down. And all of these things are simply making George Bush more secure in office. He’s almost ready to become ‘President for Life’. Because there is no opposition whatsoever. The Democrats have been totally shattered – they have not a single candidate (which is why they had to begin very early-on by grooming the current TRAITOR to fill in the missing gap) and the Republicans don’t even have a candidate (back before the 2008 selection).They’re talking about McCain who is the biggest phony in the US. He’s married to a Mafia princess in Arizona, and he’s rolling in money, he has all the prestige in the world and he has 100% media cooperation – the media swoons every time McCain appears anywhere… (2)

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Jim Kirwan

1) The Madness of a Lost Society 3 – 11 min video

2) NOT for the Immature! Zionist Antichrist will rule the NWO – 1 hour 38 min 41 sec video


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