Nails in the Coffin – Part 4


…Nine Eleven was a step in the right direction, and they can repeat 911 at any time. Like the Murrah Bombing in Oklahoma City and the Waco Holocaust of burning an entire Church congregation alive in their own  church, which Hitler never did in his worst years, but we welcomed it in this country.

The CIA will support any dissident group no matter how ‘far out’ you are. If I had started a religious group or put a political group together – at any time during the last fifty years of my political career I would have immediately gotten CIA SUPPORT – financial support and political support – you’d be allowed to operate. And the FBI would not come in and shut you down tomorrow morning – because that is only done by orders from Washington.

k): Instead what actually did happen is that Eustace Mullins for all that he did for the rest of us – was murdered in the end by the same forces that he had heroically fought against for over fifty years. The least we could do is to read what he has left to us, so that we might finally find the balls to actually start doing what we have failed for so very long to do anything at all about. (1)

They like to have fringe groups from any persuasion, from all over the country – they don’t care what you believe or what you do as long as you do something: They are used to manipulate the population. Because some people are going to be very enthusiastic for whatever goofy things these people espoused and other people are gong to be fiercely opposed to it. So right away you’ve got opposition and CONFLICT right away which is just handed to you on a silver platter – you don’t have to do ANYTHING. All you do is turn these people loose and have them attack each other and you’ve got a war on your hands.

 Do you think the Zionists are planning a war?
in the United States?

Oh yes. ~ Well they’re having problems right now because the fluoridation of the water and the medical establishment has made the children in schools so passive and the working people so passive that they don’t object to anything. There was NO OPPOSITION at all to going to war in Iraq, which was the flimsiest thing we’ve ever done in the history of this country. Because Saddam Hussein had never fired a shot in this country and he’d never posed any threat to the United States of America – there was not one American in the US who was afraid of Saddam Hussein. And our army goes marching into Iraq (for the second time, when Junior followed his daddy’s lead in 1991).

Pulls down his statues and throws him into prison and they have a problem with trying him which is that he’d been a loyal-asset of the CIA for FORTY-YEARS.  It’s hard to get rid of one of your most faithful officials over a number of years. He didn’t just appear on the scene two years ago – he’s got a 40 year history with the CIA which most of their employees don’t even have.

 What’s it all about?

Well all the foreign-policy organizations in the world at the end of WWI – the Rothschilds organized a number of groups. One was the Royal Institute of International-Affairs in London. It’s called Chatham House, and that is the THINK-TANK of all of Europe today. Although its headquarters is in London, the real headquarters are in Brussels which is the headquarters of the Lambert family, which is part of the Rothschild family – and Brussels has been running the world since – you know we had an Ambassador for NATO for many years because NATO the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was headquartered in Brussels ~ it was (all) simply a “family company.’

Who do international bankers support for their control?

NATO AND THE Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute for International Affairs are all very heavily financed and if you become affiliated with them and some ~ capacity you’ll have an annual salary of say a hundred thousand dollars, unlimited expense accounts to travel around the world on missions, stay at the most expensive hotels and charge accounts at the most expensive shops to buy your clothes and so forth – in other words you’ve become part of the International Elite and you live like a millionaire whether you have a dime or not of your own, it doesn’t matter. They will pay all these expenses until YOU MAKE ONE MISTAKE. If you give one wrong interview or say the wrong thing publicly—why you’re history. That’s your LAST DAY and no one will ever hear of you again—and that happens quite frequently.

What do the Corporate Bankers have to hide?

What they have to hide is their affiliation and control of all these foreign policies organizations. We have the Foreign-Policy Institute and Foreign Affairs, the Think-tank magazine of the World-Policy Organization and all of these are very expensive operations. They are all run by very trusted and faithful employees and they do their job everyday. They’re at the office everyday ~ they’re dependable and they have that job as long as they live and they know that. So they do their jobs and they do whatever they are told. ~ these are people like president of Harvard University or Yale University ~ they use a lot of corporate presidents like The Aluminum Company of America – president and people like that, General Motors president who have stature, and they can do or say anything (to justify whatever the criminals decide to do like invade Iraq based on WMD’s that do not exist) Nobody challenges them whatsoever! That’s what reputations are for—they are for people they can USE.

For instance I’ve been a world known author for 50 years and yet my name is almost completely unknown; except it’s all over the internet, because on the internet they have no control (YET) The world media on television, you’ll never see me on television because I’ve told people repeatedly that when see anybody’s face appear on television

That means that the person is totally safe and totally OWNED by the establishment.

Who controls the United States Government today?

It’s a conglomerate of various criminal enterprises there are many criminal-enterprises in America. Some are quite large, some are quite small – GOVERNMENT is always a criminal-enterprise because the elections are completely staged from the beginning to the end.

This brought us to the end of the first hour – and I’ll end it here.
The rest of the video is there if you want to listen to it all. (2)

Jim Kirwan

1) The Contract Murder of Eustace Mullins

2) NOT for the Immature! Zionist Antichrist will rule the NWO – 1 hour 38 min 41 sec video


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