Israel Spits on the U.N.

And the whole world

Illustration by David Dees

The U.N. held its long delayed vote and recognized Palestine officially as the 194th STATE in the community of nations. However, before the ink even dried on that decision Israel made it clear that they would NOT be bound by anything that was agreed to by the International body: Not NOW and NOT EVER so long as Netanyahu retains control of the Zionist designed New World Order.

This global-outrage marks the beginning of the end of Israel’s unchallenged imperious-arrogance toward every other nation on the planet. Israel continues to do what it has always done, with Palestinians and beyond…

Waging War On Palestine

“Palestinians know what they’re up against. UN success changed nothing on the ground. Daily Israeli state terror continues. World leaders do nothing to help.

Rhetorical Palestinian support rings hollow. Americans like to say: Put your money where your mouth is. World leaders able to change things put theirs on Israel. They’re complicit with US/Israeli imperial crimes. They spurn Palestinian rights. Their suffering continues daily. On December 1, Israeli soldiers shot two more Gazans.

They accosted, arrested and detained another 13 Palestinian fishermen. Their “crime” was fishing in their own waters.

On November 21, Israel accepted memorandum of understanding terms. Both sides agreed to end conflict.

It continues unabated. Israel bears full responsibility. It bears repeating. Its word isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.”

On Sunday, Israel said it’s withholding $100 million in monthly tax revenue it collects for the PA. Doing so is grand theft. It’s delivering on promised retribution. Expect much more ahead.

On December 2, a Haaretz editorial headlined “Israel’s punishment,” saying:

UN Member States spoke “loud and clear: Yes to a two-state solution. But Israel’s government responded with a step that, first and foremost, punishes Israel.”

Previous articles explained that two states once were possible. No longer. Israel controls too much Palestinian land. It won’t relinquish any. Partition won’t work.

The only viable solution is one state for all its people at peace with equal rights. Netanyahu’s decision to build another 3,000 housing units separating East Jerusalem from the West Bank drove a final nail in the two-state corpse.

It wasn’t possible before. For sure, it’s not now. Netanyahu’s announcement came while UN Member States voted. He punished Palestinians and “the world,” said Haaretz.

It didn’t go unnoticed. Israel was also “punished.” It’s “entrenching itself even further in its own rejectionism, and deepening its isolation and the disconnect between itself and the international reality.”

Perhaps so, but Palestinians so far aren’t benefitting. Haaretz called settlement construction on extremely sensitive land “a particularly grave and dangerous decision.”

Instead of showing restraint, “the government is dragging Israel into additional diplomatic disasters. And instead of embarking on sincere, genuine negotiations with the new observer state, Israel is turning its back on it, and on the world.”

Netanyahu’s policies belie his Bar-Ilan bluster. His posturing was willful deception. He also broke his pledge not to build new E1 Ma’aleh Adumin settlement housing units.

He regularly shows what he stands for and where he’s heading. Haaretz envisions “diplomatic isolation, denunciation and ostracism by the world.”

Believing it is way over the top. Perhaps some day. Not now. This, too, shall pass. Israel proved time and again it can commit the most egregious crimes and get away with them.

It won’t continue forever. Israel’s day of reckoning awaits. It’s also true for its Washington paymaster/partner. Policies causing so much harm to so many will end. When, who knows.

Palestinian suffering continues. Regional war threatens. No end of conflict appears near. Humanity is at risk. Perhaps mushroom shaped cloud resolution awaits. It’s disturbingly possible. Things could indeed end with a bang. It can’t be ruled out.” (1)

“PS. It could be said that the Jews have enslaved America because they own the American dollar, via the Federal Reserve and they control the bent senators who can order the American army to war. But all of that is going to change and the current system will collapse. It’s impossible to see right now, but there are forces working to break the grip which causes America so much pain. SW” See the VIDEO at the bottom of this article: (2)

Israel Gives UN Vote the Finger

“The long awaited vote has now been cast, followed by ecstatic cheering throughout the Arab world and among countless people who care about the human race. The UN upgraded Palestine from its status as ‘observer entity’ to ‘observer state.’ And …Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority was in a fighting mood upon passage of the resolution. Abbas adorned with a victor’s crown, boldly, brashly told the U.N. General Assembly that Israel’s War Crimes against the Palestinians – exposed the Jewish State as a deadly executioner who acts above the law: Immune to public outcry…

Well, that all sounds well and good, from the global podium, but Israel’s chief executioner ~ Netanyahu dismissed the vote as “an empty gesture that would change nothing on the ground.” Jewish shill’s ambassador’s to the UN Susan Rice then put icing on the Zionist cake saying “No resolution can create a state where none exists”

k): (Apparently Rice forgot to notice that that is exactly what the UN did when it was that body which created Israel in the first place, as one of their very first acts, as a global body.

“Palestinian’s will wake up tomorrow and find that little has changed.” But everything is changing on the ground, as Jewry’s request for a Greater Israel extending from the Nile to the Euphrates, moves forward. For no sooner did the resolution pass than Netanyahu authorized construction of 3,000 more settlements to be built in the Occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem; the hoped for future capital of Palestine.

In addition plans for 1,000 new settler homes in an area known as the E-1 Corridor locating along a highway connecting Jerusalem with Tel Aviv is also part of Israel’s revenge: Defying the UN Vote. A seamless Israeli infrastructure, running all the way from the west bank of Tel Aviv will CUT a future Palestinian state in half; and marking the end of “a two-state-solution.”

Oh, the entire Western World will be outraged, but can only give lip-service to “the Palestinian Tragedy”. The International Jewish Lobby is too-powerful to allow what was formerly known and experienced as Christendom to interfere with

Israel’s Master-Plan.

And the world’s supposed “most powerful nation”- America, has been scolded by Global Expert Zbigniew Brzezinski ‘not to allow Israel to lead it by the nose’ like some stupid donkey… Sorry Zigg, it’ll never happen. America is owned by the Jewish Lobby – you should know that by now. And its shills on Capital Hill know which hole their campaign contributions are stuffed in.

And let’s get real about Israel. From the very beginning of the Zionist Invasion the Jewish State it has been hell-bent on making life so miserable for the Palestinians—leaving them no choice but to flee their native homes. This has been going on for nearly a century and a UN vote and euphoric-cheering is not going to stop it!


 International Jewry doesn’t care about world opinion.

And for those who refuse to leave their native homes, the 1923 Jabatinski Plan, known as the Iron Wall, using Israeli brute force to beat the Palestinians into submission, will establish an Apartheid-one-state-solution: Where what’s left of the Palestinian population will be beaten down into second class citizens. Believe me for I grew up as a Jew, American Jewry will find some way to justify it. They will never give up their locus of power in Jerusalem for ‘a bunch of Arabs to be deprived of their rights’. This is how ‘American Jewry’ thinks. I KNOW this from the INSIDE: Didn’t Israel’s latest ASSAULT on Gaza prove this?

Where was the OUTRAGE

From the American Jewish Community?

Zilch, Zero, not a peep out of them. And why are we ignoring this basic fact? Zionism’s original intent, and this has not changed, was to create a Jewish State, where all non-Jews are persona non grata, in what Jewry falsely perceives to be its ancestral home. For if the ancestral myth is true, swallowed by biblically ignorant Zionist-Christians then the past two-thousand years and Christ’s very own words, are nothing more than historical and theological FICTION!

You see because Judaism, its polity, and its claim to the land was invalidated by the Lord Jesus Christ who said to the Jews: “Your house is left unto you desolate.” All ancestral claims made by Jewry are now null and void. And all those that have lived in Palestine since the time of Christ, until the recent Zionist invasion—raising generations of families and building for the future—namely Christians and Muslims from the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires: Must be looked upon as interlopers, TRESSPASSER, and Illegal Aliens – NOTHING COULD BE MORE HISTORICALLY ABSURD!

Tell that to those Emperors and Caliph’s of those empires and they will demand that the US and Canada give back the ENTIRE North American Continent to the Indians who have a greater claim to their ancestral home, than Jewry has on Palestine!

Bottom line: The Palestinian issue and cause will sadly soon disappear. Israel has given the U.N. Vote the finger and no one is lifting their fingers to oppose that!

A New World Power is in the makings—replacing a broke and SUBMISSIVE-AMERIKKA—A power that is Jewish, centered in Israel: Christ hating, internationally-wealthy, with a nuclear-launching pad ready to be used on all who get in its way—lodged within the precincts of ITS PROTECTED STATE is emerging and ready to reek hell on earth, not only on the Palestinian’s but on THE ENTIRE WORLD AS WELL.” (3)

So the terms are clear, and the challengers have been given their dismissive ORDERS by this Zionist-pig who sits at the center of this globalist nightmare. The only question still unanswered is will the world find the guts to rip out this cancer and scatter the Zionists to the four winds, before Netanyahu has the chance to nuke the rest of this planet by employing the Sampson principle (If I can’t get what I want then no one will survive in the aftermath)?

Is the world not smart enough to crush this criminal-cabal and end this barbarity for all eternity; so that there can again be a human-race to live and prosper in a free and basically human-world again?

Jim Kirwan

1) Waging War on Palestine

2) Rabbi Says We are all to Become Slaves of the Jews (Jerusalem Post) – See the 5 min 2 second video at the end of this link

3) Israel gives UN Vote the Finger – 7 min 32 sec video


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