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The Gates of Hell, a right three-quarter view, with Eve
In the foreground. Photo Bill Schaefer

August Rodin’s famous Gates of Hell was created for a totally different time & place, but today we are about to
Face an entirely different thought-form
Because this ‘Hell’ could end the global populationAs a way of life.

This just in from an imbedded source inside Syria, with the rejuvenated Syrian Army that has just been mobilized and resupplied by unknown sources from the East. Heavy missiles are being set up armed with longer-range weapons for special-operations to be launched soon. Egypt’s population is about to oust its highly suspect leadership and redirect Egyptian military forces on their true enemy, the Rogue State of Israel. Jordon’s massive Palestinian-population is considering something new as well, to aid the Palestinians despite the impending-collapse of their puppet government in Jordon; which is beginning to show cracks of desperation under the pressures that keep building, against puppets in general, and against Israel in particular.

Turkey’s trying to play both sides of the nightmare and will be disgraced by those that will finally win the coming battle, over who will survive the problems that Zionism insists on controlling. With the Syrians beginning to think about invading from the East North East, and Jordon becoming less stable every day, there is also Lebanon. Beirut cannot remain neutral much longer, not when Israel is so vocally spoiling for yet another war.

The Russian Bear is committing more and more resources to the region. The imminent and potentially active role of both Russia and China keeps expanding. The flames of everyday events created by the Zionists and the weaknesses of USI serve only Israel now.  Virtually every nation in the Middle-East will have to consider what to do about the arrogance of Zionist Israel. That decision will need to be made quickly because ‘Israel is not in the mood to put up with the rest of the world much longer’. However, the real question ought to be:

 How much longer will the world put up with Israel?

The US has just announced that the CIA has created a new agency (The Shadow Intelligence Agency, that was part of Cheney’s Shadow Government is now official).

“The Pentagon confirmed it would be establishing a new intelligence agency, the Defense Clandestine Service, meant to work with the CIA, that would establish spy networks to monitor long-term threats to U.S. national security interests, pointing to places like Iran and North Korea. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta approved the program Friday.”

Panetta no longer speaks for the USA, he informed congress in person, and in public, that he only answers to the UN & NATO: In fact he no longer is concerned about even informing the US of his duties in his new role – serving the New World Order… k

“Panetta previously served as the head of the CIA and the intelligence agency’s current director, David Petraeus, previously served as the Commander of NATO and U.S. forces in Afghanistan. The DCS would bring the federal government’s intelligence agency total to 17**.

Officials indicated the new agency would not need Congressional approval, though the move was “communicated” to members of Congress, and that it created no new authorities. The creation of the DCS seems like a bureaucratic shuffle, with Defense officials complaining about losing talented intelligence officers to agencies like the CIA that provide more opportunities for career growth.” (1)

When added to all the literally hundreds of new mercenary and clandestine “services” that have been created just since Obamanation took over—there are now so many agencies and privately employed thugs that are spying, torturing or reporting on the general public that one might wonder if there are any jobs other than ‘fascist-security-mercenaries for hire’ that are hiring anywhere inside or outside our paranoid-police-state?

Meanwhile a very strange new set of conditions is being created throughout the middle-east to deal with the blatantly criminal-Zionist position. A position that has now OFFICIALLY declared itself to be ABOVE & BEYOND all international or national laws anywhere on the planet. (2)

The newest QUESTION floating around but still unaddressed in the war-torn world is NOT: The Who, What, Where, When & Why of outmoded Journalism, when it comes to Zionism’s criminality in the world: But rather “WHICH” that refers to whether the world will have a permanent double-standard or whether it will finally turn every weapon in every field on the Zionists that have unleashed the newly opened gates of hell upon the earth. Zionism is the cause of all the TERROR on this planet and that’s an undeniable fact.

The world reacted against the Nazi’s and the Fascists when they tried to do what Israel has been doing since the end of WWII. Now it is the 4th Reich that is pushing for this unthinkable crime against the world, and yet the planet has still not come to the aid of mankind to end this belligerent threat to every man, woman and child on earth. But at that time both Hitler and Stalin as well as the Emperor of Japan had ACTED to create their own enslavement of the planet—how can the people of the world do less?

The Zionists will never stop, because all they know is how to rape, to plunder and to kill anyone that dares oppose them. Has the world become so different, between 1939 and now? Can the world today actually-refuse to end this series of global-crimes—because there are too many puppets controlling far too many nations now?

I was going to write the article above as a faux-news story rooted in an irony, to show the public just how close we are to a major catastrophe created by our global-failure to act. However as I was bringing the pieces together with the factual news stories, that continue to flood the scene, it dawned on me that this thought-form actually is beginning to take shape around the planet. I kept seeing missiles being raised with Stars of David scrawled upon them along with messages like” “To Israel with LOVE” – Because that’s what is about to happen, in place after place, once the world decides that there is only one way to deal with Zionism and Israel.

The world cannot allow Zionism to dictate-life to everyone else on the planet—not, that is, if there is to be a world that is anything other than a permanent slave state…

Jim Kirwan

1) Defense Dept Launching New Spy Agency

2) Israel Spits on the U.N.


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