Catastrophic Complexity

The Inability of Terror to Succeed

Illustration by David Dees

In the video beginning at 8 minutes 30 seconds:

“Several Bombs destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building on April 19, 1995. President Clinton blamed the bombing on Right-Wing Terrorists. The bombing destroyed the records of the Branch Davidians in Waco Texas, and other important documents.”

k): The ‘order’ to unleash the flame-throwing tanks on the Religious compound was given by Hillary Clinton, after Janet Reno the A.G. at the time, refused to give that order. There was more than a need to destroy all the records of this crime which violated Posse Comitatus, that had never before been done by this government to anyone in this country—before the US illegally attacked that compound in Waco Texas where 79 men women and children were murdered—by agents of the FBI and ATF. Waco a New Revelation – 2011 A New (full-length)Movie (2)

“Timothy McVeigh gave the U.S. Government the excuse it needed and the pretext for new measures, The Counter-Terrorism Bill. Federal fingerprints were all over this event…”

And this is only one of the events shown in this link. The pattern is clear for this False-Flag Operation and for the Problem-Reaction-Solution tactic that has ruled us now for centuries. Clinton was able to push through the necessary changes to US law that crippled us long before 911 became a fact: But the heritage this treason brought to the public in the USA was and still is DEVASTATING. (1)

Many people are familiar with the patterns that government uses to cover-up their crimes—however what is far less well known is the COMPLEXITY behind the scenes, that led the Police-State-Forces to come to believe in their own infallibility, as well as in what they now believe will give them and their handlers, full control, over everyone still on the earth.

What has been overlooked is the sheer number of agencies and organizations as well as privately controlled security and mercenary forces that have become so numerous that it is nearly impossible to control the various agenda’s that each one of them are still trying to pursue around the world.

There is now a literal cacophony of illegal-forces, vying for dominance, within so much secrecy that we saw first in Libya and now in Syria. It has become impossible to control individuals, much less the events that are being created on the ground—anywhere. The creators of The New World Order believe that the chaos is GREAT, and welcome the absence of anyone in actual charge of anything at all. However what this creates for the watchers in the wider-world is the true picture of evil-incarnate blended into Barbarity-Incorporated that can no-longer be controlled by any of the thousands of force-multipliers wrestling for total control of anything—no matter which failed-state falls victim to this blood-drenched-onslaught.

In the end there is a BACKLASH being-born, as an unintended consequence against the sheer scale of the Rogue-Outlaws that are causing and maintaining this crescendo that could end-up forcing people to ACT—where before most people had already been terrorized to the point of absolute-surrender. With so much lawlessness, everywhere now, the CRISIS in the Middle-East is building to the point of the EXPLOSION that must respond, to the brute-savagery and the near total collapse, of any ability for human-life to continue to exist at all.

Inside USI, the sheer tidal-wave of criminal legislation on virtually anything and everything which Americans had once been accustomed to doing with their lives, has all been CRIMINALIZED, in virtually every way. The point was to cut-off every avenue of escape within the states of the United States—but it looks like that bit of OVERKILL might end up causing the one thing they sought to forbid: A massive revolt that will crush the avalanche of bogus laws and everyone responsible for attempting to kill the entire American public. There are so many new and tyrannical-restrictions on everything now—that already (Without even a declaration of formal Martial Law)


Here’s one example of the insanity of overkill. The U.S. Military now wants to “Microchip” the Troops.

DARPA is at it again. This time, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has announced plans to create nanochips for monitoring troops health on the battlefield.

Kate Knibbs at Mobiledia reports the sensors are targeted at preventing illness and disease, the two causes of most troops medical evacuations.

From WND:

She said it was expected that captive audiences, such as prisoners and troops, would be the first subjected to the requirement, which would make it easier for the general populace to accept it as well. “It’s interesting,” she said. “I’m stunned how this younger generation is OK. They don’t see the problem. … ‘Why wouldn’t everyone want to be tracked?’

But she said Americans will have to decide to say no to incremental advances, or by the time officials finally roll out the idea of chips for all, whether they want them or not, it will be too late to decide. “The analogy that I draw is [that of a train], and if I’m in California and I do not want to wind up in New City, every stop brings me closer,” she said. “At some point I have to get off the train.”

DARPA is calling the effort “a truly disruptive innovation,” that could help the U.S. fight healthier and more efficiently than its adversaries.” = (3)

And to do it here is another patent being applied for, to assist Homeland-Security and the Private-Corporate-Prison-System to “manage” their illegally detained-prisoners more effectively.

Handcuffs which could deliver electric shocks, drugs and sedatives to people who are under arrest could be the future of law enforcement, after a US company applied for a patent on the device.

Scottsdale Inventions LLC made the application, according to the website Patent Bolt.

The system would outfit handcuffs with sensors including “accelerometers, potentiometer, inclinometer, biometric sensors and cameras” in order to tell the state, health and location of the person wearing them.”

k): OVERKILL against people that have not been convicted of anything?

“They would be able to deliver powerful electric shocks to detainees – after a warning light or noise lets the wearer know they’re about to get fried – in order to physically restrain them without intervention by another person.

MORE: Electric Shock Handcuffs Full Patent

The system could theoretically detect when a prisoner moved outside of a pre-defined zone, and shock them so they were not able to get away.

Alternatively they could be used in “keep out” mode, shocking a wearer if they crossed a certain boundary to get into a restricted area.

The patent also details how the handcuffs could be used to deliver substances – specifically:

“A liquid, a gas, a dye, an irritant, a medication, a sedative, a transdermal medication or transdermal enhancers such as dimethyl sulfoxide, a chemical restraint, a paralytic, a medication prescribed to the detainee, and combinations thereof.”

The substances would be injected via needles or through a gas injection system.

They could be used for “any desired goal”, the patent says, including providing needed medication or restraining them chemically.”

k): If this is not Orwellian-obliteration of the rights of all human beings, especially given that the people wearing these “handcuffs” will most likely not be criminals but just “persons of interest” who are not allowed to have any contact with lawyers, family members or have the right to know what the charges are against them—before they become faceless numbers imprisoned by a one-man president and his appointed CZARS who will act as their judges, juries and executioners—for anyone that becomes too-inconvenient for the fascist police-state to bother with any longer. (k)

“The patent includes a photograph of what appears to be a prototype of the handcuffs, apparently demonstrating this is not just theoretical.

No law enforcement agency (or anyone else) has indicated they wish to use this system.” (4)

We got into this mess because too many of those who claim to be champions of the rights of the public are reluctant to take on the real questions which the facts show have always been that ~




For the CRIMES which the privileged-few routinely commit.

While this is obscene enough to demand real-action: It is apparently not severe enough to drag what we once used “as reporters” out: To call this government on what they continue to do, each and every hour of every day, in every year!

How else to explain that the public still shows no interest, in challenging, whatever this government continues to expand upon—while never having PROVEN that there is any real threat at all inside the United States except from the federal agencies who continue to create every false-flag attack that has occurred since 911 happened in 2001?

In conclusion the ending of the first clip makes a great many things crystal-clear, in that 15 minutes that is so worth watching! (1)

“Anyone who has done any research into 911 comes to one conclusion. It was an inside job. The 911 report was a fraud and a cover-up just like the Warren Commission was used to coverup the JFK Assassination.

If given a chance to present all the evidence the whole scandal would come to light, and all of those responsible would be hung as traitors!

This was our pretext for the Iraq War, and all of the military force used by the USA since 911. An excuse to take our rights away by passing the Patriot Act. This was the excuse to murder innocent people and to rob the American People by spending billions on War.”

k): And if these things were done, the culpability for the role played by the Zionist State of Israel would become clear enough to end that criminal-world of global-hatred that has the US by the balls, and has had us totally enslaved to them – since before 1948.


“In the end everybody will be locked into a monitored control-grid: Where every single action is documented. And if you get out of line they can just turn off your chip. But at that point in time every single aspect of society will revolve around interactions with the chips. This is the picture that is painted for the future, if you open your eyes to see it. A centralized one-world economy (totally shattered) everyone’s moves and everyone’s transactions will be monitored, all rights removed. The most incredible aspect of all.

These totalitarian elements will not be forced upon the people, the people will demand them.”

k): Unless we succeed in unmasking THEM—before they complete this diabolical plan. 

“For the social degeneration of society, through the generation of fear and division has clearly detached humans from their sense of power and reality. A process which has been going on for centuries if not millennia.


“We threw everything we had at Vietnam and they were nothin but a bunch of farmers, with a few AK-47’s and they withstood it all. So ladies and gentlemen don’t ever, ever let them take our right: The Hell with this Patriot Act!

“I will Fear no Evil: For thou art with me”







We have to begin somewhere; this is as good a place as any…

Jim Kirwan

1) Manufacture Fear – Fifteen Minutes that will change your life: video

2) WACO – A New Revelation 2011 – A New Movie 53 minutes

3) The US Military wants to Microchip Troops

4) ‘Electric Shock Handcuffs’ Could Also Administer Drugs to Detainees, Patent Application Shows.


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