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All that is crystal clear to the public the world over is that the thug-police have been formally charged with using the military, the mob and the black-ops-underworld to make this happen everywhere, at the same time.

Since the official-gloves came off in 2001, people around the world have wondered why anyone would or could undertake the kind of global-genocide that is in full-throated roar right now: Because it makes no sense at all to kill-the-planet and four-fifths of the population, just to be able to say that it can be done?

 So why do it!

The culprits are INTERNATIONAL-CRIMINAL-CORPORATIONS under the direction of Zionista-criminal-Mobs masquerading as private-Businesses. Using governments as front-organizations for committing global-genocide, torture, murder and bestiality, combined with their barbaric slaughters of those that resist this onslaught against the human-race: The New (old) World Order has made “UNENDING WAR” their guiding principle for ever-increasing global-profits while they continue to flaunt their “renegade-powers” regardless of every existing law in the war-torn universe.

“Last week, the London Times, owned by Rupert Murdoch, a “stealth” Israeli citizen and powerful Likudist leader, ran a purposefully false news story. His “tale” involved the use by Israel of bases within Azerbaijan by drones to plan attacks on Iran.

Azerbaijan’s president quickly denied the report, pledged his solidarity with Iran and demanded a retraction. The Times had no source for the report. It was invented.

Sources tell us the story was run as part of a fraudulent manipulation of oil markets. Billions were made in hours.
When the “denial” was published, billions more were made through illegal “shot selling.”

When government, the military, the financial market, media and world terrorism become part of the same “corporate society,” there is big money to be made.

Turn on your television, watch the news. The story is in front of you every day. News agencies, Fox and the Newscorp/Murdoch group, CNN, the New York Times, even Washington “think tanks” and the endless bellicose outpourings from Washington, London, Berlin and, most of all, Tel Aviv, can all be traced to systematic manipulation of key markets, crude oil and fuels, rare earths and defense related minerals and even currency markets.” (1)

k): This ‘practice’ is and has been behind virtually every hijacked and artificial global increase in anything from the price of food & fuel to the unceasing threats of “War, War, Lots More War” everywhere on the planet. The FACT that most people have actually ignored the poisoning of the earth, the contamination of the global water supply and the poisoning of the air we breathe: Not to mention the thermo-nuclear radiation (Emanating from Japan) that is spreading over the entire planet which will continue to kill more and more people while these massively-illicit profits roll-in.

“News agencies, Fox and the Newscorp/Murdoch group, CNN, the New York Times, even Washington “think tanks” and the endless bellicose outpourings from Washington, London, Berlin and, most of all, Tel Aviv, can all be traced to systematic manipulation of key markets, crude oil and fuels, rare earths and defense related minerals and even currency markets.

One day, an Israeli official will announce, as we saw with Defense Minister Ehud Barak back in August while interviewed by Mossad “news asset” Wolf Blitzer, that “Iran has no nuclear weapons program.”

Barak’s statement could have been based on intelligence reports that, consistently since 2007 and before, have indicated that Iran has no nuclear weapons program.

It could have been based on reports from those who run Israel’s own illicit nuke program, one the UN General Assembly recently voted to curtail, clear knowledge that a nation that actively builds illegal weapons of mass destruction knows when another nation is not.

No nation has more knowledge of deceit or spitting in the face of the international community as Israel does…


…We could begin with 9/11.

When stories hit the news that there had been large-scale manipulation of airline stocks that would have required advanced knowledge of 9/11, the media quickly called the story “conspiracy theory.”

The problem is that the stock manipulation scams tied to 9/11 were very real, carefully documented and involved billions of dollars.

Notwithstanding, the acquisition of the World Trade Center itself by Larry Silverstein, buildings reeking of dangerous asbestos, nearly empty, a massive financial liability that would have required billions in renovation or demolition suddenly became the “deal of the century” when 9/11 happened, within days of the entire facility being vastly over-insured against terror attacks.

If it were a few isolated incidents, it would be one thing. If it involved just a few individuals or organizations, it would be “one thing.”

The problem is that this has gone on for years. The problem is that the manipulation of intelligence leading to the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq can be tied to tens of thousands of transactions, all tied globally to government agencies, the majority of news organizations and, just “seemingly,” terrorist groups that may very well have always been, in actuality, arms of the CIA, Mossad, MI-6 and other such organization.

A careful analysis of investment patterns, oil, arms, shipping, minerals, pharmaceutical, defense and others, beginning with 2001, indicate a pattern of advanced knowledge and even manipulation of historical events.

A more serious problem is that the super-computers operated by the NSA and other agencies are tasked with seeking and recognizing such patterns.

In fact, we have solid information that the organizations tasked with monitoring ties between terrorism and market manipulation may actually have been used to plan the acts themselves.

This, of course, would represent an accusation that groups within the US government had invented the “Global War on Terror” in order to loot the world’s financial market, crash currencies, create a permanent ability to destabilize any sector at will and do so without any threat of retribution.

We have always seen wars chase resources, wars for oil, wars to control the drug markets, wars to distract attention from civil meltdown and imposition of police state provisions through incomprehensible “international” groups, cabals, gangs, known by one or a dozen names, best referred to as “organized crime.”

How we know that organized crime runs the world is that any person, any nation that speaks up, that stands against what is an obvious “wave of entropy,” is labeled a “terrorist madman…”

k) Ironically Henry Kissinger, our very own Israeli double-agent has been at the heart of the US government since Nixon installed him back in the 70’s.  Henry was only the first-obvious-traitor, but thanks to his leadership, sabotaging the government of the USSA has been a professional occupation for decades. Kissinger during WWII ‘was working as a soviet double agent. His code name was “Bor” and this was under Rockefeller’s tutelage and blessing.’

“…Every other week, an American naval task force steams into the Straits of Hormuz, brushes up to Iranian waters or sends drones into Iranian airspace.

Each of these incidents raises the level of “war threat” and, moreover, each of these incidents incites a carefully orchestrated and extremely easily traceable pattern of investment behavior, which is, by American law, not only a violation of SEC regulations but is minimally treason.

Why is the word “billionaire” so “yesterday?”

When petty banksters and financial scamsters are free to send out carrier battle groups or, as we have already seen, start wars and kill millions, the stakes are higher.

Those same computers that find the patterns also track the cash. It is no longer “billions” but “trillions” that is being stolen.

When that kind of money is the subject and the kind of people we know are behind it, a few million dead is just the “cost of doing business.”  (1)

For decades many have tried to warn-the-world that there’s an international-move afoot to convert every human endeavor into “a business”. This criminally-produced trend has gone up at exactly the same inverted rate; as all human-endeavors have fallen to the point where there will soon be nothing but BUSINESSES anywhere on this planet. Privatized CORPORATIONS are of course the cause, and if the planet were to actually examine this problem, CORPORATIONS would be OUTLAWED, world-wide—if we want to end the nightmares and take back this dying-world. Most of this is imbedded in the Theater of the Obscene. (2)

If this is not done then there will be a global-war which neither the criminal-corporations nor the Zionistas planned for—because they’ll lose it all. The planet and whatever profits are out there will be consumed in that Bonfire of our Global-Vanities. Instead of winning everything through global-genocide, the N.W.O. will lose it all and themselves as well—and that price will send any survivors back to the stone age forever.

The gutless won’t survive the first week of that war, and whatever is left might not chose to survive at all in a Global-thermo-nuclear-winter.  That is something millions have been working Oh-so-hard to create. The truth is that the BORGS of Zionism or any other “ISM” cannot win this artificial power-play; because ‘we’ and ‘they’ have already killed the planet’s ability to provide for dead-humanities’ continuing-parasite-host – that was created to do just that! (3)

Jim Kirwan

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