The Syrian-Iranian-Palestinian WAR has nothing to do with the yuppie term “interventions” – anyone including all the nations involved that continue to use this limp-wristed terminology needs to be severely and publicly lashed for it! The term “NO FLY-ZONES” also needs to meet with a similar fate as well: “No Fly-Zones” amount to sanctioned and protected war-making. THIS TOO is just another way to justify illegal PREMPTIVE STRIKES undercover of another false-flag attack.

Why the hell have so many players chosen to use these deceptive terms? That’s butt simple: They are terrified of using the real terms that involve “WAR, GENOCIDE and GLOBAL-SLAUGHTER to precisely define what they really mean, which will bring on a Third World War.

We have been here before; in Iraq and in Libya and in both of these PRE-EMPTIVE and massively illegal INVASIONS – we LIED. The military-industrial-congressional and prison complex, globally-profited, and millions of people needlessly-died in what Kissinger created in the 1970s. Zionist-Kissinger convinced the US shadow-government to invade Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia along with Chile and East Timor to nakedly steal wealth and fake-power, while slaughtering millions in their own countries. That has brought the world to THIS—and this must end or there will be a Third World War. (1)

This tip-toe dancing surrounding Syria is OBSCENE. Anyone that knows anything at all about war or global-power KNOWS about the PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION being played out AGAIN in the Middle-East.

The problem was created by the global-owners and their implementation of new puppet-governments throughout the region with what they called The Arab Spring. In the ensuing conflicts this monstrous new power grab was moved forward at an alarming rate. Libya stood for “THE PROBLEM” and thus began the unimaginable slaughter of an entire nation and the reduction of Libya to something that predates even the stone-age and yet the planet has still not bothered to notice.

THE REACTION was a NATO-UN “no-Fly-Zone” to illegally pin down Libyan forces while the same outlaws began their systematic slaughter of a free and independent nation that had been REBRANDED as “TERRORISTS”.  This was quickly followed by the massive looting and genocide of the Libyan victims of that formerly prosperous and advanced society—to be replaced with dozens of mercenary-forces, outlaws and bandits from every corner of the world—while “explaining just how vulgar and evil Gadaffi had really-been”. Those that believed the lies are nothing but willfully ignorant morons and deserve to die in the coming bloodbath.

That “SOLUTION” obtained by obliterating Libya and her people, is what brought on this latest in the still forming GLOBAL-CRIME against Syria. Israel continues their genocide of Palestine, while planning to pre-emptively attack Iran. This action will condemn the planet to the final war, in the three planned-for wars, designed by Global-Zionists.

How could the entire planet be this STUPID to fall for this blatantly criminal aggression over and over and over again—and from the exact same people that stole all our money, jobs and our futures while attempting to force the entire planet into permanent and totally illegal DEBT – as their means of locking-down the entire-earth forever?

The CONCEIT used by these barbarians to do this to the world has NEVER been equaled in history. Other empires tried to steal the whole world, but those efforts were trite when compared to what the computer-age has made possible.

As technology has grown the public has shrunk back to even less than the Stone-age creatures of our past. Today’s faceless, soul less manikins have no passion, no joy, and no dreams at all except as Rodin said: to “kiss the dirty asses” of those that have enslaved them (in this case “us”).

These fascistic Zionists have taken away virtually every avenue except GLOBAL-RESISTANCE by way of any response to their continuing actions against the Goyim (see the illustration by at the top). We have no laws to protect the public and no personal rights! No right to own or say anything or even to think anything thanks to having already allowed THOUGHT-CRIMES to exist, as an actionable-offense, in this Zionist-Owned-Place.

Our so-called Secretary of Defense, (which was actually the US Secretary of War) no longer serves this country—because Panetta, by his own public-admission: Answers only to the UN and to NATO—HE NO LONGER HAS TO RESPOND


The same is true of Clinton the turncoat Secretary of State and of course the so-called president, who is not even an American and yet the public lets these creatures walk around: As if they are important instead of being imprisoned for the rest of their lives, when they should be tried and executed for their crimes.

Gutless people deserve the NOTHING that we are getting. More precisely we shall deserve the FEMA camps that we will beg to get into once the hammer of treason falls upon the USA—publically.

This place makes nothing; we have no money, virtually no jobs worth having and no health-care. We are about to be taxed into oblivion, so that THEY can take whatever might be left, before those who are still alive are shipped off to the prison-work-force that will be all that will be left—because there will no longer be a country here. “Prison Labor Booms”, with two videos that describe this as it is today. (2)

With no jobs, there will simply be no-one to buy what our prison-industrial jobs program will supposedly make: Except foreign nations. Yet they too will meet the same fate. So why bother to do anything? No one except the filthy rich will have anything to spend, and that’s the real problem; which the owners (that have never worked a day in their sick existences) still fail to see.

The shops in every-town USA are dying, small business are being killed off by the hundreds every month. There is no way to succeed unless you work for a mega-corporation or the mob—and without those small and medium size businesses to extort money from, even the mob will be gone soon. You think not? Who is going to buy the drugs, the sex or anything else the mob is selling – and that will only be “sold” inside the prisons. How much will any of the prisoners have to spend?

This country makes nothing that is worth much to anyone else. Of course the government is selling off our resources. Some of our land has already gone to China and other nations, but that isn’t talked about, because our roads and bridges have been privatized, our resources are being stolen and our so-called national-parks are nothing now but national piggy-banks to be looted each and every day by thugs hiding behind badges.

The cops as well as our so-called troops are equally expendable.  Whatever CRIMES they are assigned to make possible, will soon disappear once the public begins to starve. The military might as well strip off all American shoulder patches, including the USI flag (with the gold-fringe) and wear only the IDF and the filthy Star-of-David because that is what we have become. That is what our money is spent on each and every time we spend a dollar of US tax money or federally printed script for so-called DEFENSE.

That money does not go to defend this country—every cent is being spent to protect Israel from their ENEMIES, and to launch an endless stream of wars upon all of Africa, (the latest target) which has been chosen to be next after we supposedly slaughter the Arab world… (3)

This place has become its own worst nightmare—because we let this happen and now we are even being told exactly how our own futures will end, as forever-slaves, to all those unimaginable horrors that ‘we’ have REFUSED TO END ~

Hell we can’t even use the real terminology – WAR, GENOCIDE, MASS-TORTURE & MURDER, NO instead we have to use the yuppie-limp-wristed whimpering excuse for not-saying what it is that we are totally engaged in doing.

May that “GOD” that so many invoke – damn us all for our cowardice and for our willful ignorance in the face of the enemy…

Jim Kirwan

1) Pre-Emptive Strike on Syria

2) Prison Labor Booms

3) Obama Plans African Wars


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