InterventionOn 12-12-2000; exactly twelve years to the day, from today, the people of the United States sat still for the Supreme Court’s treasonous invasion into the constitutionally protected US Presidential elections. George Bush junior was appointed president by INTERVENTION of the US Supreme Court. From that day to this the people of this nation have been nothing but PRISONER’S in what so many had thought for so-long was actually their country.

Today most Amerikkkans are also sitting still for another illegal INTERVENTION, this one is military and is taking place in Syria, with the cooperation of the current-gang of international-criminal-forces. The same group is continuing to bankrupt the planet while they try to finish enslaving the world.

Since the first “illegal-intervention” in 2000 created everything that led directly to 911 and to all the global-insanity and global-criminality that flowed directly from that single act: Ask yourself are you better off today than you were before the Supreme Court went insane and took America to the Dark-side? We deserted the country. We totally sold-out to LAWLESSNESS, from which, it appears there shall be no escape?

This is one-way that we created the currently dysfunctional USSA. There were also some clearly criminally-designed military actions that have been working to create this nightmare for the entire planet, since the end of WWII.

There were some “MISSING LINKS” in how the US military and the treachery of “our” leadership misused the “FORCE” that the constitution gave them. Particularly after Vietnam and before Iraq in 1991: These particular crimes involved the father of George W. Bush, the 44th president of the US.

George H.W. Bush, #41 father of #44 profited directly from his own actions: Before and after Reagan’s election to the presidency in 1980.  While US Vice-President and before becoming president as “First-WIMP”, Bush senior initiated the first war on Iraq, in 1991 “TO GET SADDAM.” The WIMP tried but failed which required Junior’s efforts to cover for Poppy’s crimes. Gee-Dubya did this for his Nazi-affiliated father; to keep the truth about the depth of family-criminality from ever becoming public. George-the-Wimp was only interested in covering up his own criminal-networks and blatantly-used the US military to do it. But I’m getting ahead of the story…

This story began with the 1992 award-winning film “The Panama Deception”. Watch the whole film for the complete picture behind the horror. (1)

The MISSING-LINK between our loss of the Vietnam War and the beginning of the 1991 War-on-Iraq was the almost invisible story of


Poppy’s gun-running and drug connections worldwide were held together by Noriega in Panama and Saddam in Iraq. 1979-1980 saw “41” (GWH Bush) arrange the release of American Embassy-Hostages being held inside Iran. He agreed to sell American- prohibited Arms to American-identified Terrorist-Iran, for hostages, to be released only after Reagan’s victorious-election.

Later on, using Noriega as “his man in the Hemisphere” GWH Bush received illegal DRUGS in exchange for weapons and money that went to Reagan’s FREEDOM-FIGHTERS who were commonly known as Death Squads. They were all trained under the protection of the US government at The School of the America’s in the USA.

Israel was the conduit on the ground for the arms, reporting to Noriega and sanctioned by GWH (POPPY) Bush. The DRUGS were flown back to the USA by Bush 41 and this was inherited by Clinton, until the pilots began to get captured and the whole ugly story came out, but only the pilots went to jail.

America military and foreign policy was reeling after the DEFEAT of American forces (In the15 year war) in Vietnam. What we did in Panama was done to test new weapons and to train US troops in the new and brutal-savagery that was needed for what was then still ahead for us; and for the world. Basically we instilled our troops with the need to


Jimmie Carter had given the Panama Canal to Panama, which was to happen on Dec 31, 1999 – provided that the Canal could be PROTECTED by the new Panama Defense Forces (PDF). The INTERVENTION in PANAMA, while totally illegal had focused supposedly on Noriega but was in fact the excuse needed to utterly destroy the PDF, and force the Panamanians to give the Canal back to the US – permanently—again!

The film ‘The Panama Deception” reveals what is known in exquisite detail, despite how much of the truth remains covered-up. But the deaths of 4,000 (very poor) Panamanians by our totalitarian forces whose OCCUPATION lasted nearly a year or more, was NOT REPORTED  at the time as even have had anything to do with the slaughter or the fires that devastated Panama City.

What follows are some details that buttress the film a bit further.

GHW Bush had a volatile and lightning-like career behind the scenes as well as in high profile positions. In 1971 he served as US Ambassador to the UN. 1976 he was US envoy to China and then became CIA Director: Where he made many of his global connections to the drug trade, at the same time, strengthening his own global plans for conquest.

Bush ran against Ronnie for president in 1980 and lost. Bush became Reagan’s VP and designed the successful hijacking of the American Hostage Crisis in Iran; by arranging to pay with US guns and more, for the release of American Hostages. That did not “happen” until AFTER Reagan was elected. The weapons for hostages swap was not revealed to the public, but the Hostages were released upon Reagan’s election.

Bush used the same methods with Israel to trade US weapons for drugs from inside the southern hemisphere. In exchange for arming the Contras and other death-squads, the Reagan administration continued to use his “Freedom-Fighters” to slaughter civilians in Central and South America. Reagan developed Alzheimer’s, instead of being tried for treason. GWH Bush also escaped blame throughout almost all these events.

One of the others was John Negroponte, just another of GHW Bush’s contacts who was behind the Death Squads in the Southern Hemisphere. He was guilty of murder, many, many MURDERS. Yet Negroponte was appointed to be US Ambassador to the UN after his role in the Death-Squads and was never charged for his crimes, nor was he implicated in what “41” continued to do.

“Basically they were running cocaine from South America to the U.S. via Salvador. That was how the Contras were able to get financial help. By going to sleep with the enemy down there. North’s people and the CIA were at the two hangars overseeing the operations at all times,” Castillo added.

Castillo also fingered John Negroponte, now in the Bush administration and who served from 1981-1985 as U.S. Ambassador to Honduras, as just another drug smuggler covering up the illegal government activity as well as illegally assisting the contra war and helping the Reagan administration in the disappearance of more than 300 political opponents in classic death squad fashion.

“In Honduras, I saw first hand how Negroponte and General Alvarez committed some of the worst human rights violations ever committed against humanity in the Western Hemisphere” said Castillo, adding in 1994, the Honduran Human Rights Commission charged Negroponte personally with several human rights abuses.

“President Bush then appointed Negroponte as ambassador to Iraq with the “Salvador Option” in hand. The Salvador Option is a blue print of the Phoenix Program that was utilized in Vietnam. And know it is being implemented in Iraq. “Today, President Bush has named Negroponte, as headhunter, Director of National Intelligence. He is now in charge of all intelligence including the Pentagon. God help us in saving our world.” (2)

The follow-up in depth article is here. This “outs” the criminality that has become common-practice throughout the USA, which is what makes everything so criminally-insane and it’s why George HW Bush needs to be formerly convicted BEFORE he dies.

“The United States government has willingly made drug networks an essential ally in the covert expansion of American influence abroad. Despite the government’s supposedly vociferous anti-drugs policy, senior U.S. diplomats and CIA agents have actively engaged in the production and transport of narcotics worldwide. The CIA’s enormous role in the global drugs trade provides one of the murkier narratives of the Agency’s sordid history. As will be shown, the trail of corruption leads to the highest levels of successive Washington administrations, right to the front doors of Presidents Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush and Clinton.

The CIA has also brought its methodology home to the inner city ghettos in the United States, victimizing American citizens as badly as any foreigners. In fact, at two critical junctures after World War II – the late 1940s and the late 1970s – when America’s heroin supply and addict population began to ebb, the CIA’s covert narcotics operations generated a sudden surge of heroin that soon revived the U.S. drug trade”… (3)

One of the Israeli agents used in the Drug Running going to Panama and the southern hemisphere was Lt. Col Yair Klein. This piece of the story is from 2011.

“Colombia asked Israel on Thursday to extradite former Israeli army Lt. Col. Yair Klein, who was convicted by a Colombian court and sentenced in absentia to nearly 11 years in prison for training drug-traffickers’ assassins in the late 1980s.

“The evidence (against Klein) is conclusive,” Interior Minister German Vargas told a news conference, saying the formal request had been made in Tel Aviv by Colombia’s embassy there. “For the Colombian government it is essential that this sentence is completed and that this citizen clarify his participation in the organization and training of these groups.” ” (4)

On the Iranian side of this same crime there is this man: Manucher Ghorbanifar, “legendary arms dealer, infamous intelligence fabricator, and central figure in the Iran-Contra scandal that almost brought down” [1] the Reagan administration, has been retained by the U.S. Department of Defense and Vice President Dick Cheney “as their ‘man on the ground,’ in order to report on any interaction and attempts at negotiations between Iranian officials” and Zalmay Khalilzad, the US ambassador to Iraq, The Raw Story reported April 20, 2006. (5)

The world needs to OUTLAW the term “INTERVENTION” because that word has no legal basis in any LAW, in any nation on earth…

Jim Kirwan

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