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There is a 2003 film called ‘The Fog of War’ which is available in some places on the net. It’s an interview with Robert S. McNamara, the former Secretary of Defense for the US, during the Kennedy and Johnson years. He served until just after the 1967 War in the Middle East, when McNamara was fired by LBJ.

The film is inspirational in places, and adds much to what was missing during the coverage of the Vietnam War and there’s a great deal about the mostly unknown statistics from World War II.

McNamara covers his life, his mistakes, and some of his accomplishments as well as some of his failures. I watched this very unusual documentary over the last two days in order to try an understand more of what I‘ve always had questions about—and made notes accordingly.

‘Why is it immoral to commit War-Crimes, as a nation or an individual if you lose a war, but not if you ‘win’?

McNamara’s life was greatly influenced he believed, by ‘values’. The stress in that statement for McNamara was on the fact that values are supposed to be about something greater than the self—and that concept hasn’t been taught in America for decades.

Part of why McNamara was so concerned with ‘values’ and the “military-morality” in war, was the huge number of people that were slaughtered in Japan, just prior to the ending of WWII.  Japan was firebombed, very much like Dresden was in Europe. Tokyo was burned to the ground in a fifty-square mile blazing inferno that killed between 80 and 200,000 people, when the other 70 major cities in Japan were added to Tokyo’s losses. Months later, the death toll from the American atom bombs added another 100,000 dead.

McNamara was Secretary of Defense during the Cuban Missile Crisis which marked him from that moment on. For despite the fact that all three of the leaders in the Cuban-missile-crisis, at that time: The Americans, Cubans and Russians, were all rational people—yet by luck alone World War III was averted in Cuba.

In today’s world virtually none of the players on the global stage are rational. The insanity of the madness they continually represent now will soon kill the world, unless the public rises universally—to stop the war-mongers in their tracks.

During his time as president LBJ is shown agonizing over what we were doing or trying to do in Vietnam. He worried that nations could be destroyed unless we had legal Congressional Declarations of War; that made our presence clear and necessary: Of course LBJ did not want history to blame him for the illegal-war on Vietnam or for the costs of killing 3,400,000 Vietnamese people which is seldom even mentioned.

Today, entire nations are being destroyed wholesale, without Congressional Declarations or any news coverage, such as what is seen now in Syria. WAR by OUTLAWS does not amount to a legitimate acclamation, especially when the thugs have no political leaders at all, yet have been accepted as the “legitimate governing force” inside the still-lawful state of Syria.

All of this happened because in 2002 the Congress gave away the powers they were constitutionally charged with maintaining. Under Bush-the-Lesser Congress became very uncomfortable with any responsibility whatsoever for whatever BUSH THE DECIDER might do with his illegal-power, in the absence of any laws that once existed.

This was the BUSHWHACKER’S License to Kill.

The U.S. and Israel are the most hated-aggressors in this continuing-global-crime which has turned the civilized world into little more than an open-air Police-State. A fascist Police-State which is as lawless as it is criminal.

Unlike the days of Robert McNamara, there is no longer any ambiguity for the actions of most states anymore; because the entire structure of war that was largely invisible during Vietnam has now been publicly exposed to the ugly light of day. The world can see and surrender—unconditionally—or face the fact that to refuse is certain death.

During the Vietnam War, the Shadow-Government was behind the scenes actively controlling all the major players. When Kennedy announced the troop-draw-down of a thousand GI’s a month, from Vietnam, he only got to make one-withdrawal before he was taken out. That same announcement of a troop withdrawal produced the Coup in South Vietnam that killed the South Vietnamese leader and his brother. That coup also terminated Kennedy’s plans to end the war in two years time. That had to have been the global-shadow-government, just keeping presidents like Kennedy in-line. But Kennedy’s death was soon to come and there was much-more to come for Vietnam, which is why that hauntingly-long-war had to last for 15 years!

The Global-Shadow-Government was in charge at the end of WWII. In reality, the US brought about the end of the NAZI’s (The Third Reich) by using the Russians directed by Averill Harriman—the American who actually ended WWII.

“The Harriman’s made billions of dollars and had to have someone to manage their money, so they hired a young family, the Bush family, who were Wall Street operators—they became their money-managers. That’s all they (the Bush Family) did, they managed money for the Harriman’s. Averill Harriman became a world-agent for the bankers and his exploits were memorialized in a series of books by Sinclair Lewis ~ whose main character was called “Manny-Bud” – this was a very wealthy young man who’d traveled around the world with a first hand knowledge of world leaders – and he directed policy for them. Averill Harriman actually wound up in 1942 to 1944 –

Stalin had had a nervous breakdown when Hitler invaded Germany: And they had to send Averill Harriman as the world agent of the World Bankers to Moscow as ostensibly the US Ambassador but he went into Russia as the actual dictator of Russia from 1942 to 1944. Stalin was totally immobilized by his nervous breakdown – so the whole of WWII would have collapsed if Averill Harriman hadn’t gone in and kept it going by running Russia from behind the scenes. Of course at that time Russia was fighting Nazi Germany – So theoretically Averill Harriman and the United States were Nazi-Germany’s biggest enemies. Finally the Russian Army did sweep through Germany and conquer Hitler – but that was done through Averill Harriman – it was nothing that Stalin accomplished whatsoever… but nobody knows that.

This is the connection of Harriman with Hitler. They actually defeated Hitler, but they laid Germany waste and it (Germany) became an American colony: Or a colony of the World-Bankers and its been ‘OCCUPIED TERRITORY’ ever since. Both Germany and Japan have both been totally occupied-countries since 1945. (Hence US troops have stayed behind now ever since 1945, until now.)” (1)

Russia was needed to fulfill the next phase of the Shadow-Government’s plan that would keep the fiction of their actions alive in the Cold-War: As the Second World War was ending U.S. General George S. Patton wanted the U.S. to stay in Europe and wipe-out the Russians. Patton was convinced that we would have to do it someday: “Why not finish the job while we’re here and more than ready?”

Patton was then involved in a car accident. He was shot in the neck with a rubber bullet through his window which was rolled down part way (he was in the back seat). His neck was supposed to have been broken but it didn’t happen, however he was seriously bruised and shaken and was hospitalized where a contract murderer working for Truman finished him with cyanide. It is believed his driver was in on the plot which took his life to clear the way for a later extended cold war and massive weapon sales. (2)

The-shadow-government has been the only real survivor, militarily or otherwise, of every war in the twentieth century. They created the Israeli and USI war-crimes against humanity on a global-scale, to serve the same worldwide-shadow which continues to hide herself within the Fog of all the Wars—everywhere on the planet.

Throughout the Vietnam War the most prominent unanswered question remained: Why the Hell were we there? The US government’s FAILURE TO CONFRONT that question, and the real underlying issues, is what forced us into the quagmire that only buried us deeper in that particular Fog of War. That’s why we ended up losing that misbegotten war, and it’s why this nation never really recovered from that military and ideological loss.

In Vietnam the loss was measured by the number of desertions. In today’s wars our failures are measured in suicides, DU Deaths, and in the desertion of our troops, by our government that has never supported them in combat or even after they come home.

Today the troops are engaged in futile wars the world over. Those in the military find themselves ever-more alone with their nightmares in a world that no longer cares about anyone or anything but private individual profits.

Johnson said: We make War on Tyranny & Aggression!

If that were true, then how do we explain what we do now? What happened to the USA? Since Vietnam we have become the most hated tyrannical–aggressors in all of human history. We have proven that, with what we did to Panama, mostly to civilians. Because after Vietnam we slaughtered 4,000 more people in three days time.

“…the deaths of 4,000 (very poor) Panamanians by our totalitarian forces whose OCCUPATION lasted nearly a year or more, was NOT REPORTED at the time as even having had anything to do with the slaughter or the fires that devastated Panama City.” (3)

In Vietnam our leadership had to admit that they knew “nothing” at the time. Yet now we claim to know “everything” and yet we still don’t know the value of human life.

McNamara had a point of view which believed in being able to put oneself into the skin of the adversary; if you wanted to be able to understand how the other person thinks. This concept came up for McNamara time and time again, in the context of the facts, that ‘we never heard any of our officials say anything publicly about the damage we inflicted or how this damage was viewed by the societies we invaded’.

k): Or (the damages) on the societies that we have chosen to eliminate. No sovereignty is ever considered to be “of value” except whatever we might decide to claim we represent. Vietnam saw us as a colonial power that sought to colonize Vietnam but the Vietnamese saw themselves as a free people trying desperately to free themselves from the Chinese (or the Russians) and the Vietnamese would fight to stay free from everyone else.

However the US saw none of this because we failed to ask them what they wanted to happen to themselves, in their own country. The Vietnamese saw the conflict as a civil war, and all we could see was another element in the Cold War. We were not capable of seeing SE Asia as anything but an impediment to U.S. power in the region.

To that end McNamara attended a meeting in Vietnam where he met a former Foreign Minister of Vietnam: As he was still bothered by the lack of information. McNamara asked the Minister:

Do you mean to say this was not a tragedy for you – you lost! What did you accomplish? You lost 3,400,000 people which to us would have been the equivalent of 27 million American’s but you didn’t get any more than you had at the beginning of the war. You could’ve had the whole thing, independence, unification and yet… And the Minister responded:

‘You’re totally wrong! We were fighting for our INDEPENDENCE; you were fighting to enslave us. Mr. McNamara have you never read a history book? If you had you would have known that we’re not pawns of the Chinese or the Russians, Mr. McNamara didn’t you know that? Didn’t you know that we’ve been fighting the Chinese for a thousand years? No amount of bombing, no amount of US pressure would ever have stopped us.’

In light of these remarks it’s interesting that the US no longer has allies or friends in the world—because the world only has other police-states—all of which serve the N.W.O. completely!

That’s why all the demonstrations around the planet look the same—the cops are attacking the public in every country: Haven’t you noticed this, at least since the supposed beginning of the fake-Arab-Spring? The Police-State has targeted those that pay their salaries, worldwide, and the reason the “riots” all look the same is because the owners of the thugs are all the same: This is class warfare. Those with almost all of everything want to rid themselves of the poor, hungry and unemployed. Of course the filthy-rich are terrified of the 99%. If ‘we’ ever do get angry’, then the game is over and every one of the current-global-criminals will be dead.

There was something that McNamara was in the middle of that he did not mention in the film—but which was the most blatant example of presidential-treason that happened on LBJ’s watch.

During the 1967 Israeli War against the whole Middle-East the Israeli’s tried to sink an unarmed American spy ship in the Mediterranean; the USS Liberty. The attack lasted for several hours. When help was called for, from the Liberty, fighters were scrambled from a US Aircraft carrier in the region. But the planes were recalled by the White House. The Admiral responsible “to go to the aid of the USS Liberty” decided to try again to rescue the Liberty. He spoke with McNamara who repeated the order to RECALL the planes.  When the Admiral began to disagree with McNamara, LBJ cut into the call and ordered the fighters be returned to the carrier. The Admiral (in no uncertain terms was TOLD) that he (The president, Lyndon Baines Johnson) wanted “that ship on-the-bottom of the sea.” The text of this event was scrubbed from the net. But the whole event had been covered-up for over twenty-years and only came to light when surviving crew-members began to die and their families began to talk. No official investigation was ever formally held.

“One inference is that Captain Engen communicated with Rear Admiral Geis and said something like, “Should we not clear this with our political masters in Washington?” And that Geis replied, “You bet”, or words to that effect.

President Johnson was very quickly informed – presumably by Defense Secretary McNamara – that the Liberty was under attack and that the Saratoga had launched planes to go to its assistance. Hence the order – from the President to the Defense Secretary – to recall the planes. In Findley’s account the Saratoga’s planes were hardly in the air when McNamara’s voice was heard over Sixth Fleet radios, “Tell the Sixth Fleet to get those aircraft back immediately!”[xvii]

Initially, President Johnson was – as Green put it – determined “that no U.S. aircraft would be thrust into an adversary role with the IDF, whatever the implication for the struggling U.S.S. Liberty.” Initially, and for the usual domestic political reason – fear of offending Zionism – this President was prepared to sacrifice the lives of 286 of his fellow Americans on board the Liberty.” (4)

We have to take a page from the Vietnamese and rebel against the TREASON of the existing colonial powers, which seems to reside within societies everywhere now!

Too often Americans have forgotten, if they ever knew, that other people and other nations have the same rights to life, liberty and personal freedoms that we used to claim for ourselves—and for the other peoples in the world of “yesterday”.

No one who is not Zionist is free anymore. (5)

Collectively ‘we lost our nerve’. We lost our respect for ethics and logic and in that process we lost our self-respect as well. We lost our values too because ‘we no longer believe in anything greater than any single individual, and that will end a huge number of societies around the world, unless we are willing to fight for what is ours!

This empire has already run its course, beyond insanity, because this so-called nation has been immersed in WARS around the planet, every day since this nation was established, 236 years ago. That ladies and gentlemen is one hell of a lot of unnecessary WAR; not to even mention that we have killed billions of people in all that time…

Jim Kirwan

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