2012 Documentary of an Uncertain Future

This video shows us what has been happening literally around the world, over the last two years. This is directly-tied to the entire planet in every country. When you look at the world there are no “borders” no states: Only the earth, sea, sky and the people that live here.

Send this video as far and wide as you can because this is probably the last actual NOTICE that most of us will ever get; before we too become entangled in whatever is doing this, in our tiny section of the universe.

Until now, in Amerikkka, this place has steadfastly remained compartmentalized to what has been happening to us individually and locally. Our response has been to remain steadfastly embedded with our heads in the sand: Whether it has been criminal-police murdering people without cause, or government stripping Amerikkkans of every right while simultaneously taxing and stealing from the public in every way imaginable—we have remained SILENT in the face of every indignity.

What this video clearly demonstrates is that everything on this planet has been changing and is about to get much, much worse. This time there are things that can be done by the people of the planet to begin to make ourselves and our concerns felt and changed: Not in years, but virtually overnight. If and only if we begin to think and act together, can we overcome these massive and mysterious events that have just begun to be felt across the world.

We have to begin to think and act like citizens of the earth, first last and only. In the U.S. we need to come together regardless of every phony label that we have adopted. We must descend on every city hall in the nation and every media outlet, with DEMANDS, that can be dealt with at local and national levels—by the people that will be the most directly affected: We must ACT to change things!

What changes? We must rip AGENDA 21 out of every community and destroy the program along with throwing out every politician that has been trying to capture the American public in this way.

All of us know ‘people’ that are involved in government or private corporations that work for weather-modification programs such as: HAARP, FEMA, TSA, DHS or the Federal Government. We need to call on people individually, and demand that they each of them explain their agencies part in all of this. NO MORE SECRETS OR NATIONAL SECURITY TO HIDE BEHIND. Perhaps most of all we need to DESTROY HAARP and all its equipment wherever its anti-human facilities are configured—beginning with Alaska!

We are not helpless. Neither can we continue to remain deaf, dumb and blind to what is happening in virtually every nation on the planet. This is GLOBAL. The RESPONSE must be global and taken up by ordinary people around the world.

We don’t need local-boards, BS-committees or more “studies”. We need the KNOWN causes for these CRIMES-AGAINST-HUMANITY. We need to force individuals to answer for everything that they have been doing to all of us. This has to be done in concert with others over the next six days, in order to maximize our effect upon the silent-shadow-officials that are already killing us by the thousands, soon to be hundreds of thousands…

Think about it and figure out what you and your friends can actually do together to change this nightmare. What is mentioned above contains a large part of what has been causing much of the weather modification that we are all in DANGER of being hit by; at any time or in anyplace upon the earth.

Please do whatever you can to alter this situation, as quickly as possible — because the obvious forces shown throughout the video are truly awesome and are very, very far removed from most of us at the present time.

 We have to DO SOMETHING THIS TIME, as never before.

In this process most people will begin to understand just how compromised we have allowed ourselves to become; financially, militarily, sociologically and just as ordinary human-beings.

Because ordinary people are everything—we are the most important part in this equation.
Watch the video and send it to everyone, while you still can.

Good Luck!

Jim Kirwan

2012 Documentary of an Uncertain future – 59 min video


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