The See in Tranquility

Illustration by David Dees

December 19, 2012: Was the day that ended life in what was the United States. The “SEE” of Tranquility marks the point when all the words that have meant nothing, came face-to-face with the stone-cold-reality of the slaughter that will end it.

In 1964 I began to “QUESTION EVERYTHING” in the government of the old USA. It took two years to identify what had gone wrong. I did over six-hundred sketches for a project that needed to be done—just to outline this problem that had the nation by the throat. During the coming time-frame I reduced the number of images down to 66 drawings that became “The State of the Nation 1966”. (1)

That began the task that started me on this road, 48 years ago. Since that day everything both nationally & globally has continued to change until we’ve reached this place where WAR is PEACE, Freedom is Slavery, IGNORANCE is STRENGTH and where


The global population has been asleep. Over the decades I fought to try and wake what I thought were the slumbering-hordes. There was clearly a passive-dismemberment at work-globally that continued to slaughter our dreams and individual futures. In the early 70’s I did a series of images based on the work of poet Robinson Jeffers. He fought his battles for our thoughts against those who professionally-wrestled with ideas that would later change the world—one nightmare at a time.

Jeffers wrestled with this dilemma in his1941 poem. Robinson Jeffers saw it this way. I painted that thought in The Journey, Part one. (2)

“Be Angry at the Sun”

Published by Pomegranate Publications
With permission from Random House
© Kirwan 1974

“That public men publish falsehoods
Is nothing new.
That America must accept like the historical republics,
Corruption and empire
Has been known for years.

Be Angry at the Sun for setting
If these things anger you.
Watch the wheel slope & turn,
They are all bound on the wheel,
These people, those warriors,
This republic Europe, Asia.

Observe them gesticulating,
Observe them going down.
The gang serves lies,
The passionate man plays his part;
The cold passion for truth hunts in no pack.
Let boys want pleasure,
And men Struggle for power, and women perhaps for fame,
And the servile to serve a Leader
And the dupes to be duped.
Yours is not theirs.”

This article titled “Through the Looking Glass-Darkly” was scrubbed from the net in 2011. This image for that article is still valid today.

Today is the first OFFICIAL- DAY of the New World Order.

Everything will now begin to CHANGE. This will not be the promised change that so many have hypothetically anticipated. NO. This will be the beginning of the end of this nation forever. Too many still refuse to understand the forces they have never seen or felt. Yet, it is these same forces that absolutely control their lives.

 Obama is Baiting the Next American Civil War. (3)

 Followed by this Red Alert on the same day!

‘The lunatic in the Tarnished House just could not wait – he’s done it! Vice President Joe Biden will be going after weapons, beginning January 1, 2013. This government will begin seizing weapons and Criminalizing Americans for owning legal guns!’ (4)

So many, now, are so self-satisfied with “their tiny little world of rightness” that they have demanded the wider world unconditionally-accept. These same “deniers” of life, of pleasure, of purpose and human dignity have always been the minority in this war-torn world. Yesterday “THEIR CHAMPION” the lying, criminally-obsessed psychopath they worship, assumed total control of the entire government. This ended all the laws that once existed to protect the people and the land on which we live.

 The existence of congress or the courts are officially
This one act will save a huge amount of money;
It will provide even MORE of MORE for the owners
While they KILL the rest of us!

When the barbarians come into their homes and destroy all their oh-so-precious-property the cowards might finally begin to understand just how WRONG this decision of theirs was. But it will be too late. By then they will be either dead or on their way to prison. It will not matter whether or not they actually had, or have ever had, any weapons! This is NOT and never was about having WEAPONS. This is all about THE GOVERNMENT’S need to exterminate most of the population that lives here now.

The announcement yesterday by Obama to
Was the final straw that ended the Republic.

This simply gives him and his owners the excuse they needed to arrest anyone they have already decided to arrest or kill. There will be no arrests, no trials, NOTHING, just thugs and cops running rampant anyplace where they are not being met by firestorms of public RESISTANCE—thanks to the FREE-PASS that the brain-dead gave OBAMA, because of the twisted-events of and in Sandy-Hook last week.

The overflowing jubilant-celebrations of the fools who have swallowed the bait—hook-line-and-sinker—will never give any-thought to what they are about to be forced into: BECAUSE they did this final CRIME, against themselves, WILLINGLY!

Government acts like this is just routine. Supposedly this begins on January 1, 2013 – just like all the other criminal actions that will go into effect on that same day. Those of us who have been out here on the edge-of-oblivion for decades know what will happen. This is nothing like what this government announced yesterday.

People will begin to disappear. On whatever pre-prepared schedule certain communication-sites and people will cease to exist. Thus providing for the triumphant TAKEOVER of what was the Republic. This will go hand-in-gloved-fist: With the federal-seizing of funds, the closing of accounts, the raiding of safety-deposit boxes, the termination of retirement accounts and safety-nets that were supposedly designed to keep the old and the unemployed from being slaughtered by the thousands. That’s separate from the millions that will die because of massive holes in OBAMACARE: Put there on purpose to kill off useless eaters who they deem “need to die” rather than to continue to take up space and money, which the Élites believe they are ENTITLED to seize.

If you want proof of what’s coming just look at those that have still not received any real help in New York City since Hurricane Sandy and her companion storm destroyed so many lives. They still have not received any help (No heat, electricity, food or shelter) from FEMA, the City or the State of New York: much less from the Federal government on any level.  Look it up!

This entire edifice (government) was built over several hundred years to function as the power behind the people to protect us all. Yet the government has now clearly become the ENEMY of all Americans. It’s a fact now. You can see it in the deeds which this government has done since Bush stole the Oval Office in 2000. Nothing exists anymore of what were the LAWS that once supposedly governed this place. All that remains is to massacre the public so that our owners, who no longer live here, can get on with their new lives in other places in their roles as part of the New Illuminati World Order.

We made that possible yesterday by unconditionally surrendering our lives to the barbaric-associates who serve this worldwide-Zionista-criminal-organization.

Three-hundred or so million Americans probably won’t be missed: Or so the Zionists believe. Having already assumed that we will not be able to resist their hostile-takeover—most will be taken, killed or captured—because of our own ignorance. Our avid-surrender to those that came to DISARM THE PUBLIC and to hasten the end of the USA should never be forgotten!

The next twelve days will see unbelievable and irrevocable changes to this nation that no one alive today will be asked to approve of.

We will from this day forward be TOLD what to do, what to think and how to live. If we hesitate for even a second, we will be killed outright—unless of course there really is an American BACKLASH!

Here’s an overview of what was being done to us—just before the cowards and their Zionista friends succeeded in shutting down America. “Obama Baits the Next American Civil War” (5)

Obama defied the Second Amendment yesterday. (6)

The time for petitions has passed. The time for action is here.

Read and listen to the links below. Decide for yourself whether you will take this laying down, or whether you will join the fight. This is about your own life, as well as the lives of everyone else that chooses to RESIST the TRAITORS.

Nature will not “take-a-number” or wait for anyone to ‘get-ready’.

 “NOW” has finally arrived!

Jim Kirwan

1) Oklahoma – The State of the Nation 1966

2) The Journey

3) Obama’s Baiting Next American Civil War – 10 min 47 sec video

4) Red Alert!! Obama GUN CONFISCATION Starts Jan 1, 2013 – 7 min 25 sec video

5) Does Any Government Dare Do This

6) Article Two: The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution


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