December 21, 2012

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Today was supposed to be the end of the old-world and its’ ways. This day was to be the beginning of a whole new universe and subsequently was to mark the change that so many have been “WAITING” for. Real change never happens by just watching the criminality of the status-quo, expecting everything to “somehow-change” without actively working toward that end.

This morning I planed to say something very-different about the arrival of this day, but then the skies at sunrise here put on a show the like of which I have seldom ever seen.

The first rays of dawn were grey and tinged with fire-orange in the reflected light from the windows of the high-rise buildings visible from my apartment. About fifteen minutes passed. The sky banished the rain-clouds to reveal a deep blue-green azure sky, as if it was illuminated from within.  As I looked to the west there was the most beautifully huge-rainbow which had instantly formed in the Pacific, just beyond the Golden Gate. It then arched over the northern edge of the city to end somewhere in San Francisco Bay. It was stunning! The vista lasted about twenty minutes but it changed my mood completely. Twenty minutes on, the rain-clouds returned, and the rain falls steadily now…

All day yesterday the chatter on the net was about HATE for anyone that did not hate guns. I watched an amateur radio-host from England try to lambast an NRA spokesperson who was trying to explain the reason that guns are a necessary part of saving innocent-life in America—especially given that cops never show up at crime-scenes until after crimes have been committed. (1)

My blood began to boil. The always proper ZERO-TOLERANCE assholes have been having a field day trying to intimidate those of us who have lived our lives the hard way, rather than simply following the mindless dictates of idiots that actually believe ‘everything can be fixed’ just by passing more empty and misguided laws: AGAINST the very things that can save the lives of good people still trying to survive in this failed-nation. We seem determined to commit national genocide by refusing to allow our citizens to DEFEND themselves against actual deadly-force that can only be stopped by ordinary people that refuse to go unarmed into daily life.

Then I remembered some things from my own early life in which guns did play a part.

After I left the military, having completed four years as a draftee, I ended up living in one of the more dilapidated areas of downtown Oklahoma City, in a slum-hotel. My ‘studio’ was part of an abandoned tire-warehouse that had been converted to art-studios above a bowling alley. I rented a large 40 by 60 foot room in which about a quarter of the windows had been broken or were damaged. There were rats, roaches and a lot of space. The neighborhood had a number of thugs and violence was a constant companion. I built platforms for the drawing board, storage areas and various easels to keep the vermin away and to keep the work stations dry and useable.

I also wore a .32 automatic in a shoulder-holster. The gun was necessary to protect against any unwarranted intrusions from the outside while I worked. The most dominate painting in the open-to the world studio was BARRABAS. That canvas was a 5 by 9 foot tall oil painting that hung from the ceiling, on heavy log-chains.  Barabbas was a very angry naked man on a cross, tilted slightly back and seen from below against an angry and storm wracked sky.

The painting was eventually purchased by Dean John C. Van Dyke who was an Orthodox Presbyterian minister, in Oklahoma City. He later tried to arrange an apprenticeship for me with the then 10th generation living Van Dyke in Rio. I mention this only to show that I was not just a political-dissident but someone who was actually trying to do more with his life. (Carrying the Beretta simply insured that I might be around long enough to have that life).

While I was completing and showing the political work, (in the studio) most of which was quite large in size: I occasionally received some unsolicited visitors of the grey-suit variety. They were quite vague as to who they actually represented. Their purpose, they said, was to convince me to stop “wasting my talent on political trash”. They had visited me on several occasions before they finally got around to that comment, which I explained very carefully to them; was NOT appreciated. I explained that if they came back, they had better have a warrant to justify any future visits, or they would be dealt with very differently than had been the case to that point. It was Oklahoma-Hot at the time: I was coated in sweat as there was no air-conditioning in the studio – so by the time they had finally come to the point of their visits; anyone could see that I was wearing a very well broken-in weapon. They left and did not return. (2)

The presence of weapons has a tendency to introduce a kind of calm in people. This calm is not present when only one side is armed. This took place in the mid-sixties. While that was a totally different time, from what we are living in today—I found it instructional.

After the political-work was completed and I began to have it publicly shown: I began to get very-different visits from other government agents. There were unannounced break-ins at my apartment in the middle of the night. The Beretta had been bobby-trapped so that if I had tried to put a bullet in the chamber, to actually arm the weapon, the firing pin that had been replaced would have blown the weapon up and sent the slide into my brain. Most of the surprise-raids were designed to get me to panic to try to arm the pistol. Once I discovered this, I appealed to some friends for additional help.

Some windows were damaged, some were broken and the door had been ‘worked-on’. Shots were fired. I was followed everywhere. The local-police decided this was a jealous husband and nothing more. So after a few weeks of this the useless cops refused to take my reports.

I engaged help from some highschool friends that were retired NSIA agents, who agreed to help to keep me alive. They refused to allow me to have another gun, to replace the damaged one, which had caused me to ask for help in the first place.

A great deal of trouble was generated over a fourteen month period. I was not harmed. That episode only ended when LBJ decided “not to run again for President.” I packed and left for California, assuming that this chapter in my life was over. Had I not been armed, from the time I began to work on the political project, or protected, by two ex-US government agents who were both armed and deadly — then the outcome to that chapter of life might have been very, very different.

I have never been arrested for anything. I carried weapons for many years and did not find it necessary to fire them, at anyone. But I did not keep the fact of the gun’s presence a secret. My life has always been somewhat edgy, but I live by what I believe in to the hilt.

The current obscenity being played-out as a REQUIREMENT in American life, regarding the use and protections afforded by weapons, to responsible people, that on occasion need more than words just to stay alive—needs to be taken SERIOUSLY.

This needs to be calmly and deliberately discussed in light of the truth behind the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

“A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security


This fact must be seen against a backdrop where government criminals are now armed, as if the public is an army of massively-armed enemy-troops whose very lives present a THREAT to those falsely-empowered troops that are about to try and TAKE legally purchased weapons from ordinary Americans. This has been ordered by Executive Decree from a TRAITOR to this nation who must be dethroned and removed immediately for

“Conspiracy to Insurrection
Against the Republic of the United States.”

I would suggest that those who have recently demanded that NRA members be publicly-shot might want to rethink their potentially criminal act. We are all people, and as such, sometimes we need to be able to protect ourselves when and if law-enforcement cannot, for any reason, come to our aide. That is what this argument is about. Anyone who has not lived enough to understand what is at stake is definitely not in any position to speak about things they know nothing about.

History is replete with idiots that put their faith in paper-rules. But when lives are threatened then often ordinary people need to be protected by a lot more than paper-rules or wishful-thinking predicated upon unrealistic outcomes. To do this will only end with victims being killed rather than surviving, to continue with their lives…

Jim Kirwan

1) Piers Morgan Charged with Conspiracy to Insurrection Against the Republic of the United States

2) Politics – Oklahoma


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