Lt. Vance – RESIGN!

96 hours is more than enough Time
It has been eight full days since the crime in Sandy Hook happened. It’s been four days since the Open Letter outlining your responsibilities as a government employee to the citizens of Connecticut, the United States and the world!

Here’s THE TRANSCRIPT of what you said to us then:

“One thing is becoming somewhat of a concern and that is ‘MISINFORMATION’ that’s being posted on social media sites. It is important to note that we (the royal we) have discussed with federal authorities that these issues are crimes. They will be investigated statewide and federally and prosecution will take: place when people perpetrating this information are identified.

Again All Information relative to THIS CASE is coming from these microphones and any information coming from other sources cannot be confirmed and in many cases, it’s been found that it’s inaccurate. So that’s the newest twist today ­ that we want to make sure that’s perfectly clear ­ that social media websites that contain information relative to this case are NOT being posted by Connecticut State Police, are NOT being posted by the Newtown Police, are NOT being posted by any authorities in this case.”

(k): Blocking evidence of a crime is a CRIME in and of itself.)

So any of that information and people that are putting that information up there IN ANY MANNER ­ alright ­ that can be construed as a violation of state or federal law, will be prosecuted ­ will be investigated and prosecuted…” (1)

You have lied to the public since the 14th of December, and since the obscenity of your remarks, on December 18, – you have remained silent while your version of every aspect of this crime has now totally been ripped apart. It’s time for you to formally apologize and RESIGN!

Part of that Open Letter to you:

“The public thinks and can speak about what they have questions concerning, about anything which this government does. In particular whenever people die needlessly—the facts themselves in any such case are always open to public-interpretation. The FACT that the Connecticut township Police, Connecticut State Police and the FBI have miserably destroyed and clouded the entire case in Sandy-Hook since the first reports of this crime began coming out. This makes this case more important for the public to concentrate on, rather than less.

It is your JOB to find, investigate and report on every aspect of this case. What you have done instead is cover-up those facts as fast as they appear. Now you want to find arrest and prosecute the public when no one has yet been charged with any of the supposed deaths in this case. This, by any definition, is sloppy-police-work and possibly is becoming nothing but a state-wide cover-up of what really happened in Sandy-Hook.

If that is not the case, then where is the Governor or the Attorney General of Connecticut? Who the hell are you, a lowly-lieutenant, to tell the entire American public what to know or how to think? We have ALWAYS had the right to think or speak for ourselves. When you and your collaborators can’t put your case together in any kind of sense that anyone in this country can actually believe—then we damned sure do have the right and the DUTY to keep you and every law-enforcement agency honest…

…This self-serving little speech of yours is proof of the fact that the U.S. has become nothing now but just another Police-State waiting to annihilate whatever remains of our supposed Justice System.

How DARE you tell the public what to think or say at the time when so much is still being kept from the public. We are still being conned into having our guns forcefully stolen from us by a government that has committed TREASON so many times that most of us have lost count.” (1)

This (Taking away our rights under the 2nd Amendment) is now a fact announced to the public by Obama, when he said that Joe Biden will direct the collection of our weapons on January 1, 2013.

“Online investigators are starting to UNCOVER massive discrepancies in YOUR STORY—so if anyone is going to be ARRESTED for putting out disingenuous information IT SHOULD BE THE OFFICERS OF (your) CITY, STATE & FEDERAL government agencies who have been lying to the public since this occurred. You in particular are trying to cover-up these facts, by threatening the Public, with PROSECUTION for even thinking that anything might be out-of-order! God-damn you Vance!”

Truth is Vance that you should be charged as an accomplice in “Conspiracy to Insurrection
The Republic of the United States.”
By virtue of your complicity in blatantly
Lying to the public about what really happened
In Sandy Hook on Friday, 12-14-12.
Here are just some of the points you have
FAILED to mention to the public!

“The original RIP Victoria Soto Facebook Page now only exists on screen-captures… The Criminal organization known as Facebook has been diligently removing any trace of the original page, WHICH WAS CLEARLY DATED DECEMBER 10TH…

What a massive screw up it was to have a RIP page dated 4 days before the mass-shooting false flag event, such was the necessity to completely remove it from the internet, or regular people would be asking “Why is this page from before the shooting?” as many people were. (2)

Or This: “How could the principal have survived to give this statement to local press describing what happened … if she was one of the first to be killed? Incidentally, The Newtown Bee‘s article was taken down on Monday December 17th. Of course, a plausible explanation is that a reporter mistook another teacher for the principal.” (3)

No comment from you about any of the above, or any of the below statements either – yet you promised the public a full accounting of the “facts” – Again and again you have lied to those that you supposedly serve.

“The live emergency services audio feed from the scene reveals some interesting observations from first responders that have been completely overlooked by the mainstream media. Note that the unedited version lasts over two hours, so the abridged version I’m going to quote from has a compressed sequence of events that are not in real time. In this abridged version, we hear at 1.38′ a report that gunfire is still being heard, even though the shooting was supposed to have ended by the time police arrived. The next report at 2.35′ says that the shooting has stopped and the school is “in lockdown”. At 3.23′, the police relay a teacher’s report that she saw “two shadows running past the gym”. This is followed by another officer on the scene who says, “Yeh, we got ‘em, they’re coming at me! … [inaudible] … coming up the driveway real slowly!” That same officer at 5.40′ says he has them “proned out”, which presumably means he has apprehended them and they are laid out on the ground, before another officer comes on to say, “be aware that we do have a second [inaudible] …”

Later on, at 19.10′, an officer who sounds out of breath, like he’s just given chase, reports what I think sounds like “these guys” followed certainly by “multiple weapons, including long rifles and shotgun”. If these were found so early on, why were they not included in the initial press reports which stated that three firearms had been found – the above mentioned Glock, Sig Sauer and Bushmaster AR-15 rifle? Further conflicting, and possibly planted evidence was thrown into the mix by ‘law enforcement officials’ when they published video footage of a long weapon being retrieved from the trunk of a car. Look closely and you’ll see that it’s a shotgun, not a rifle. In addition, this ‘discovery’ was made late in the day (its dark outside), while the Bushmaster rifle was first reported found “in the trunk of a car” much earlier in the day. This would logically suggest that the rifle and shotgun were found in the trunks of two different cars.” (3)

There are literally dozens of clearly false information releases from the government that you have stood behind (SILENTLY) and as you have been the front man for the “official story” since this whole thing began. You have remained SILENT, except for threatening the public with arrest: If the truth is expanded on or passed on so that the public can come to KNOW what is not happening with YOUR OFFICIAL INVESTIGATION.

Your supposed investigation consists of nothing but more and even more massive lies. You and all your vast RESOURCES have already had MORE THAN ENOUGH TIME to reach verifiable and SANE CONCLUSIONS: Conclusions that can be clearly understood by the public the courts and the world.

More from the open-letter to you: “If anyone is to be fearful of what is about to happen it ought to be you and every agency that you have spoken for—because you and your agencies are the criminals that need to be investigated. You are all using these crimes to try and force the public to unconditionally surrender our weapons and our lives to a Zionist-controlled police-state that has no right to exist in this or in any other country in the world.”  (1)

Respond or RESIGN Vance!

It was you who made this entire charade into a CRIME when you threatened the people who employ you with ARREST for either thinking or speaking about anything you do NOT approve of. That was done to PROTECT your lame and illegally flawed story from being interfered with by the FACTS: That’s why you have served the COVER-UP and not the public.

RESIGN Vance! The public has already gotten on with finding the truth and with massively DISCREDITING your entire position, behind all these LIES that cannot be believed—if indeed they ever were.

Maybe you’d prefer to have this phrased in your own version of military speak (In the way you spoke to us initially)? ‘Get your incompetent ass out-of-the-way Vance! Let honest people get this job done, since you can’t find your ass with either hand’ and since, you’re the one officially-protecting those who did this obscenity and who created these crimes in the first place

Jim Kirwan

1) Open Letter to Lt. J. Paul Vance

2) RIP Victoria Soto Facebook Page being removed from Internet – 2 min 26 sec video

3) Sandy Hook Massacre Spins Out of Control


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