In the Valley

Of the Shadow of Death

Obama has given the people of this place nine days more, until we lose everything.

Unless we teach ourselves to conquer our FEAR, we shall crush our COURAGE. This begins with our right to legally own weapons of our choice—to defend ourselves whenever necessary.  The right to do this is guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the Constitution and as the last of the four lines clearly states: This right cannot be INFRINGED.

“A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security



The right to defend yourself, regardless of threats from the government or the criminal-world is not optional. If Americans surrender their guns they will be slaves. Only slaves would ‘choose’ to remain unarmed in the face of tyranny, oppression, or any feral takeover by an armed-force.

Many wonder what could be done to begin to turn this totalitarian condition around. This could be done: If people would demand the answers that this government has been denying to the public since 911. For the last eleven years no one rich or connected has gone to jail; for any of the huge number of crimes that continue to be committed. The investigation of crimes does not require six months-of-investigation before action can be taken against government officials in any capacity in any actual crime.

This place has failed our people by ‘waiting’ for the wheels of the completely corrupted system to move. The corruption is in the courts, the prosecutors, cops, the politicians and is active at virtually every step in the CRIMINAL-SYSTEM. This has been the case for over thirty years. Since 911 this same system now refuses to move to correct the criminal actions of the police, the banks, the government, insurance-companies, the FDA, Big-Pharma, hospitals, medicine, legal drugs, virtually every agency of the federal and state governments have been corrupted—so nothing ever gets directly addressed, much less ever changed—yet we say nothing!

Here’s one example that still has not been looked at, much less resolved. This involves the murder of a two-tour Marine-veteran by a SWAT team that has never been charged with any crime. Five cops fired 71 bullets into this former U.S. Marine within seconds after NOT identifying themselves as ‘police”. This case is old, and should have been acted on immediately. Government always takes its time to let the public forget, and to try and improve their lies which are needed to convince anyone of anything—because the TRUTH must never come out or we would rise in rebellion against these TRAITORS, unless of course we just don’t care! (2)

For instance people have a right to expect crimes against-them to be tried in a timely fashion. Yet that has to wait until virtually the Twelfth-of-Never, and maybe not even then will any “decision” ever be forthcoming. If you or a loved-one have been injured or wronged by any of these criminal agencies at any level of government, maybe it’s time to take things into your own hands? We must remember that the government works for us; we do NOT work for them.

Technically we outrank the officials, the military officers and the politicians at all levels. But to get them to act for us, in any way, requires pressure from us on those people that continue to blatantly commit crimes, against us, that must be prosecuted. An excellent example is Lt. J. Paul Vance, the Connecticut State police officer who just spit upon any-involvement by The Public in the massacre of Sandy Hook. (1)

This man acting as the officer in-charge of the INVESTIGATION in Sandy Hook has become vulnerable in several ways. He and the agencies he represents has had more than enough time to do their jobs. Yet the public-interest in this case was been stonewalled by the very people that told us that they and “They alone” were to be the ones’ responsible for any further-information about this crime. He has refused to act and he has lied-repeatedly to the public and to the people he supposedly serves. Vance needs to be investigated after he resigns from the force.

As a reader points out: “Vance appears to have become an accessory after the fact for lying to the public and for making terrorist threats against the public for daring to investigate or for commenting on the current situation (a first amendment right).

Vance has no credibility, has lied, spoken to the public like a bully, and a thug on camera. He has tarnished all Connecticut State Police and is a discredit to honest law enforcement everywhere. He should immediately be fired: Charged and arrested for making terrorist-threats against the public while violating our civil rights, and in the process he’s become an accessory to this crime; possibly BEFORE but definitely after the fact.”

The public has real power here—if we would only take that power and follow-thru with this case; until everyone who actually was involved in this crime is found and charged. There’s no reason to delay this process, especially given how much the public has already uncovered—despite the THREATS made by Paul Vance who has appointed himself to be the sole arbitrator of any potential credibility; for any and all evidence discovered in this case…

This might seem a small step given the massive criminality inherent in the machinations of the feral government in combination with the Zionistas and all their global-baggage: Once the public begins to make progress, confidence will begin to grow and finally we can begin to establish some actual curbs on this feral-NIGHTMARE that has seized this country for far, far too long.

In every aspect of life, there are always choices. Too many of us it seems have forgotten that simple fact. Just as it is well known that when a government FEARS the people, they tend to be far more reality based than any government which no-longer-fears its own people…

There are just NINE DAYS LEFT until your freedom will end outright. Are you certain that there really is ‘nothing’ that you want to do before that door is slammed and bolted-shut forever?

Jim Kirwan

1) Lt. Vance – RESIGN!

2) U.S. Marine shot 71 times in marijuana raid. 4yo and wife was home. NO DRUGS FOUND – 6 min 41 sec video


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