December 23, 2012

Eight days left to live

The deeper we go into the NO-Man’s land of lawlessness the greater are the contrasts between actually being alive and just clinging to the breaking threads of what was once a unified and viable society. TORMENT has already triumphed over HUMOR. What we’ve forgotten all about are the human-realities that once counted, whenever anyone tried to take-stock of their lives.

For some the Seven Wonders of the World are not on any traditional lists. They are “To See” “To Hear” “To Touch” “To Taste” “To Feel” “To Laugh” and “To Love”.

Contrast this with what some Texas cops did when they arrested a man in a Santa-Claus suit for allowing people to chalk Christmas wishes “for Love for Joy and for Peace on a public sidewalk, in the State Capital. The USA is run by Zionists and apparently the Menorah has replaced the traditional symbols of Christmas thus OUTLAWING anything that does not continue to SURRENDER to Israhell. (1)

“For anyone who is even passively aware of current events and the condition of humanity across the globe, it is abundantly clear that both the nation and the world as a whole are moving further and further into a state of oppression and total lockdown.”

 k): Given that our guns are to taken by force from us, beginning in just 8 days, January 1, 2013, the time remaining is critical.
This is the same lawless period of time
That was used to create the U.S. Federal Reserve
Exactly One-hundred days from 1-1-2013.

“From the traditional macro-events which are taking place at the international and global levels to the micro-events (or seemingly micro) that are taking place at the national, state, and local arenas, the opportunity for optimism in the outcome of the decisions made seems to be few and far between…

…That method of protection, of course, is readily served up by the mainstream media under the guise of sacrificing freedom for security, which the victims of the propaganda continue to fall for on an ever-increasing scale. Whether the initial incident is 9/11, mass shootings, flu outbreaks,[1] or financial calamity, the unchanging trend is FEAR and the unchanging solution is the sacrifice of basic human rights under the guise that government, its agents or agencies, will act as the protectors.

It has been the case ever since 9/11, most notably, that the population has been subjected to a campaign of terror by their governments, corporations, “experts,” and financiers. Fear is the order of the day. An entire generation of humanity has been reduced to a terrified and ignorant mass of beggars, pleading with what they see as “authorities” to protect them from the very dangers the oligarchy themselves have visited upon them…

…Unfortunately, in becoming experts at journal keeping during the collapse and restructuring of human civilization, the alternative media and the modern revolutionary have seemingly become content to merely report the unfolding history as opposed to actively taking part in it.

Thankfully, there are those involved in both the alternative media and the movement in general who are not only willing to hear solutions but are both willing and capable of producing them. Still, scarcely are those voices raised before catcalls of pessimism are hurled back in their direction. Shouts of “that will never happen,” and “but how do we get to that point?” or “we don’t have the numbers” inevitably drown out those that are at least attempting to develop a plan to change the course of the nation and the earth. Obviously, petty squabbles over political pedigree are bound to come into play, with tendencies left over from past experiences, further alienating activists and researchers from one another.

Yet, for all of the bickering back and forth, the fact is that numbers alone will not bring change if they are merely numbers in their own right. As Webster Tarpley has stated on numerous occasions, opinions alone count for nothing. What matters is coordinated political action.” (2)

This article goes on to advocate political organization, which spells penetration from the heart-of-darkness (for me) when anything goes forward using “election-selections” to solve anything, anymore. We must return to personal responsibility and direct action by small groups of individuals determined to stand for what they believe in. We must take-back our freedom. Personal AMBITION must triumph once more over global MEDIOCRITY (above).

When it comes to how we are to live our lives, we must simplify and wipe-out the millions upon millions of bogus-illegal-laws. We must return to a simpler, manageable and a more direct Republic, based on what the Constitution accidently created:

Before the Zionista’s turned life into a criminal-cash-register and humanity into billions of slaves without a future.

We need to rediscover SUCCESS and to do that we must outlaw the government’s caging of our freedoms, by spotlighting the FAILURE we have allowed tyranny to create. We have allowed this world to be turned into a place that is totally based on “NO”, “DON”T” and “STOP”. Too many have forgotten how to say “YES”, “PLEASE DO” and “ENJOY” – Never mind Live-Love-&-Succeed!

Telling Americans “NO” ought to no longer be part of any equation—but today we have been marked for death in many, many ways that Israhell has so carefully designed to end this place forever!

Don’t overlook the tremendous JOY that comes with finally declaring our rights—face-to-face with the fascist police-state. The armed citizens of this place are about to become involved in a real STRIKE that will force a confrontation between clearly armed citizens and the government. These encounters that will take place across the country in city-halls, at media outlets, and in every state capital as well as Washington D.C. because the quiet citizens have had enough and Obama’s Executive Directive to seize our guns will be turned back and shredded if ordinary people can just REMEMBER who they are and what’s always been at stake!

We might begin by ending the career of Lt. Vance of the Connecticut State Police, along with determining who has really been running this bogus investigation since day one: Was it CIA, FBI, Mossad, who the hell is in charge of this scandalous outrage?

So far we have disappearing victims, conspirators and supposed witnesses as well as victims that have no–life at all. We have yet to see any of the dead. How many of were cremated; were all the coffins sealed?  If the paper-trails are to be believed several of the principle figures apparently never existed—and still the thugs-in-charge refuse to answer any questions! (3)

And all this is being done in the shadow of a holiday that hides the crimes of this-government each and every year at this time. Take a break from the DISGRACED ISRAHELL HOLIDAY and use the time to take back your life. Let’s make 2013 a year of confrontations, discussions, and a massive reduction in the lawless state of The New Deadwood in which we find ourselves today!

Jim Kirwan

1) Occupy Austin: Arresting Santa for Chalking at Texas Capital – 7 min video

2) It’s Time for the Aware to Take Action

3) Lt. Vance – RESIGN! 96 hours is more than enough time


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