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This breaking news just crashed into the quiet of this December morning.

I transcribed most of this video from Alex for its content and for what this means for all Americans. As mentioned earlier, we are now in the last few days before this criminal-takeover becomes fact. Please read the transcript or watch the video, but please tell everyone you know that is still even partially awake—because quite literally our lives depend directly on what we DO about this crime before Israhell and the Zionistas take away whatever remains of our entire way of life.

“The enemies of self-defense have never launched an assault like they are now in the middle of commencing, right now. ~ Mayor Bloomberg many years ago started an organization, years ago, called Mayors Against Illegal Guns that pushes for the abolition of fire-arms ownership. The complete and total ban as they have in New York City, Chicago and other areas where the globalist Mafia have taken over.

Bloomberg got his money and funding from corrupt elements of Wall Street, the very same interests that get trillions a year in taxpayer money. They want to secure that takeover. It’s Goldman-Sachs JP Morgan and others. Then go look at who gives money to the anti-gun lobby. It’s THEM they are coming after our Second Amendment—they are authoritarians, and we’ve got some just unbelievable developments it’s moving faster than even I thought possible.

Right here is a video 80 seconds long with 50 celebrities. (Demand a Plan to End Gun Violence 1 min 22 sec video).  (1)

Saying its now time for YOU AMERICA to do something and that you’re responsible for twenty dead kids and Sandy Hook and you’ve gotta have a ‘Responsible Plan’. Now they’re acting like they’re developing a plan to sound deliberative; but the stated plan by Bloomberg ~ is the absolute ban of guns, TURNING THEM IN.

They’ve done this all over the world by the way. Bloomberg is a big supporter of Israel and never calls for having the Israeli people disarmed. They were all given full-auto M-16’s by the government for the schools that have teachers with guns ~ that’s how they respond to school shootings. Here they take the guns away from the people – advertise the schools as the place to go to commit a mass-murder and then blame all of us when one of their mental-institution Prozac-kids plays video games all day and watches violent movies—then goes out and kills people. Then you collectively have to turn your guns in. They know all this but they say let’s do something about

the legal guns” – so they want to make all guns illegal.
Right here they say “Tell congress and the president that you support Common Sense legislation to end gun violence.”

One of the strongest gun laws for the state, in the country, was in Connecticut, the fourth strongest. She had to jump through all these hoops; finger-prints, background checks. It didn’t stop her son, she was trying to commit from getting to the firearms, because she didn’t lock ‘em up. Again, you’ll never stop criminals. You or I could go up and hit a cop in the back of the head with a hammer and take their guns! Oh and what about bad-cops with guns? See that’s just part of the world. It’s not the guns you blame. No ladies and gentlemen it’s the people wielding them. And the system knows that. These are not liberal-idiots. Some of the Hollywood folks on here are, but Bloomberg himself – these are cold-blooded authoritarians that understand that they need to disarm us so they can fully control us.

The video is up at – Bloomberg organizes celebrities to push huge Gun Grab. And they have Jamie Foxx and others that talked about how much fun it is to kill all the white-people on Saturday Night Live. They’re saying we’ve got to turn all our guns in so more of the offset division being pushed by the big-city crime-boss-mayors – The model of America is a big-city crime-boss model: That’s where this system of tyranny was basically designed. So it’s important to go and counter this video and send this video we’re shooting right now out to everyone you know, so they KNOW THE FACTS and to send people to the articles that are posted under it. Oh, “New York Governor, gun confiscation forced buy-back an option”?

Bloomberg by the way came out in the AP yesterday and said that he is, quote, the biggest supporter of the second amendment EVER. Did you know that! Because they believe the second amendment means that you get to turn all your guns into them—continuing here.

Ladies and Gentlemen here is the article with governor Andrew Cuomo linking to the New York Times where he says yeah we’ll just give you taxpayer money and MAKE YOU TURN ALL YOUR GUNS IN – so that’s part of the new task force. We’re gonna have a task-force run by Biden who will come to Obama and then Obama will do whatever he says “The president can’t ban our guns, congress makes the law and to do that they’d have to have a constitutional amendment to repeal the second amendment. Oh but here’s Cuomo – oh we don’t want your guns—no we want to just completely, absolutely CONFISCATE THEM ~ the T-shirt here with Gun Control works with Hitler, Stalin & Mao.

Speaking of Mao who said “political power grows out of the barrel of a gun” who (also) said the Chinese people have to be disarmed. They disarmed the Chinese people in 1949, our government helped put him in and then he killed according to the CIA 64 million people – the Chinese government says 80 plus million people, but he knew you need to take the guns, so that only the government has the guns, so now the Official Chinese government Party Publication, The People’s Daily and others come out and said Obama – read the article right here, it’s in English all right here – They say “Obama Waging War on Gun Owners, use this tragedy to disarm them”!  Of course the Pentagon says that China is now our greatest military THREAT so of course they’d want the American people disarmed because Admiral Yamamoto the Japanese in world war two, they wanted the Japanese to invade, the Japanese Government did, but he saidThere would be a rifle behind every blade of grass”.

k): However today there would only be sex-less-pussy’s surrendering so they can get back to their self-absorbed personal orgies.

Foreign governments are saying its okay to disarm us, RT, Russian run media in the US is saying “turn in our guns” – demonizing – and you’ve Piers Morgan BRAGGING that “he’s conquered America” I’m not kidding, and making bizarre jokes about it. In fact you can go here and read about this. We’ve put a PETITON on the White House, it’s really tongue and cheek, but it’s getting 10’s of thousands of signatures that’s saying deport him—of course he may be facing criminal charges in England for the __act, you can go to the White House and see our petition.

This is a guy over here engaged in all sorts of things that are clearly ILLEGAL. Lobbying against our second amendment here is ~ in closing I thought it might be important for you to just type in Army Field Manual Gun Confiscation into the search engine, you’ll find the actual Army field manual ~ for here in the US. It also talks about reeducation centers for Americans in there. Now that’s You can also read it on the official government sites. ~ You can go to; we have a full breakdown of the entire article, with a link to the PDF and then screen-shots of all the places where they actually say it… This is the type of stuff we’re talking about here and this is the real world.

You need to understand that Bloomberg and others want your guns. This is an act of TOTAL DOMNATION. Bloomberg has over a half-million stop and frisk operations in New York every year. Bloomberg wants you to be forced to live in the 250 sq. ft. little AGENDA 21 prison cells: He is an authoritarian pig. He is an authoritarian Pig and an absolute ENEMY of anyone who cares about freedom. So I am begging all of you to realize that “Demand a is PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION.

Create and exacerbate the problem, have the public say “something’s got to be done about it” and the answer is: Outright turning in your semi-autos that aren’t even used in most of the crimes. And they are used – the Pentagon in it’s own domestic report and the FBI statistics that I’ve shown this week at it meant that they were used to frustrate crimes that 80 plus times, for any time they’re used in a crime. And everyone that knows that; that the places where crime-bosses like Bloomberg run things have the highest crime rates.”

k): Because the Bloomberg’s are instrumental in increasing the take for the criminals they routinely invite into their cities.

“England took all their guns—the crime rate doubled! Look it up ladies and gentlemen – we get all these foreigners Piers Morgan the Communist Chinese, the Russians saying: TURN OUR GUNS IN.

This is absolute garbage this is globalism. They’ve got the UN Treaty coming up next month and they want to RESTRICT GUNS ahead of that treaty to get us in-line with it the worldwide so they can disarm our people and Africa and Latin American countries—calling them WARLORDS—then the big corporations and mercenaries go in and engage in mass-murder. It’s like the UN did in ’94 in Rwanda: That was actually a UN run massacre of upwards of a million people.

Learn the truth! The UN is an authoritarian murder-crew. All these useful-idiot Hollywood stars are a joke. They’re up there just pathetic mindless idiots, with a crook like Bloomberg pushing us to lose our liberties. It’s incredible these big mega-banks want your tax money and they don’t want you to politically take America back, so it ceases to be an empire and becomes a Republic again—I’ll cover all this tomorrow…” (2)

Jim Kirwan

2) Hollywood and Mafia Openly Call for a Gun Ban – 11 min 2 sec video

1) Bloomberg Organizes to push for Huge Gun Grab – 1 min 22 sec video


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