Seven Days from Darkness

“Suspended in the twilight
a fugitive from genesis,
is this castle of the heart


Our shadow selves engage each other
in a dance for those
who have forgotten how to see

Upon this stage we live,
beneath the bridge of two beginnings
our conscience balances,
cliché upon cliché upon cliché

But in this fragment
which is real,
and which imaginary?”

It’s Christmas Eve, probably the last one that ISRAHELL will allow anyone else to have. No one will be allowed to have any other religious symbols once the shitty-little-country has total control.

Those who doubt this ugly-truth need to get past the current lies about the DEBT-LEVEL in this broken–place. Officially congress is wrestling with the debt-ceiling that is being moved from 17 to 19 trillion, while the real figure we actually are indebted for is

Over 200 TRILLION dollars.

On top of that we just gave Israhell a huge new bonus of $631 billion in weaponry congress just gleefully passed—call it our Christmas Gift to the CHOSEN-PEOPLE because they need it to continue their wars, using our troops, throughout the world.

“The US Senate has unanimously approved a $631bln defense budget for 2013. The draft budget has evoked no objections from the White House. As he ran for president four years ago, Barack Obama promised to cut defense programs and put an end to the arms race which drained the US economy. The Obama administration has failed to stabilize the economy.

The country’s state debt is growing at a fast rate. And judging by the newly approved 2013 budget, Washington has no intention of ending the arms race. At present, the US military expenditure exceeds combined military spending of all other countries.

Experts attribute the current difficulties experienced by the US economy to the fact that it cracked under the burden of military spending, which proved too heavy for it, if not outright intolerable. According to the US Treasury Department, the unprecedented $17 trillion debt will increase to $19 trillion in the foreseeable future and exceed 100% of the country’s current GDP. On top of that, Boston University Professor Laurence Kotlikoff has established that the US budget deficit is larger than that officially reported, amounting to a whopping $200 trillion.” (2)

We are also withdrawing physical and material support for those that were hit the hardest during Superstorm Sandy that has yet to be addressed. (3)

Meanwhile the Dictator is frolicking in Hawaii on another multi-million dollar adventure in frivolity, blowing billions upon his Christmas vacation. “This one is going to cost MILLIONS more than the last one…after all they pay the guy who takes the dog out to piss  $102,000 per yr!” Last year we paid $1.4 billion just to “keep this traitor in comfort. But it’s OK, because this traitor has been working so hard during this holiday season. Incidentally he’ll be buying the “vacation mansion” and reserving the mansions on either side for the US Secret Service, while Americans starve! So much for “the news” on Christmas Eve.

This surfaced yesterday and explains a lot about why Obama needed to have Sandy Hook take place when & where it happened.

“One month and one day ago, the President of the United States issued an “insider threat” memorandum, warning of acts of “violence” and “vast espionage” within the government itself.

The president had been put on alert against a coordinated attack intended to rip apart the fabric of American society. Several plots had been discovered and quietly “dealt with” including a planned assassination.

Those responsible for the “insider threat” Obama mentioned are confirmed to be “right wing extremists” aligned with the Israel lobby.

Based on broad information, law enforcement and intelligence analysts from a variety of agencies, including NATO allies, a “soft target” was chosen as a “fall back,” one inside the US.

What softer target could there be than kindergarteners and first graders in a peaceful Connecticut village, looking forward to the Christmas holidays, an attack on the Seventh Day of Chanukah.

America has been hit with an iconic act of terrorism. “Sandy Hook” is terrorism, pure and simple.

When Ambassador Susan Rice failed to name “Benghazi” as a terror attack in her initial statements, she was crucified. What is different now?

No other act could have created an atmosphere such that “gun seizure” is now openly discussed in Washington, something neither political party would have remotely considered or even mentioned during the election season, a few short weeks ago…

The Sandy Hook massacre appears to have been a psyop intended to strike fear in the hearts of Americans by its sheer brutality. The killing of children is a signature of terror ops conducted by agents of Israel.

This attack is being used as powerful incentive for banning assault rifles. The American public is unaware that the Department of Homeland Security has acquired 1.5 billion rounds of .40 caliber, hollow-point ammunition, illegal under the Geneva Convention.

Mike Harris of Veterans Today has exposed the pattern relating what happened at Sandy Hook to earlier assaults:

“This is exactly what Israel did in Norway; the political party that voted sanctions against Israel was retaliated against by a ‘lone gunman’ who killed 77 children. This is what Israel always does, they go after the children.” ” (4)

This is the beginning of ‘a must read’ if anyone still cares about how this nation has been turned into the vile-underbelly of Hell, while still claiming to be a leader of anything in the wider-world, other than the filthiest headquarters of global-crime and malevolence on the planet.

“The first half of this analysis of the Connecticut shootings, “MK-ULTRA Links to Sandy Hook Assault”, examined how the CIA’s mind-control program spread like a metastasizing cancer across the Eastern Seaboard, delivering a nightmarish cocktail of synthetic drugs, sexual abuse and lethal violence. The focus of that essay was on the three major players in the New England region ­ CIA/FBI agents, the pedophile Catholic clergy and the Irish drug-trafficking mob, while giving only passing mention of the Jewish politicians whose salesmanship was needed for the monumental task of social engineering a proud nation into a herd of sheep.

The major political figure in the Newtown tragedy who has once again evaded personal responsibility for the bloody consequences of his idiotic policies, which include the war in Iraq and arms shipments to Israel, is Joseph Isadore Lieberman. The chairman of the Homeland Security Committee and U.S. senator from Tel Aviv and Stamford is the elephant in the schoolroom that nobody seems to notice.

Soon to retire from the senatorial seat he’s kept warm for 22 years, Joe Lieberman has been a contemporary of New England gangland boss Whitey Bulger and his CIA controllers. His Senate term has run exactly parallel to the takeover and transformation of once-puritanical Connecticut into a sleazy hub of underage prostitution, child porn, drug peddling and gambling…

Now that sin no longer counts, crime ­ or the desire to commit criminal acts – is the essential component in governmental mind-control because anti-social rebellion is the door to the subconscious. “Father, I want to kill you. Mother, I want to . . .” That admission is the death of conscience and the beginning of thought control. Self-centered infantile individualism breaks away the individual from loyalties to family, community and nation, rendering him or her into an informer and pawn of the nameless guardians who supervise the government, the courts and the police.

Corruption Personified

To construct this system of alternating permissiveness and repression, a scarecrow version of Jabba the Hutt ­ corruption personified and brutal aggression hidden behind a mask of comic cynicism – was installed as senior senator of Connecticut in 1989. As incisively articulated by Connecticut political activist Ms. Lee Whitnum: “One could argue that Joe Lieberman has contributed to more death and destruction than any ‘enemy combatant’ ever held in Guantanamo.” (

Lieberman’s blatant toleration of organized crime did not exclude him from the ranks of upper-crust society, the corporate criminal class of New England. His local donors are concentrated in Hartford-based insurance companies, which are the financial engines behind the toxic spread of synthetic pharmaceutical drugs. First used to train soldier-robot assassins, mind-alternating chemicals are now FDA-approved instruments for nationwide risk management under the state-pharm system.

Connecticut was a social laboratory where pharmacological manipulation of the human brain, pioneered by MK-ULTRA researchers, has since been mainstreamed as a permanent feature of a global “therapeutic society”. “If you distrust us, you are deeply troubled since childhood and in desperate need of help. So take your meds and play online games.”

Lieberman’s wife Hadassah Freilick (if this maiden name doesn’t say it all, what does?) is a crusading Zionist on contract with the CIA-controlled Hill & Knowlton PR firm as an unregistered lobbyist for Pfizer and Hoffman-LaRoche drug labs.

This article is long and worth reading, because the truth of it breathes so clearly into every accumulated fact that is described… (5)

If what this contains and all that has passed before your eyes over the entire eleven-years since 911 – does not make your blood boil: Then you are NOT human! There are only seven-days left for us to let this government know that they’re history because we are taking back our power!

Oh, I forgot, it’s another HOLIDAY, and people just can’t be bothered to notice much of anything during the god-damned holidays.

Of course that is exactly what happened one-hundred years ago, come January-one, when the FED was created in 1913 by a criminally-manipulated vote that was illegal. This January first the same people will steal our guns and shut down the remainder of the financial collapse by giving us the bill—then tripling our taxes while slashing our income and stealing whatever remains of our investments and retirement funds.

Be sure NOT to bitch about anything Amerikkka, you wouldn’t want the government to get nervous or even remotely begin to fear the people, the road-kill still living in the old USA—would you?

Jim Kirwan

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