In this country we have allowed this government to do away with “DUE PROCESS” when it comes to the crimes that government routinely commits. When it comes to citizens we no longer have the right to be afforded the legalities of “DUE PROCESS”. If we do not have that right, neither can this outlaw-government have that right either.

What is fair for the government is equally fair for the people. This means that these so-called laws which the OUTLAWS proclaim have no authority whatsoever. Once the public becomes aware of this major difference between a law-abiding-government and whatever this Zionista-Tyranny has become—could create a much different atmosphere in 2013 than what the war-criminal-elitists will soon be demanding. Think about it and prepare yourself to tell this feral government to Go Straight to Hell!

The public is now buying top-of-line weaponry around the country, at an unheard of rate. The amounts of money involved are very large. Americans are not purchasing these legal-weapons, to turn around and give them back to the same government that caused them to buy these weapons in the first place. If the feral government uses TSA (Or any other criminal agency) and their new weapons to attempt to do this – then the public will end up with TSA’s new & ILLEGAL WEAPONS and THEIR ammo: This will then be used against those that supposedly will be coming to take our guns, by force.

Here’s the link to this but the Zionists have already REMOVED it:

Without Due Process there is no nation. We’re just another haven for global-murders, bandits and thieves who basically hate America and all Americans! This happened in the USSR and the people became aware of it while the purge was going on. Some said this: ‘The USSR was then a dark and evil-empire. We were a people living in the darkness, and (After the end of Stalin) now we are a people dying in the light: Which is better?’ Americans are about to have to answer this question, after the arrival of 2013, yet most are still totally unaware of what is coming.

Consider this: “Surveillance under Bush became Murder under Obama. This is the official evisceration of “THE RULE OF LAW.”

If we are to make any progress today against the NIGHTMARES, the public has to find a way to end its fake-romance with ‘BUSINESS’ AS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS. Because ‘business’ in Amerikkka is as dead as last years news. What matters now is whether anyone can survive, any longer, in the most barbaric-nation this world has ever had to tolerate—since records have been kept. (1)

The time has come for us to open our individual ‘books’ on the lives we’ve lived and on those dreams we once thought possible: So we can once again SEEK what is ours alone to go in search of.

Once we can locate those dreams, the ones that are particularly ours, then that book can be closed, so that a new book can be written.

We can then lose the cloak and follow those stars that have always been there – just waiting for those of us who are willing to find our own way out of this global-nightmare—and who finally have decided to ACT!

It may be Christmas, but it still feels like Death Valley in this artificial soup of contaminated weather—how much longer will you continue to stomach all this feral-hatred and global-slaughter.

Happy New Year!

Jim Kirwan

1) Oliver Stone Tears Apart Obama’s Empire  – 14 min 33 sec video


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