The Rock & the Hard Place

The CENSORSHIP we’re fighting now, formally originated with Lyndon Baines Johnson
In his 1964 GREAT SOCIETY & The WAR on POVERTY. (1)
We failed to challenge it then so
America is facing it now in this encroaching un-civil-war.

We are now officially between the ‘Rock & the Hard Place’ and that spot has placed Americans in the criminal-cross-hairs. This false-flag coming and uncivil war was designed by the globalist forces that want everything this country has: From all our money, our retirement accounts and our guns to our Freedom and our Republic so that Americans will be stripped naked—with no means to protect ourselves or our loved ones from anything that’s about to come to America. They plan to enslave those they choose to keep and murder everyone else, in the name of the Globalist-World-Order. This is real. Anyone that fails to understand what is happening now will be among the first to die.

The US has just announced that we are sending troops to 32 nations in Africa, to get those who do not agree with the coming attack on America, away from the crimes our troops are about to commit. This WAR on AMERICA is being launched against the loved-ones of those troops who will be so far away that they will be powerless to defend the only people they care about. The cops and special units here that are expected to raid the homes of civilians to confiscate weapons, will very soon be facing a totally no-win-situation; in which a great many of those uniformed people will die needlessly. Once “officers” begin to die, (either cops or military) then those left will have to revaluate their own participation and many will switch-sides, but by then it might be too late for them to save themselves, because we outnumber them.

A thousand to one!

 Many armed-civilians will also die, but it only takes three percent of the gun-owning population to resist, to set off this no-win situation, which is exactly what the traitors want to create. This entire “PANIC-SITUATION” was designed and patterned on the exact same plan that Hitler used to disarm the German civilian population, before Hitler began the NAZI bloodlust that started WWII

 Feinstein is copying Hitler’s ORDERS to the letter!

“Freedom no longer exists anywhere in the world. The various populations have been disarmed over time, and now live under tyranny and surveillance, with the illusion of freedom maintained by propaganda. Every country with a Rothschild-owned central bank exists on the precipice of a planned economic collapse that promises to starve millions, and in America, everyone wants the revolution to start, in someone else’s backyard.

And while the Palestinians starve, civilians are slaughtered by drone attacks, and innocent children are raped and tortured by their captors, please remember that all of this blood and cruelty is on Americans’ hands, and also remember that at the same time, the whole world waits for Americans to come to their rescue.

They’re not waiting for American troops to “liberate” them, and they’re not waiting for American politicians to send them money. They’re waiting for the American people to finally stand up and put an end to the global madness that’s usually kept hidden behind football games and bad movies.

And how else can the American people redeem themselves for the horrors they’ve allowed to be committed in their name? Stopping the psychopaths that have seized control of our nation is only the first payment on a debt that we now owe the world not in U.S. dollars, but in the only currency that will buy us the right to be proud of being Americans once again.

The former beacon of freedom and liberty that won the world’s admiration, and once projected the new standard of honor for the world to revere, is now universally despised for exposing its cruel, imperial greed and sadistic foreign policy in far-away places where “it doesn’t matter if they love us, as long as they fear us.”

They’re unarmed, helpless and hungry, and their only hope of seeing a light at the end of the tunnel we put them in lies in the American people remembering who they are, and doing what the world expects of them. We’re the last hope not only for our own freedom, and our children’s freedom, but for the freedom of the entire world. From their place of despair they look to us and pray, and they wait, and hopefully, they still hope.

Who else can save them? It won’t be the government that sold them out, or the government that’s attacking them, but the latter happens to be our government, and we, as a people, will always be held responsible for what our government does if we do nothing to stop them. (2)

Here’s a 14 min 28 sec. video that clearly shows anyone with a brain just how far down the rabbit-hole most Americans have fallen. (3)

The catalyzing event that started the latest round in this part of the nightmare is mind-blowing in the depth of their purposely confusing series of lies and cover-ups that have only added more fuel to the fire, rather than to explain any of the lies and CRIMINAL-schemes that were created when the Sandy-Hook shootings supposedly took place. Watch the 19 minute video and see for yourself.  When the evidence is this shaky and this false; anyone that thinks about it has to KNOW that there is more at stake than a supposed mass-shooting that has remained completely clouded by what the government is calling “facts”. (4)

There are obvious signs that tell the difference between genuine and fabricated event. The recent shooting of police and firemen responding to a deliberately-set fire has all the signs of being a bona fide event: there is a single consistent narrative, one shooter has been clearly identified, and there has been no good reason to doubt that the subject, William Spengler, went off the rails and committed the crimes. There are many articles about it, which relate the same basic themes: “Killer of 2 NY Firemen had semiautomatic rifle, left note”.“Police say the man who lured firefighters in Webster, N.Y., into a deadly ambush had the same make and caliber semiautomatic rifle as the one used in the Connecticut school massacre. Webster Police Chief Gerald Pickering said Tuesday that 62-year-old William Spengler was armed with a .223-caliber Bushmaster rifle, a .38-caliber revolver and a 12-gauge shotgun in Monday’s ambush. Spengler killed two firefighters and wounded two others before fatally shooting himself.”

However bizarre the event, there is nothing about it that suggests it was either a hoax or a psy op. In the case of Sandy Hook, however, the situation is completely different, where we have one inconsistency after another: the mother was a teacher there and Adam was a student; the mother was not a teacher there an Adam was not a student. One shooter was involved, yet police radio reports show a second suspect was apprehended at the scene and a police helicopter video show yet a third suspect being tracked in the woods. The principal called the local paper about the shooting; the principal was dead on the scene. Excellent studies of the incoherence of the Sandy Hook narrative have been published by Niall Bradley, “Sandy Hook massacre story spins out of control”(Veterans Today, 20 December 2012) and by Professor James F. Tracy, “The Sandy Hook School Massacre: Unanswered Questions and Missing Information” (Global Research, 25 December 2012). Even NBC News has reported that there were four rather than two handguns inside the school and no long gun. There is no consistent story or coherent narrative.” (5)

There is only one way to deal with this entire situation and that means tracing the facts regarding the Constitution and the Second Amendment which are carefully and fully explored in this article by Mike Adams from Natural News. (6)

Unless you want to see this country turned into an open grave, as depicted in the image at the top of this article then get off your ass and become part of this BATTLE, for the survival of yourself and those you care about, as well as what remains of the so-called peace that is being threatened again—everywhere at this moment…

Jim Kirwan

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6) The Bill of Rights is not negotiable – Share this urgent declaration


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