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The City of Angels

This depicts an accurate mirage of Los Angeles painted in 1994. This clearly shows a mountain that has just arisen in the background which is obviously not there—yet. Century City is in the far left corner and when you go to the original and enlarge the image, you can see that there is no foundation for this as the entire city rests on lights hovering just above the desert floor. And this is the place where we are now trying to live inside this bit of magic-realism that failed to capture the attention of the world-wide audience that bought this image so readily (probably just because of the colors). (1)

In the world of ‘NOW’ there is no apparent connection to the real world where millions are directly affected, each and every minute of everyday: we have several problems that are about to come into being in huge and irreversible ways.

There are three things at this moment that together will end life as we know it now, in what remains of the United States. The first is the National Defense Authorization Act, in tandem with the Enemy Expatriation Act, and compounded by SOPA & PPI to eliminate the still free portions of the internet. These three actions in themselves can and will (if not stopped) virtually end any resistance that there might have ever been to the total control over this country and most of the rest of the planet—if these illegal and Treasonous actions are actually implemented.

The first implementation is slated for March third, 2012; which will mark the beginning of the implementation of military troops being assigned the task of rounding up those on the net and in regular life that might possibly have committed some crime against the police-state or any of its “untouchable-criminals” that are running it all. And if that goes through the rest of it will follow because those voting for these trogledian proposals are all in agreement about completely shutting down this country and permanently cutting off anyone who might object, in any degree at all, to what they want to do to the remaining world and its still surviving populations!

Shortly after the implementation of roving military hit teams, we shall all begin to feel the effects of the global meltdown of the global financial collapse—which is why we want to begin arresting and disappearing people before that gets underway approximately on or around the twelfth of March. By then no one will even notice what shall have become of the web-sites that people go to for information; because most of them will also just be gone!

What can you do about it?

Well for openers you can stop participating in all this election bullshit! It has NO POINT because this country NO LONGER EXISTS – THANKS TO OBAMA having signed the law that outlaws the US CONSTITUTION!

Apparently people have not noticed that without a ‘constitution’ there is no need for congress, for the courts, for the president, or for any of the officials who are now running for office!  There is no longer any need for lobbyists, for elections, for political parties, because we now have only one party and that is the POLICE-STATE: everything else is beside the point, because the old US has become a dictatorship and NONE OF THE PEOPLE RUNNING FOR OFFICE HAVE BEEN ASKED:

“What do you plan to do and WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR OFFICE in a country that no longer exists! Hello, who wants to be part of the government of a place that is nothing but an OUTLAW haven? There is no voice of the people that is allowed to be heard anymore, either in the government or in the streets? Everything about this place has been officially CRIMINALIZED – so TELL US PLEASE MR. CANDIDATE – ON WHAT BASIS ARE YOU RUNNING FOR OFFICE – WHEN THERE IS NO LEGAL OFFICE FOR YOU TO BE ELECTED TO?

And none of the three political parties any longer have any credibility because they voted for these TREASONS that have created the situation that we are all in today. So any appeal to them (members of congress) to “fix anything” is an oxymoron because those same people are the ones who made this situation what it is today?!

If you can’t “DO” anything else why not demonstrate at the local TV and radio-stations. Demand answers to the above two paragraphs, and do NOT take NO for an answer! Because NO ONE HAS BEEN ASKED THESE QUESTIONS and they are the single largest “THING” in every room of every home or apartment in this country In fact I DARE you to ASK every person you encounter, just as I do:

“How can you still vote when there is no country anymore? When you have no rights, and no representation anywhere within what they say is the government?”

This situation is the living equivalent of living inside the image of Los Angeles above that does not exist in reality.

Overseas, this country is murdering people by the millions and still lying about the numbers. Government says that a million Iraqi’s were murdered during our tenure there. The truth is that we murdered at least two million as of three years ago—so what happened did the dead just get up and walk away? No, we LIED  about it along with the number of the severely wounded and the number of Displaced which were both at or around that two million figure at that time (three years ago) and of course still counting! And now we only pretended to leave Iraq so that we could send those troops on to fight in more places that we’ve decided need to be enslaved, because it meets Israel’s requirements for their Greater State of Israel.

To Hell with the world, with international law or international treaties—if Zionist-Occupied-Israel wants it; then by god we had better give it to them, or Israel will fire its targeted-nukes at the USA. (Something they’ve been just dying to do) since they killed JFK and coerced LBJ into helping THEM to win the 1967 War, by sinking the USS Liberty—which their own troops FAILED to do.

Today comes the news that America is evacuating the American Embassy inside Syria. Another milestone for the OUTLAWS – the same people that brought us the WAR on Libya, and Somalia and Yemen, and probably very soon Pakistan and possibly Lebanon? (2)

When is this going to stop? It will stop when you make it clear to this OUTLAW Government that you don’t want them to govern this place any longer! But you cannot simply wait for someone else to do this — you must begin to act and SPEAK for yourselves, together as Americans!  Now wouldn’t that be really different for a change: Cut out the middle men and the politicians and just confront them directly in every city and county in the country and DEMAND THAT THEY ANSWER FOR WHAT THEY’VE DONE TO US ALL SO FAR!

It’s either this or just accept whatever they decide to do to you (and do NOT think for an instant) that because “YOU” have not done anything wrong that these new rules will not affect you: Because they were designed for EVERY man woman and child in this country – no exceptions and no oversight. YOU will be interned for the duration of these unending wars, which will never cease—so long as private no-bid contracts can be written to reward the WAR-profiteers that are the reason for the “UNENDING” part of this equation without an answer…

The rest of us that they want to silence, they’ll probably just decide to waste bullets on, but the rest of you, ah—they have very-special-plans for you; because YOU can still be useful to them—lucky you!

Jim Kirwan

1) City of Angels

2) US Preparing to Close Embassy in Syria

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