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Full Fathom Five – the World Underwater (1)

When I wanted to warn the planet about what was already coming in 1994, I tried to show the dangers without the terror of what this could naturally mean for most of the human race. But again the world only saw a pretty-picture, and missed the symbolism because there is no sign of the firestorm and aftermath of what could have caused this magic-realism-image that questions what all these global-capitals have in common?

There is today another constant irritant to the survival of the world that has existed as a fact of daily life since 1948: That continuing global-problem lives in Zionist-Occupied-Israel. Here are some quotes from the 13 minute video. Here are the first 5 min & 48 seconds.

“Today the State of Israel is every bit the Terrorist state that Irgun and the Stern Gang killed to bring into existence. Zionism isn’t about self-determination. Zionism is about Colonialism, Imperialism and Ethnic Cleansing. Never let them lie to you. Never let people make you feel ashamed for being an Anti-Zionist, or for opposing Zionism. Something interesting about South: Miss Libney, the world-renown Terrorist Miss Libney recently canceled her trip to South Africa for fear of being arrested for War-Crimes. I think that is a victory for everybody in this solidarity-movement worldwide.

But when we talk about South Africa it’s debatable what happened after the end of Apartheid. But where there ever a point where people said to those who were resisting Apartheid; ‘Did they believe that those people who were resisting Apartheid were resisting Apartheid out of some kind of hatred for European people? Was that ever put forward? Can they believe that the French Resistance was resisting the Nazi’s thru some form of hatred for German people! Do we believe that those who opposed the invasion and occupation of Iraq were opposing that illegal occupation out of a hatred for American or British people? The answer to all of the above is NO! The answer is NO: People oppose imperialism because they refuse to live inn humiliation. And they want to live with dignity!

How much longer do we really expect the Palestinian people to live in humiliation? Today they are degraded and being subjugated; how long do we expect these people to live in this way? You see British soldiers aren’t in Palestine: But British money is in Palestine. The Balfour Declaration is in Palestine. All the way from the Balfour Declaration to the (?) Agreement in 1933 there have been numerous dirty, backdoor, shady-dealings which have led to this state of things today. Pointing those back-door dealings out, pointing these injustices out does not make you anti-Semitic!

Israel today is every bit the supremacist-state that Theodore Herzl intended it to be. It is a terrorist state, it is a pirate state, and it’s actually a Pariah state in the eyes of most of humanity—with the small exception of the World’s Most Powerful Governments!

Now this question of anti-Zionism and equally anti Semitism: Does Zionism define who is and who isn’t a Semite? NO, because Palestinians are Semites. One could argue there’s more Semites that are anti-Zionists than there are Semites who are Zionists! That could very easily be spoken. So really their argument is null & void.

But the Question is does Zionism define Judaism. Does Colonialism define Judaism? Does Imperialism define Judaism? Does ethnic cleansing define Judaism? The answer to all of the above is NO! If anything, if anything they should call the people who oppose Zionism, PRO-SEMITES: Because we don’t believe that Zionism defines Jewish people, or defines Judaism. At the end of the day, regardless of the words that people attach to themselves, whether it be race, religion or anything else: With this specific situation there is one line of division—and it’s not a line of division between Jewish people and Arab people—it’s not a line of division between Jewish people and Muslim people—it’s not a line of division between Jewish people and Palestinian people: It’s a line of division between those who believe in the equality of all and those who believe in the supremacy of some!

Never let a person make you feel ashamed or afraid to say that you believe in THE EQUALITY OF ALL PEOPLE. Never let a person make you feel ashamed for that.

I would like to say thank you for having me and I’m happy to be a part of this campaign for the simple fact that it shows the people in Palestine, but also the people all around the world that ‘we’ as British citizens are willing to fight FOR them, and campaign FOR them: Rather than to fight against them. Thank you!” (2)

We can go on pretending that everything is fine until our own front doors are smashed in by military-thugs; or we can finally begin to ask the right questions so that our efforts don’t end up underwater, just like San Francisco above. Its one thing to use symbolism to depict the problems, but it’s another thing altogether to actually be able to envision what will happen if we don’t begin to ACT in our own defense—before it really is TOO LATE! (3)

This is of major concern to the entire world, because until the world finally deals with this 64 year-long massive mistake: Nothing else can move forward and we’ll all just be caught up in the insanity of this whirlpool of outright-hatred, for the whole of the human race that does not swear allegiance to the curse of Zionism!

The burden of all these openly committed crimes-against-humanity; while they have their origins in what happened to the Palestinians, are not the only crimes that must be answered for. And to do that effectively we need to reinstate the Constitution as much as we need to PROSECUTE to the fullest every one of those bastards that have made it their primary goal to drag this country and the world down into the depths of Hell, rather than to surrender one-inch of their illegally obtained powers—be that financial, military or political power anywhere in what’s left of this world.

We could begin by ending the political farce being played out on the propaganda arm of the same government that wants to have elections-as-usual; even though there is no longer anything usual anymore, anywhere within this hopelessly lost country that no longer has any political powers that will side with the public—ever!

The entire effort of my graphic world was devoted to trying to wake the world up, long before most even began to see this coming, but I was too subtle, and too oblique to reach the mark I was aiming for. I didn’t actually find out about this fact until I began to write and to explain (politically) many of the images in detail. Look around in the Gallery and see how many of those globally marketed images you recognize for what they were intended to convey. You can increase the sizes in most cases, if you care to. (4)

Jim Kirwan

1) Full Fathom Five

2) Rapper Lowkey Exposes Zionism – video

3) San Francisco

4) The Gallery


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