Just Above the Volcano

Just above the Volcano that is ready to erupt, there is a vision of the potential for tomorrow. This card is VISION & SACRIFICE. Herein the sacrifice is marked by the hole in the human heart that is what tends to pay for our real Visions, whenever we have the determination to see them through to reality.

In the case at this moment that is being eaten away by greed and arrogance on almost every side—

This vision is being supported by the spirit of humanity for a better, freer world, in the face of near total oblivion. And yes the clock is still ticking, with roughly 35 days left until this society is totally shut down, by censorship and Martial Law, that will come just two days after Google implements a new privacy policy that will end most of the websites that currently contribute to most of what the thinking public knows about what goes on in the wider world.

““There is no way anyone expected this,” said Jeffrey Chester, executive director of privacy advocacy group the Center for Digital Democracy. “There is no way a user can comprehend the implication of Google collecting across platforms for information about your health, political opinions and financial concerns.” (1)

There is a race-to-the-bottom going on now between the forces of Darkness and the rest of the world that is trying to stop them. There are literally two worlds here now. The daylight world that rolls up the sidewalks, earlier every night and the Afterdark world where virtually anything and everything “goes!”

“When the sun goes down every night, America becomes a very frightening place. There are communities all over the country where drug dealing, human trafficking and gang violence have gotten so out of control that authorities don’t really know what to do about it. In America tonight, thousands of meth heads will break into homes as they desperately search for enough money for another hit. In America tonight, thousands of children will be sold for sex at truck stops and on street corners. In America tonight, millions of criminal predators will be searching for a new victim. From the top levels of the federal government all the way down to the most depraved criminals on the street, America is rotting. Once upon a time our tremendous affluence masked the moral decay that was happening in this nation, but now that the economy is falling apart the damage to the fabric of our society is being revealed. We have become a nation of addicts, junkies, thrill seekers and predators. When we finally see the U.S. economy fully collapse, millions of desperate, angry and depraved monsters will take out their sick frustrations on all the rest of us.” (2)

And there’s this disturbing factoid that few were aware of but that will directly affect both the Afterdark world and the levels of gang activity here and now in Amerika.

“The FBI released its gang assessment in October saying that of the 1.4 million gang members in the U.S., many are in the American military.The High Desert Daily Press, located near Fort Irwin, Ca. follows the FBI report up with an investigation of its own, finding gangs are getting hold of high powered military weapons and munitions far more often than previously thought (via Military.com).” ” (3)

“State of Emergency Communique #1: America, Canada, and Mexico are financially and mentally colonized nations. But financial fraud and media propaganda are no longer enough to keep the people down. Due to the political awakening across the continent the need for the boots has come.

“It is clear that there has been a sustained move in the direction of martial law preparations, a trend that has been as continuous as it has been unheralded.” – Professor Peter Dale Scott, “War, Martial Law, and the Economic Crisis,” Global Research, February 23, 2011.

“They take our tax money and then militarize the police, and use the regular military against us.” – Alex Jones, “Military Industrial Complex has declared war on the US,” Russia Today, January 19, 2012.

“It’s not just for the Afghanistan and Iraq wars anymore. The Department of Homeland Security is interested in a camera package that can peek in on almost four square miles of (Constitutionally-protected) American territory for long, long stretches of time.

Homeland Security doesn’t have a particular system in mind. Right now, it’s just soliciting “industry feedback” on what a formal call for such a “Wide Area Surveillance System” might look like. But it’s the latest indication of how powerful military surveillance technology, developed to find foreign insurgents and terrorists, is migrating to the home front.” – Spencer Ackerman, “Homeland Security Wants To Spy On 4 Square Miles At Once,” Wired, January 23, 2012.” (4)

Couple the above with the FACT that the implementation of the new regulations in the NDAA will go into effect on March 3, 2012, (37 days from today) and what is clear is that the US is going to be under Martial Law within just over a month. The irony in this move lies in the fact that this time Martial Law will be declared, not to protect Americans from invading forces, but to keep Americans imprisoned so that they can be rounded up and disappeared or killed by American military units. However this feat is a long way from being a “done-deal” in any literal respect! First because of the actual situation on the ground around the world, in which US supply lines around the planet are not just vulnerable – but are nakedly exposed to those people we have been slaughtering now for hundreds of years. And as soon as we begin to attack our own country, those supply lines will be taken out and the troops on our bases will become either hostages or casualties within a very short period of time. Here’s the global positioning map of all our military bases, around the world. (5)

This amazing graphic (must be enlarged to see it clearly) describes in detail just how spread out our official military forces are – around the world. We have 2.5 million troops, but with these bases we have virtually no troops left to do much of anything here. On top of that; if we do what we have promised to do, 37 days from now – that would leave the resupply of all these bases vulnerable to local attacks, from enemies  that we have been creating at a phenomenal rate for the last 12 years in particular.

If the public is to have a clear picture of the full threat or bluster from USI, then we need to understand the realities on the ground around the planet – this adds a key component to understanding just how vulnerable the USI actually is because no military action can ever take place in a vacuum. So if MARCH 3, becomes a reality here – all of our enemies overseas might well use that moment to begin to take revenge upon this country that has been waging war on them all for hundreds of years! Look at the graphic and read about the forces – then think about the real possibilities given that our supply lines are not protected, and are literally stretched around the entire world.

In addition to NDAA & The Enemy Expatiation Act, both of which are on track to apply after March 3, there is now also this twist that just appeared again today; SOPA and PIPA fully alive and a New Bill Joins Them!

“Actually, SOPA is set to be reformulated in February. PIPA will be revisited with possible amendments in the coming weeks. Case in point, all is still open and possible — nothing is dead, pulled, or cancelled. If that wasn’t enough to keep us on our toes, a new, similar bill has surfaced.

Déjà Vu in the form of OPEN — The New Anti-Piracy Bill

As an alternative to SOPA-PIPA, Representative Darrell Issa (CA-R), and 24 co-sponsors introduced the Online Protection and Enforcement of Digital Trade (OPEN) H.R. 3782 on Wednesday, during the Internet blackout.

From PCWorld:
OPEN would give oversight to the International Trade Commission (ITC) instead of the Justice Department, focuses on foreign-based websites, includes an appeals process, and would apply only to websites that “willfully” promote copyright violation.

The bill pretends to only target foreign websites, while keeping Americans free to surf and post, but the bill’s wording is wide open to pursue American sites. Just one example: when describing an infringing site, it starts with those “that are accessed through a non-domestic domain name,” but continues in section (8)(A)(ii) for any site that “conducts business directed to residents of the United States.” ” (6)

Now all the pieces will be in position prior to March 3rd, so that there will be no way to communicate, and no way to survive under Martial Law, as an American, except to unconditionally SURRENDER—that is if you believe the government and all of its criminal-employers. But, what is going on  now in the Middle-East is far from encouraging, in fact today the US raised the ante one more time sending US warships into the Straits of Hormuz trying to provoke Iran into firing the first shot that so far at least has not had the desired effect. (7)

In the real world actual control over the entire planet is simply too big a job for a state as arrogant and ignorant as the Bitch of Israel has become of late—that would be USI and the failed countries of the EU.

So we are currently “Just above the Volcano” that is about to erupt one way or another against the OUTRAGEOUS position that these centuries old OUTLAWS have put the world into. Now it all comes down to the human spirit and to the individual will to survive, no matter the circumstances. It is time for humanity to RISE-UP and crush these overweight, top-heavy and now terrified powers, that have become so paranoid, in their private-delusions that they actually believe that they can just “take over the whole world without a fight”!


Jim Kirwan

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